Wild ’n’ Wooly & Willy-Nilly Weather

Once this a.m.’s brief, sudden deluge had ended, I could not help but notice the deeply pooled rainwater surrounding the storm drain; flooding the road that runs past my humble home.

Venturing outdoors for a closer look-see, lickety-split, I found my mind flashing back to Michigan’s June 25, 1968 flash flood; a highly localized (right down to my own zip code) event. Had that particular, peculiar storm lasted much longer, it could’ve easily converted the most hardcore couch potato into some latter day, resourceful Noah; highly motivated “the robed one” to crack open his ark making tool box.

Having also recalled all the bygone associated property damage (inclusive of my boyhood Lionel toy trains), the back in the here and now, older, wiser, civic minded me suddenly got morphed into a Department of Public Works volunteer; ISO a tool to pull the plug, as it were. Duly inspired, I located, hauled out and repurposed my wintertime, pavement ice scraper.

Within a couple minutes, tops, I had broken up this massive accumulation of organic debris; the odd mix of shed Maple Tree seedlings, twigs and a neighborhood’s worth of power mower grass clippings; not to mention some in-car or on-foot passerby’s lost, silver barreled ballpoint pen.

Granted, in the grand scheme, the quick action of one (perhaps) over the hill man probably hadn’t amounted to a hill of beans.

However, upon factoring in how climate change turbocharged, wild and wooly, willy-nilly weather systems are becoming everyday occurrences… well…

Who knows what miracle some civically minded individual might work, someday; somewhere down the road?



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Fortune Cookie Blog (PO’d Innkeeper)


Mother Nature is Earth’s Innkeeper. When too many of us, her 7.7 billion
guests, wind up trashing our / her rooms, we’ve earned her fury. Indeed,
we have only ourselves to blame each time she attempts to evict us, via
her freakish windstorms, downpours, floods, droughts & conflagrations.






Life’s Sounds, Sights & Scents

Not too long ago, slow loading websites involved a time-out… mine. I stood up from behind my desk for a much-needed stretch… accompanied by my inevitable yawn and barely audible, exhaled “ahh”. While feeling the comforting, shifting of my vertebrae, I realized it was time to detangle myself from “The Web”.

Wandering over to my window, I immediately noticed the dazzling rays of dawn’s early sunlight… how those beams were causing a dew dropped, flowering shrub to sparkle and glisten. Truly a lovely sight to behold all in itself… but that was merely Ma Nature’s warm up act.

As Her next scene opened… a hovering hummingbird appeared center stage… flitting from blossom to blossom… gathering the nectar for her morning repast. I marveled at her delicate features and diminutive physique… the blur and subtle whirring of her wings.

This feathered aviatrix had reopened my eyes… reminded me how admiring natural wonders isn’t really all that new to me. She inspired my poem to showcase Ma Nature’s grand performances… the very sounds, sights and scents, which have meant so much to me throughout my life.

A wealth of Ma Nature’s sounds, sights and scents is there for everyone’s enjoyment… all free for the taking. Try not to be too busy to notice these wonders… many are easily drowned out by our manmade din… rapidly disappear in the blink of an eye… speedily disperse into thin air.



Chipmunks chirp out bird impressions,

Paired morning doves coo love professions.

Geese honk and fly V-shaped arrays,

Ducks quack out, float communiqués.

Birds’ dawn-dusk venues, woods, treed streets,

Orchestral movements, caws, peeps, tweets.


Birdcalls, babbling brooks, blend, mix,

To flower blooms, buzzed bees affix.

One-chord cricket songs, serene,

June beetles ping, each widow’s screen.

Winds rustle tree leaves, clinging vines,

Make whooshing sounds, through stately pines.


Each thunder rumble, boom, clap, crash,

Downpours pool, the raindrops splash,

Fall, winter gales, numb summer heat,

Fallen leaves, snows crunch, beneath our feet.

Dusk’s shadows descend, still the land,

Night’s embracing hush, doth chill, expand.



The pallet of sunrise, boasts a blended hue,

Glistens spider spun webs, all beaded in dew.

Hopping rabbits drop by, feast on lush green clover,

Swallowtails, Monarchs flit, both float by, fly over.

Red-orange-yellow sunsets, become dusky skies,

Next, luminesced flickers, pale glows, fireflies.


Night’s lightening doth fork, cloud-to-cloud, sky-to-ground,

Bolts strike where they please, to startle, astound.

But not to be outdone, daylight’s adlib show,

Presents a full spectrum, ROY G. BIV’s arced rainbow.

Ma Nature paints leaves, Her full-time fall showing,

Feathered flakiness next, Her wintertime snowing.


Connect the dots patterns, grace our starlit skies,

Orion’s Nebula, Pleiades, please our naked eyes,

As do the five planets, grouped, at times, two or more,

Clouds dance with the Moon, in phases all four.

Scopes enlarge Lunar craters, the Martian icecap,

Moons of huge Jupiter, Saturn’s Cassini ringed gap.



Freshly mown grass, frees-up nose friendly fumes,

As doth month of May’s bouquet, of lilacs’ full blooms.

Summertime rainstorms, doth freshen our air,

Lightning sparks scented ozone, to aid in skincare.

Also pleasing, as well, is sea saltwater spray,

The shady woods’ earthiness, as we walk life’s pathway.