How Spring 2020 Could’ve Played Out


I still cannot wrap my mind around whiny, crybaby Donald J. Trump’s shameful, nuh-uh-I-didn’t-do-it finger-pointing re the origins of the coronavirus pandemic.

I mean, does he not brand himself a Republican? Do not Republicans brand themselves as the political party of personal responsibility?

Damn it, it really MATTERS NOT where Corona-V came from. Once it began its worldwide rampage, no ifs, ands and buts, this became Donny’s responsibility. Hell that became the responsibility of every leader who could still muster two brain cells to rub together.

Trump should’ve parked his golf cart, switched off his wide screen boob tube, pried his fat Fascist fanny off the couch, opted to take his junk food intravenously and, last but not least, made Pandemic Management his Job #1.

Oh, on second thought, factoring in how he was (still is) chronically thoughtless, he didn’t even need to make those above-mentioned “personal sacrifices”. Nope, not at all! Hell, all he had to do was prove his boastful claim that he’s a savvy businessman who knows how to find the perfect talent to get ‘er done.

Indeed, he could’ve delegated the entire Corona-V containment project to a real man such as Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Just imagine. Had the good doctor shut down America entirely, oh, say, eliminate everyone’s need to go shopping by having National Guard service (wo)men home delivering groceries, supplies and prescription meds; had Trump asked Congress to fund everyone’s rent / mortgage payments, well…

I honestly, earnestly believe that, within a couple of months, tops, even sans any Covid-19 vaccines, at all, Corona-V could’ve been stopped dead in its tracks.

At that juncture, just to be on the safe side, Fauci could’ve “sold” mask wearing to the emerging out of quarantine citizenry; deemed donning this essential medical equipment to be everyone’s moral and civic duty.

Even better, once the other world leaders deemed Fauci their roll model, they, too, could’ve put an early end to their own homelands’ human suffering and death.

Imagine how humanity, united, could’ve saved, perhaps, up to 98 percent of the nearly three million known souls lost, globally; how we could’ve reclaimed our world by early spring 2020.

Epilogue: While I still would’ve voted for Joe Biden, last November, had Trump gone strutting up and down the campaign trail crowing about being the Corona-V conquering hero, he’d have likely wound up conquering his political rival, too.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Not worth a plug nickel?

Right from the pandemic get-go, anyone whose mind is rooted in science / logic, could, in a heartbeat, sense the worst was yet to come. After all, the very novelty of Corona-V had sent our epidemiologists into OJT mode; the ideologues / Führers into a CYA furor; the propagandists into (what else?) their bury the truth spin.

And being eyewitness to THAT had rendered me doubtful that humanity could even survive the year.

Such a sense of doom doth walk hand in (small) hand with the likes of my totally unlikable homeland’s IN TITLE ONLY, leader, one Donald J. Trump. At least publicly, that has-been has been the inveterate science denier, while, in private, he can easily morph into the not so nutty professor.

My gawd, we actually got to earwitness astounding, taped phone confabs where the lucid(?) Trump was actually “schooling” the already schooled journalist and author Bob Woodward. The very fact that Oval Office occupant has known, all along, how ferociously contagious and deadly Corona-V is, only makes his conduct all the more incomprehensible and reprehensible.

One certainty, here, when one’s leader doesn’t give a shit about the people he swore (on the Holy Bible) he’d protect and defend, I began to reevaluate my life / chances; distill that down to these five words:

Not worth a plug nickel.

Another certainty, I owe my very survival / making it to this New Year’s Eve to my own pandemic take charge ‘tude; my common sense, insightful conclusion that nearly everything that Trump utters, mutters, bleats and Tweets (or has yet to do so) can be regarded as absolute BULLSHIT!

Yet, in spite of all that, we mustn’t overlook the ever-increasing rays of hope; namely the vaccines and the likes of the likeable, rooted in science / logic of Dr. Anthony Fauci, his learned colleagues and the soon to be sworn in, intellectually curious, responsible, honorable American President, one Joe Biden.

Oh, there’s one more ray of hope, too.

My being a numistmatist, for nearly sixty years, my eyes widened, instinctively, two scant days ago, when the supermarket cashier handed over my change. You see, the Thomas Jefferson nickel had a very special struck date on its obverse side.

Right next to the word “Liberty” was / is the year of my birth.

My newfound, treasured keepsake has managed to liberate me; has served to cancel out my early-on, erroneous, premature, “not worth a plug nickel”, not so brilliant deduction.

While this far from mint condition 5¢ coin, which has been in circulation for as long as I have, would not fetch me more than 10¢ from a coin dealer (who’d have little, if any, interest in buying it), nonetheless, in my mind, it IS priceless and not, repeat, NOT for sale!

I view receiving it to be a good omen and, for the rest of humanity, a harbinger of 2021’s better days to come.

Till then…

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Warp Speed’s Factors

Let’s weigh the COVID-19 vaccines’ minuses and plusses:

(-) The Trump regime’s, “Operation Warp Speed” nomenclature / branding doth sound a bit reckless. Were we to extend that Sci-Fi metaphor, we’d wind up factoring in our memories of big and small screen Star Trek storylines where that velocity got many a starship crew both IN and OUT of trouble (shall we say) in a hurry?

(-) We also need to factor in how the fake prez is no “Honest Abe”. He has Tweeted / bleated over 20,000 false / misleading statements (on a multitude of issues) since his rise to power AND, right from the get-go, has routinely minimized and politicized the pandemic to prioritize his own interests over everybody else’s.

(+) Dr. Anthony Fauci’s impressive resume. He’s served five other presidents well; namely Reagan, Daddy Bush, Clinton, Sonny Bush and Obama. Even better, during televised White House Coronavirus Task Force TV briefings the good doctor has skillfully and successfully debunked Donny right to his face.

(+) Trump has frittered away much of his life grifting, golfing, pigging out on fat fast food and vegging out / getting off on the accolades puked out by his propaganda ministers. Factoring in his sleeping, “grabbing”, eating and defecating episodes, too, there simply would not have been enough hours left in each day for him to have his sayso re the Scientific Method and specific vaccine components (not that he’d even have an inkling re what to recommend in either respect).

(+) The closest Donny has ever come to donning a white lab coat is when he lumbers down the KKK catwalk, decked out in his supremacist duds; i.e.. his white robe and hood (a.k.a. his dunce cap).

(+) During the vaccine trial period, we’ve heard of no test subjects reporting deleterious side effects that would suggest any Trump “cloning” around; i.e., everyone winding up resembling him; e.g., suffering massive weight gain, reduced IQ, diarrhea of the mouth, garbled speech, snorting / sniffing, etc. There’s been nary a whisper of mental illness, either; e.g., malignant narcissism, psychotic episodes, delusions of grandeur, paranoia, pigheadedness, etc.

(+) The medical professionals are getting the first shots. If the vaccine developers had any serious reservations about safety, they’d have never risked harming the very hospital personnel we need to fight Corona-V.

It’s those above 5 pluses which offer us our much needed glimmer of hope.

However, we must also keep in mind that, at this early stage of the vaccine roll-out, the medical community believes inoculated people can still be COVID-19 carriers / spreaders; hence…

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






What’ll it be? Mar-a-Lago or Gitmo?

The coronavirus pandemic’s unbridled, stateside death toll, so far, stands at 311,000. Our condolences to their surviving, grieving families and friends.

Such human suffering and death did help determine which presidential candidate Americans voted for on November 3, 2020 and, by extension, did affect the December 14, 2020 Electoral College outcome; namely, Donald J. Trump “dropping out” and Joe Biden “graduating”.

Had Trump acted more promptly and proactively this past January, he could’ve plagiarized President Barack Obama’s pandemic playbook; would’ve delegated the implementation of those recommended, life saving, best practices to a trustworthy, learned leader; oh, say, Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Seeing how the good doctor and his team would not have even needed the fake prez’s presence at all, Donny could’ve simply kept on playing golf and scarfing down megatonnage of fat saturated, fast food while binge watching his owned and operated, TV propaganda ministers; could’ve continued to get off on their freely dispensed, wildly inaccurate, undue accolades.

Shortly thereafter, all of Fauci’s diligence could’ve crowned Donny The Corona-V Conquering Superhero! Yep, the awash with unearned glory Donny could’ve then donned his Superman onesie / leotard and cape to swoop down upon the 2020 campaign trail; flown, swoosh, all across the nation (with an Air Force One assist?).

However, since he mucked up everything, instead, he promptly failed to earn Americans’ trust and, by extension, our votes. Ergo, he now attempts to disenfranchise tens of millions of voters; to illegally cast out legally cast ballots, And my being a lifelong Michigander, his ballot purge would be inclusive of burning up mine.

The mere notion that he’d ever have the gall to even try THAT pisses me off!

Well, we can be grateful that tyrant Trump’s attempted, post Election Day ballot box coup has also been pissing off the judges he’s been strong-arming; inclusive of his own appointees; most notably, the U.S. Supreme Court’s Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney Barrett.

Oh, the sweet taste of Poetic Justice!

The very Justices, who Donny assumed he owned outright, have, twice, flat-out refused to become his co-conspirators; have all practically roared out “NYET!” to the impotent potentate’s all too real, seditious plot to dick up Democracy and take out the United States of America.

While these judges haven’t left Trump a legal leg to stand on, that does not, necessarily, mean that he’s fresh out of foul, illegal options. To flesh that out…

At some point, between now and Inauguration Day, via a mere Tweet, Trump could easily awaken his rightwing terrorist sleeper cells; e.g., order his radical Proud Boys, Wolverine Watchmen to go on a rampage. Once these asshole insurrectionists start to literally burn America down to the ground, he’d then have the (im)perfect excuse to declare Martial Law; to postpone Inauguration Day, indefinitely; to permanently install his shitty regime; to, in essence, flip off and say, “fuck off” to his self-proclaimed foe, the duly elected Joe Biden.

America’s fate would then depend upon how America’s generals would react to the stench of Donny’s Diarrhea; the obscene scene of Trump shitting all over America. Fortunately, the chances are fairly good that the top brass would instantly order legitimate American troops to engage and conquer Donny’s wind-up toy soldiers. In essence, as easy as all of us wipe our butts, they’d wipe these shitheads off the U.S. map. In the end, traitor Donald J. Trump would wind up trading off retirement at Mar-a-Lago for imprisonment at Gitmo!

We can only keep good thoughts that this Civil War battlefield never materializes; that such a scenario only gets projected within the theatre of the overly active imagination.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





Innocuous Inoculations, Anyone?

There needs to be a show of faith regarding the vaccine R and D’ers, who, to date, have discovered three efficacious, innocuous inoculations; all fully capable of halting, dead in its tracks, the rampaging coronavirus.

After all, it’d be highly unlikely that ethical experts, such as Dr. Anthony Fauci, would ever intentionally BS us re this literal life and death matter. After all, for them to do so would run the grave risk of sickening and/or deep-sixing the first expected vaccine recipients; namely:

The very hospital personnel, who are so desperately fighting, 24/7, on the COVID-19 frontlines.

Naturally, we’d be far more trusting souls, were America’s heading for the exit signs prez not an unscrupulous psychopath and pathological liar. His debilitating mental illnesses have been manifesting themselves in our own symptomology; inclusive of our difficult to fight off skepticism and trepidation.

Alas, the most efficacious, innocuous inoculation against the Disease of Deceit has yet to be discovered. So far, social distancing and isolating from sicko political wannabes, doth remain our best defense.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Kevin’s NO-COVID-19 Party Tutorial

Stateside, today is Thanksgiving. In normal times, this would be The Day, which kicks off the year ending, party hearty, holiday season.

However, the raging pandemic hardly qualifies as “normal times”.

Our clip (both above and offsite) showcases the Home Alone Kevin McCallister; the go-to guy for defending our homes against unwanted, uninvited, undesirable home invaders; such as the deadly Corona-V.

Without a doubt, America’s pandemic prevention go-to guy, Dr. Anthony Fauci, would wholeheartedly declare the McCallister M.O., the safest party scenario, imaginable.

But, setting aside this lighthearted approach, let’s get dead serious.

I’d be wrong, Wrong, WRONG, DEAD WRONG, to throw a party, inclusive of attendees, who reside outside your normal, social isolating, Home Alone (together) group. To do so, would be akin to throwing a Super Spreader Event. In a very short time, you’d be suffering the heartbreak of witnessing the needless suffering and death of kinfolk and friends; perhaps even wind up on your own death bed, too!

I’m sure we’d all concur, to cause anyone to needlessly kick off would be a helluva lousy way to kick off the holidays.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





An Unhealthy Respect For Corona-V


I don’t envy the learned, respectable Dr. Anthony Fauci and his colleagues. They face down, daily, one helluva thankless, exhausting task. Yet, stunningly and regrettably, their Job #1 has not been pandemic management. Instead, they must prioritize the mollycoddling of Prima Donna Donny, who barely functions at the preschooler level.

Were they to upstage / upset that capricious, narcissistic man-child, he’d gleefully fire them all… and worse yet… hire quack successors, such as his newfound false god, one Stella Immanuel, who, not unlike Donny, is renown for foisting off deadly, bizarre fantasies as if they’re what??? Established epidemiological facts???

Let’s not get into any specifics, here, seeing how too frequent repetition of Donny’s and Stella’s flat-out falsehoods always risks morphing them into pandemic promoting, fake truths… well… at least within the so-called minds of the gullible.

Instead, let’s consider how Donny has pissed away over half a year. He’s been frantically, desperately ISO anyone who… anything that… would, even remotely, conform to his magical thinking. Had he spent even a minuscule fraction of that time embracing the time-honored science, he could’ve prevented tens of thousands of agonizing COVID-19 deaths.

By now, he could’ve even honestly declared himself the Conquering Corona-V Superhero… be even taking his victory lap… as in… all the way to the Election Day finish line. Not that I’d ever want him to snag a second term… but… you know… just saying. But… to return to reality…

It has been the medical community’s angst (re the provocation of Trumpian tantrums), which has been severely crippling a desperately needed, far more aggressive war effort against the pitiless Corona-V. And while I do respect Fauci and his associates, there’s no denying that Donny has successfully coerced them into watering down the metrics… just to make them conform to his politically motivated agenda to reopen COVID-19 ravaged regions too fast and too soon (and Donny’s standing orders to slow down testing can only further corrupt said data).

More specifically, doctors having little choice but to play along with toddler Trump, concurrently plays down the role of the presymptomatic and asymptomatic individuals, who, lull the masses into a false all-is-well mindset, which in turn, emboldens non-masked, non-socially distancing party hearty yahoos, who, in turn, hit the awash with humanity beaches, frequent the jam-packed taverns and attend a sundry of superspreading events… inclusive of pandemic parties, religious revivals, political rallies, etc.

In the end, revelers have become little more than the patsies of a pitiless pathogen… one that plays them like trump cards… thereby further tightening its figurative and quite literal chokehold on humanity.

With safe, efficacious vaccines and therapeutics still in the R and D stage, nothing short of a month long global shutdown… AS IN NOW… will suffice. Seeing how that ain’t gonna happen, we must ask two disturbing Qs. What if, as I type / you read…

• Pandemic survivors’ immunity is only short-lived?
• Corona-V is mutating into an unconquerable supervirus?

An unhealthy respect for Corona-V could render COVID-19 the death of us all.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!





White House Whitewash

In recent weeks, Donald J. Trump’s handlers / spinners / image consultants have all been frantically slapping on a liberal coat of White House whitewash to rebrand the Charlatan-In-Chief into some sort of Coronavirus Conquering Superhero.


They even managed to coax the man-child into briefly wearing a mask in public. And God only knows how many exorcists it took to stop his head from spinning… as in… long enough for some brave soul (who drew the short straw) to sneak up from behind to [1] coverup his snooty snout / massive mouth and [2] run like a bat out of HELL!

Indeed, for a fleeting moment, it did seem that Trump had finally stepped into the real world and could now embrace the epidemiology. Well… that is… until yesterday’s press briefing.

Donald Trump Reality Check:

• reports of his eureka moment / newfound mental clarity / gravitas have all been greatly exaggerated.

• his sick ego is why America won’t be getting well in the foreseeable future. Future? What future?

Since I’m too pissed off and frustrated to go on, scroll up and give a listen to Anderson Cooper’s commentary…



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







If It Quacks Like a Duck…

By definition…

quack 1 |kwak|
noun [in singular]
the characteristic harsh sound made by a duck.

quack 2 |kwak|
a person who dishonestly claims to have special knowledge and skill in some field, typically in medicine: [as modifier] : quack cures.

So… what do Donald Duck and Donald Trump have in common?

Regardless of the creature, in question, most assuredly, he doth have a unique way with words.

The former cartoon character quacks like the duck he is. What the hell else can waterfowl do?

The latter “cartoon” character tries to duck his culpability for being monumentally unprepared for proactively, effectively containing Coronavirus… so much so, that he’s now “quacking” like the quack he is.

As the above clip can attest to, this fake, fraudulent president is now shamelessly Playing Doctor… right in public, no less! And by that, we’re not talking about his M.O. in the boudoir / how he purportedly plays with playmates and porn stars.

In actuality, “Dr. Donny”, in the triple role of sleazy businessman, deadly drug pusher and fraudulent M.D., is now heavily into mass marketing, too. To that end, this political has-been has been practically force feeding self-serving twaddle to any gullible, dopey American, who’d buy into his snake oil salesman’s pitch… namely… how… sans even a smidgen of credible scientific evidence… hydroxychloroquine… has suddenly… miraculously… become some sort of a cure for coronavirus?

SIDEBAR: Granted, in crisis mode, open minds can be helpful. I mean, who’d have ever believed that Scottish researcher, Sir Alexander Fleming’s cruddy petri dish would lead to his 1928 discovery of a specific type of mold, which could inhibit the growth of influenza staphylococci! His serendipitous breakthrough, would soon dub his antibiotic: Penicillin.

However let’s compare Flemming’s medical ethics to “Doctor” Donny’s evil machinations. Per usual, the fake prez is thumbing his nose / whipping his middle finger at time honored science / the carved in stone protocols for ETHICAL, medical research. In a sense, the on camera quacking antics of Donald J. Trump are tantamount to his illegally writing prescriptions to dispense the untested hydroxychloroquine.

It’s almost like he’s morphed into a spokesmodel (minus the graceful hand gestures and flowing sequined evening gown).

While such a pathetic spectacle, in itself, is bad enough, what is far worse is how this monumentally unproductive, distracting discourse has been giving false hope to panic stricken and pandemic sickened and dying Americans. And let’s not forget that, were the U.S. not now engaged, domestically, in a desperate game of catch-up, we could be lending our helping hand to the other similarly plagued nations, worldwide.

To wrap this up… sure as “sheet”… as I type and as you read this… legions of emboldened by Dr. Donny, creepy, copycat drug dealers are off lurking in the shadows… swooping down upon anyone stupid enough to believe that the unproven hydroxychloroquine is the miracle drug to die for.

And when the people die in trying to procure this untested pharmaceutical, their names, regrettably, will be added to “Doctor” Donny’s Coronavirus Death Toll.








Earth is No Longer a Minshara-Class (Class-M) Planet


To pick up from where this Star Trek jargon enhanced post’s headline left off….

Let’s mind meld with Science Officer Spock’s most recent planetary survey findings…

In addition to Earth’s alarmingly higher than optimal, planet-wide average temperature (in particular, a dense pocket of foul smelling, hot air, in the vicinity of Washington DC’s 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.) as well as gaping holes in the Ozone layer, the atmosphere has been undergoing other radical changes. The Oxygen / Nitrogen mix has become adulterated… must now be reclassified as Oxygen / Nitrogen / Pathogen. The cause of this anomaly can be traced to the worldwide rampage of Coronavirus. Most disturbing, is how this microorganism tends to concentrate wherever infected (even asymptomatic) human lifeforms congregate.

Spock’s Recommendations: To reduce the chances of winding up in Dr. McCoy’s Sick Bay, Spaceship Earth’s crew must:

[1] Practice good hygiene (scrub hands often at least 20 seconds), [2] Cover coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] observe social distancing protocols (remain at least 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] wear a protective face mask [6] avoid large crowds, [7] socially isolate /  hunker down in one’s quarters and [8] self-quarantine if ill.

Returning to our earthbound here and now… My best wishes that you stay well! If you are ailing, you have my hopes and prayers for a full, speedy recovery. Wherever / whenever we discover a leadership vacuum, it’ll be incumbent on us to do everything we can to save humanity. Staying safe and healthy depends on our flipping off egotistical, partisan hacks and, instead, heeding the sage counsel of the logical, factual Science Officer, Dr. Anthony Fauci, and other reputable, like-minded medical professionals.