What Happened to Sanitation and Sanity?


Scant days ago, while paying a visit to a supermarket’s public restroom… shared by patrons and employees, alike… I could not miss seeing an above the sink sign where management was reminding the workers to wash their hands.

I found that message reassuring, yet, unsettling.

Seeing how the youngest worker would be 16 years of age and how anyone above the age of 3 should know better, I wondered how, all the sudden, society had become so ill-informed about hygiene… so unwashed! I mean, who can catch even a mere glimpse of what we flush and not want to, immediately, rush over to the sink to scrub up?

Yet, there was that sign.

A bit of background info… we’re talking about a high tech, hands free restroom… i.e., auto-flush everything, sinks with sensors to start the flow of hot water, sensors to get the hand driers whooshing away. The whole kit and kaboodle has been specifically designed with public wellness in mind!

Well, it was while washing and drying my own hands that I became awash with unfond memories of one of my earliest employers… a retail store manager (let’s call her Dee). Just to impress her District Manager and other higher-ups… she had decided to slash overhead. To that end, she not only shut down our lavatory’s hot water heater, but also eliminated soap from all future orders of supplies.

What stunned me the most was how that corporate ladder climber was actually expecting to earn company bean counter brownie points by doing what? Scrimping and saving on soap? Mind you… SOAP… a product that the average consumer can pay for with pocket change!

While hierarchically speaking, I resided at the bottom of the food chain, nevertheless, I did tactfully remind Dee that both hot water and soap are the best defenses against disease… even mentioning diarrhea in passing. That’s when the within earshot, horrified assistant manager chimed in, “Oh gawd no… NOT THAT!” Even with her unsolicited assist, neither of us could win our boss over to our side… get her to reclaim sanitation and sanity. Well, we tried.

I would now need to take matters into my own hands. In the interest of public health, this man who, at the time, was earning a paltry, $2.65 per hour, had decided to regularly donate soap to the store (just one link in a chain of 286 stores ringing up $206 million in sales).

Upon the arrival of the cold and flu season, I reminded myself that Dee’s cold water issue could still be an ally to illness. While my new MO would not help my co-workers, on my meal breaks, I opted to use the mall restaurants’ restrooms, where, at least, those managers still offered hot running water and freely flowing soap. They had to. Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services still cared enough to shut down any eatery’s proprietor, who harbored a crappy attitude.

My main point back then and back in the here and now, too…

With increasing and alarming frequency, the bugs that presently plague humankind are getting more and more resistant to the existing arsenal of conventional, antimicrobial drugs. It is not being an alarmist to warn that today’s reportage mulling over the COVID19 / coronavirus epidemic, could easily pale in comparison to our not too distant future news. Those likely someday stories will tell us about germs that’ll be fully capable of reducing the human race to endangered species status… perhaps even driving us to the point of extinction.

Fact of life, viruses and bacteria owe their very existence to bad hygiene practices… starting with humans’ far too lax lavatory attitudes. They also owe their survival to “our” science denying, foolhardy, bean counter, dirty “leaders”.

To put a face on that problem… Donald Trump has secured tax cuts for his obscenely wealthy cronies, while severely slashing funding that’d be better allocated for public health matters. Check out Donny’s proposed 2020, unhealthy budget…

A 12% cut to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a 10% cut for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Folks, that’s a $750 million spending cut over fiscal year 2019. That’s (figuratively and literally) sickening!

Indeed… my ex boss, Dee, had… likely still has… a lot in common with Donny.

Indeed… Donny needs to become an ex boss, too.






Deal or No Deal?


CAVEAT: The following post employs conjecture to build upon a recent, factual, international incident. The disturbing quotation, below, was never, actually, uttered by anyone… and hopefully never will be.

When it comes down to foreign relations, Donald Trump’s negotiating tactics have always been more about feathering his own nest, rather than working towards making our world a better place for everyone to live in.

Hmm… that doth raise the question…

What sort of peace treaty will Donny be hammering out with the Taliban’s negotiator Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai?

Naturally, Stanikzai knows all about Trump’s obsession with digging up dirt on Joe Biden (and Sonny) and how… via that now infamous, corrupt quid pro quo / “Perfect Phone Call”… the ne’er-do-well, fake prez had attempted to coerce Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky into doing his dirty work for him.

Hmm… that doth raise a followup question…

WHAT IF, during the Trump / Taliban talks, Stanikzai proposes his own, self-serving, quid pro quo? Check this out…

Mr. Trump, I’ve got dirt on Joe Biden and the other major Democratic POTUS wannabes. All of this intel can be yours but… I would like you to do us a favor though. We demand [1] All American and allied troops must leave Afghanistan within three months (never to return), [2] $10 Billion in U.S. aid, annually, for the next 30 years, [3] 75 percent of your nuclear warheads and [4] Zero criticism over the brutal human rights violations we fully intend to inflict on the Afghani.

Hmm… that doth seem to raise (at least) one more question…

Would Trump sell out Afghanistan and America… indeed… the entire free world… just to reinstall his mangy carcass in the Oval Office for another 4 to 28 years?







Dumb Donald’s Head (Feb 19th Vid of the Day)

The incarnation of Match Game, which aired on the CBS TV network throughout most of the 1970’s, introduced us to the clever staff writers who, in turn, introduced us to the totally fake character… Dumb Donald… a.k.a. the hapless man who stumbles clumsily and cluelessly through life.

Might these writers have been soothsayers, too? Did they have an inkling that, someday, there’d be a similarly challenged Real Donald?

That doth seem possible, especially when we consider the following, fill in the blank, Dumb Donald situation, which game show emcee Gene Rayburn poses to his contestant…

“Dumb Donald is really dumb. I’ve
seen a smarter head on a _____.”

See what I mean? The Real Donald may claim to head up the Oval Office, but when we consider how, on his watch, very little of significance has occurred to better society… well… essentially… in reality… what we’re talking about is his headless organization. Upon factoring in his being intellectual incurious, too… particularly when it involves science / climatology… well… that’s merely a fancier way of saying he rarely uses his head constructively.

Anyway, Let’s find out how Gene’s contestant responds and discover how many celebs she’ll match…







Ho-Hum Fact Based Fake News with a Humdinger Ending


Seeing how Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was under Executive Orders to [1] thumb his nose at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s Articles of Impeachment and [2] flat-out flip off his sworn Constitutional and moral duty to convict and oust the guilty / ugly as sin fake prez, the net effect has lavished absolutely corrupt, absolute power upon one Donald J. Trump.

Ever since then, the undeservedly acquitted, unchecked King Donald I has been going on a full-blown rampage… inclusive of his [1] vindictive ousters of anyone who has ever flat-out refused to kiss his fat Fascist fanny and [2] the further excessive expansion / abuse of his power.

Seeing how Zero Rules now exist to rein in his reign of terror, that means all 7.7 Billion Earthly souls could very well be facing down a disaster of apocalyptic proportions. With the extinction of humanity now looming, the big Q becomes…

Might we, somehow, be able to distract King Donald I? What would it take? Well, generally speaking, we’d first need to install a covert, Oval Office operative… someone to con the conman by tapping into the plethora of his perversions and psychoses.

Stage One: That individual would need to flatter the narcissist bastard… tell him the hordes of his loyal fans desperately need him to indulge his wildest Fascist fantasies before their very eyes. To that end, he must produce and star in a brand spanking new Sunday night, Prime Time Realty TV Show. Were he to ask, “Why Sunday?” The reply would be, “You are a God are you not?”

Stage Two: Have him sales pitch his show to a room full of cable network TV suits… and the toadier the better.

Show Concept: The viewer hook would center around King Donald I showcasing his considerable hero worship for all thugs autocratic. Each improvisational, episodic story-line would tell the salacious, tawdry tale of His Majesty’s “top secret”, behind closed doors, kinky encounters with a fellow despot… handpicked from a select, star studded gaggle of studs. Seeing how such ruling class idiocy runs rampant worldwide, there’d be no shortage of… uh… “talent”.

Pool of Special Guest Stars: Base upon King Donald’s preexisting, mutual admiration society, the following personnel would be instant shoo-ins.

• Vladimir Putin (Russia)
• Xi Jinping (China)
• Kim Jong Un (North Korea)
• Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi (Egypt),
• Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey)
• Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines)

The Big Show’s Working Title: Donny Duz Despots & Vice Versa

While there is, indeed, much more to tell, it’s out of my sense of decorum, coupled by the demands of a strict nondisclosure agreement and my being under a 5-Star General’s direct orders to preserve national security, which will necessitate my ending this post here and now.







Bloomberg’s Past Haunts Him / Spooks Us (Vid of the Day)

In our above clip, Daily Show’s Trevor Noah presents his spot-on diagnosis of what ails POTUS wannabe Michael Bloomberg. As for my own views…

How can we not condemn the 2015 audio clips, and subsequent vids, which amply document Bloomberg’s racial profiling / stop and frisk tough talk? What motivated his harsh, up-against-the-wall stance? Political opportunism? Butt-ugly, soul rotting racism? Did he really expect to not to get tangled up in the Interwebs, where nothing said and done is ever forgotten?

What does he expect us to do now? Downplay his remarks? Shrug and say what? “His bigotry is not as hardcore as Donald Trump’s?” As if what? That makes him worthy of our free pass? And what then? Is the Democratic Party supposed to pin a medal on Mikey, dub him Trump-LIte and expect the electorate to hold their collective nose come Election Day?

Even were we to buy into Mikey’s sudden ruminations / regrets (namely, his lame claims that his past views no longer represent who he is today), just how sincere is this supposed change of heart?

Why, oh why, can’t we ever find a genuine candidate who, has consistently gotten it right in the past… continues to do so today… and can keep that winning streak going well into the future?

Even if Bloomberg is as appalled by his 2015 beliefs as we are… what will he believe come 2021, 2, 3, 4 and beyond? Why should we ever trust and vote for any candidate, who, for mere political gain, can so facilely, so flaccidly flip-flop in the political winds?

More to the point… how would Michael Bloomberg react if tomorrow’s poll numbers indicate that the voters, who approve of racial profiling / stop and frisk, outnumber those who don’t?

America… indeed the entire world… cannot survive four more years of Donald J. Trump. To oust him at the ballot box will require an opponent who possesses an honest, even-handed, unimpeachable presidential demeanor.

And the more Michael Bloomberg’s exposed past haunts him, the more he spooks us.







Dumb Donald is Such a Drag ~ Vid of the Day

The incarnation of Match Game, which aired on the CBS TV network throughout a hefty chunk of the 1970’s, introduced us to the clever staff writers who, in turn, introduced us to the totally fake character… Dumb Donald… a.k.a. the unfortunate man who stumbled clumsily and cluelessly through life.

Did these writers really, Really, REALLY have no idea that, someday, there’d be a Real Donald who’d behave / misbehave similarly? Or were they prescient?

It’s easy to conclude a bit of clairvoyance was in the mix, especially when we consider how the Real Donald has a 64 percent approval rating among NASCAR fans AND how these fans, in excessive numbers, also frequent his dumb campaign rallies.

Let me now introduce the affable, laughter inspiring emcee, Gene Rayburn, who’ll better illustrate my above contention, thusly, as he poses the following Dumb Donald scenario to contestant Cathy…

“Dumb Donald was so dumb, he
wore a _____ to the drag races.”

Let’s find out how Cathy responds and see how many celebs she matches…







A PERFECT Call-To-Action Song (NSFW Vid of the Day)

It makes PERFECT sense. A Not Safe For World, FAR FROM PERFECT, obscene, fake prez inspires PERFECT, genuine, American patriots / balladeers (“stage name” The Founding Fathers), to compose The Day Democracy Died… a NSFW, mildly profane, PERFECT parody of the Don McLean folk/rock classic… American Pie.

The Founding Fathers… in the order of their appearance… are George Washington, John Adams, James Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and John Jay. Their warning to the American electorate…

Failure to take their lyrical sentiments seriously and vote, accordingly, on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, WILL result in Despot Donald J. Trump’s second term and, indeed, make 2020’s Election Day, The Day Democracy Died.