A Fleeting Meeting ~ Sunday Songs Series

Welcome to Week #9 of our Sunday Songs Series. During this musical adventure, we’ll be giving a listen to the mega-talented, legendary Ms. Laura Nyro and Ms. Patti Labelle. On 11/17/1971 this dynamic duo released a cover songs, studio LP, Gonna Take a Miracle… that disc’s lead track being I Met Him on a Sunday… composed by Doris Jackson, Addie Harris McPherson, Beverly Lee and Shirley Alston Reeves… collectively known as The Shirelles).

In short, Labelle and Nyro’s doo-wop / pop, mostly acappella, delivered narrative features a fleeting whirlwind romance… the fate of a lover, who fails to show up one particularly important Friday.

Of course, unlike that undependable Romeo, you can count on me to meet you back here in seven days for yet another installment of our Sunday Song Series.


BTW… for anyone who has missed our past, Sunday journeys… or would like to revisit any of our former musical destinations… they are all conveniently archived within my music category.



Stand By Acapella Soul! ~ Vid of the Day

Acapella Soul’s Doo-wop delivery of Stand By Me (a 1960, Ben E. King / Jerry Leiber / Mike Stoller composition) is unplugged music at its very finest. Consider all that is and isn’t involved within the musical mix…

We find no composer obsessing over each and every note of a spontaneity robbing, musical score… instead, these talented singers draw on their impeccable musical instincts / sensibilities / timing. No need for overcrowded, over-orchestrated instrumentation… except for the assist of a solitary upright bass, the lead vocals and harmonizing more than get the job done! No electrification… these performers are tapping into the pure power of their passion for music… for life itself.

There’s no need for roadies / sports arena stage construction crews… Acapella Soul sets up their group / stage on the streets, in subway stations or… in this instance… in NYC’s Central Park. No hidden, deceptive behind the scenes recording studio enhancement / wizardry is required… these consummate professionals draw on the magic of the moment to cast their musical spells.

No stage lighting save for the sunshine above. No pyrotechnics save for the enduring spark of the timeless human spirit!

It has oft been said… by many… that the human voice is an instrument. Acapella Soul’s live and video performances provide the living proof of that claim.