Sniffing Out a Drug Addict? (Vid of the Day)

Give this clip the undivided attention it is due. Thom Hartmann and his guest, Dr. Justin Frank frankly discuss the all too real, very scary possibility that the man, in possession of the nuclear launch codes… one Donald J. Trump… is possessed by illicit drugs…  is the worst addict to stagger around our troubled world… barely on two feet.

And should you feel inclined to indulge this blogger a bit… do read on…

Back in the day (c2004)… courtesy of the Air America progressive talk radio network… I became a regular listener of their phone-in format programming… all hosted by liberal talkers, e.g., Randi Rhodes, Rachel Maddow, Mike Malloy and Thom Hartmann. I even have fond memories of my lengthy, on-air conversations with Ms. Rhodes.

Alas, that network of over the air broadcasters, having hit hard financial times, has since gone silent. Worse yet, each and every last damned station within reach of my AM/FM radio, at present, inordinately favors the right wing noise machine… the very source of untruthful, unsavory programming, which could make every critical thinker’s head explode.

Consequently, I’ve lost touch with the above mentioned, Air America alums, whom I still regard to be heroic champions of freedom, truth, justice and the American Way. I’m not exaggerating to claim that their collective, spot-on POV is America’s last chance for survival… i.e. if they’re attracting enough open-minded listeners.

True, these personalities have all gone on to establish and further their careers, elsewhere, but, due to my own budgetary woes, I’ve been unable to continue following them as a paying listener.

But, in the wee hours of this new day, that all changed for the better. YouTube came to my rescue… by offering, at no charge, the Thom Hartmann Program. Reconnecting with Thom is akin to a reunion with a long absent and dearly missed relative. He does, indeed, provide the much needed breath of fresh air to counteract the stench of Donny’s DC swamp.







99 Word Blog (#015) Society Needs Sobriety

A WordPress blogger I follow recently discussed how beggars, who reject food and “too small” monetary offerings, likely need big bucks for booze / dope.

The undesirable effect identified… let’s examine the cause

Today’s tightfisted corporate monsters flat out refuse to pay a living wage. The resultant blue-collar blues and scourge of substance abuse are but two sides to the same coin.

How to best help? Be they stoned or sober, bypass the panhandler. Donate directly to existing soup kitchens and vocational / psychological counseling centers… help fund more as needed. A CEO attitude readjustment is in order, too.