Catch This Catchy Ellington Tune (Vid of the Day)

Mere moments ago, I opted to play this lively, 80-year-young, Duke Ellington / Bob Russell jazz classic on my piano. Within seconds of keying the final notes, I realized that, with only a minor rewrite of Russell’s lyrics, Don’t Get Around Much Anymore could become a perfect pandemic song.

My next stop was YouTube where I discovered the Avalon Jazz Band’s corona cover, complete with Tatiana Eva-Marie and Mark Buchan’s contemporized lyrics.

Their rendition helped cheer me up. Hopefully it’ll have the same effect on you.


Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!







Remembering Ellis Marsalis Jr. (Sunday Song Series)

On April 8, 2017 Ellis Marsalis Jr. performed his distinctive interpretation of Duke Ellington’s Come Sunday at St. Augustine Catholic Church in New Orleans…

On April 1, 2020, Mr. Marsalis… the patriarch of a musical family (most notably his sons Branford and Wynton)… tragically lost his life due to pneumonia brought on by COVID-19.

Our / My Heartfelt Condolences to his family and friends.

This concludes Week #83 of our Sunday Song Series… let’s meet up back here… seven days from now.

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Well…


For anyone in need of an encore…






Duke Ellington & Mahalia Jackson (Sunday Song Series)

With the arrival of Week #21 of our Sunday Song Series also being in alignment with the first Sunday of 2019’s African American History Month*, let’s turn on our minds to the impactful life and times… tune in our ears to the transcendent music and lyrics composed by pianist Duke Ellington and sung by Mahalia Jackson… a jazz standard a.k.a. their 1958 collaboration titled Come Sunday… a.k.a. the first movement of a suite entitled Black, Brown and Beige.

To quote a passage from Lonnie Bunch’s Our American Story post… which is also in alignment with my own heartfelt sentiments…

“Many music scholars believe this was Ellington’s finest and most ambitious work, and certainly the one in which he made his deepest emotional investment. Mahalia Jackson’s contribution was substantial. It was on this recording that she gave one of music history’s most stirring performances — a heart-stopping rendition of “Come Sunday.” Ellington wrote it specifically for her and she made it her own thanks to her deep-velvet voice and her soul-stirring spirituality.”

For the next Sunday titled / themed song of our ongoing series, I hope you’ll find your own life and times in alignment with this site… seven days from now.


*Why is it that an event… so vital to the enlightenment of our global community… gets assigned a month that lasts only 28 or 29 days?