BlogCast Special: A 9/11 Soundtrack


This time around, our musical get-together doesn’t require much of a set up at all. In fact, my above headline says it all.

Simply scroll down, click away and, while listening, be sure to remember all the good people we lost or who got wounded on this day, sixteen years ago… all their surviving families and dear friends… all the victims who live on, forever physically scarred, challenged and disabled.

Remember, too, all who’ve met similar fates while fighting on the side of good during the subsequent wars on terror… as well as all the innocent bystanders residing in the vicinity of those battlefields.

And never forget that the ongoing, more recent terrorist attacks, still spread like raging cancers all over our world and are no less damaging and deadly.


Tom Paxton ~ The Bravest

Mary-Chapin Carpenter ~ Grand Central Station

Be sure to also check out MCC’s interview.

Sheryl Crow ~ God Bless This Mess

Eagles ~ Hole In the World Tonight

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Twenty-Three Skidoo


Long, long ago, three score and eight,

Vows exchange, this august date,

Two as one, life’s stream they’ll steer,

Had they not, I’d not be here.


Six summers pass, warm weather wanes,

Conceiving notions, ardor reigns,

Two twenty-threes, add and adhere,

Had they not, I’d not appear.


The pool of life, is full and rich,

To not take plunge, one digs one’s ditch,

To warm the bench, in life’s big game,

Means I won’t pass on, family’s name.


Life’s truths like these, it bears repeating,

Fail to fulfill, means a fate fleeting,

My twenty-threes, doomed to expire,

To nothingness, I’ll soon retire.


Life cycle’s acme, not transcended,

My oblivion, to be bookended,

I once was nothing, in this sphere,

One of these days, I’ll not be here.


Four-Play (Week #9) (Native American Music)

Welcome to my ninth Internet broadcast. For this week’s installment, we’ll be digging sounds that delve deeply into American heritage… the music of Native Americans. Indeed, it’s a miracle that they / their music have even survived.

To get real, here… consider how, on such a vast continent as North America, the 18th and 19th century’s Caucasian immigrants, bristling with land grabbing and genocidal intent, had failed to locate their moral compasses while plodding westward… could not find it in their hearts to peacefully coexist with indigenous Americans. These newcomers certainly had a lot of damned gall calling Indians savages.

While I’m only a third generation American (my ancestors had not set sail for the “new world” until the early 1900s), I still feel compelled to express my long overdue outrage re the disheartening, disgusting, bloody chapters, which those of my race had written into the history books.

Most of what Caucasians had chronicled is tantamount to white man’s whitewash… a sanitization, which does not even come close to capturing their sociopathic bloodshed and brutality… the callous, wholesale slaughter they unleashed… the resultant death toll, which had been measured in the multiple millions.

Though my mere words could never, ever possibly right those horrific wrongs, nonetheless, I apologize on behalf of Caucasians everywhere.

This sordid history is certainly what fuels the justifiable outrage expressed in this week’s Four Play lead track “My Country ‘Tis Of Thy People You’re Dying “… the lyrics penned and performed by recording artist Buffy Sainte-Marie. That duly noted, one should be touched by the closing track… the healing power of Joanne Shenandoah’s “Prophesy Song”. On a technical note, Ms. Shenandoah’s video headline, below, is a link to a must see, a cappella duet of this same song as well as a brief interview segment.

I’m also providing a link to the bonus track by the Eagles, The Last Resort… their musical account of how the American West was lost.

Beyond that… it’s now time for me to step down from my soapbox and relegate any in-depth analysis to the musicology minded. As for me, I deem these thought provoking, soul searching, mesmerizing masterpieces fully capable of speaking for themselves.

While few DJs can please all the people all the time, I do encourage you, my listeners, to be musically adventurous… marching in lockstep is nowhere near as fun as dancing to the beat of a different drummer.

“Still not my ‘cup of tea,’” you say? Not to worry. With 4 more broadcasts still remaining in my blog experiment’s 13 week run… you never can tell what you’ll be hearing seven days from now.

For any of you who may’ve missed past posted programs and/or would like to give ‘em a listen again, everything is neatly archived in my music category.

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Buffy Sainte Maire ~ “My Country ‘Tis Of Thy People You’re Dying”

Douglas Spotted Eagle ~ House Made Of Dawn Light

R Carlos Nakai ~ Native American Flute

Joanne Shenandoah ~ Prophecy Song (Peace & Power)


Going to California… in my mind (pt. 1)

Just as James Taylor sings about going to “Carolina In My Mind”, I now find myself blogging in a similar state of mind. The differences beyond the fact that J.T. is famous and I am not? Well… the state I’m longing for is California AND I’ll be blogging my words, not playing musical notes, to tell you just how homesick I am for the Golden State… but wait a moment…

Maybe it is possible to set my blog to music. After all… I did train to be a DJ. Folks, we’ll get those tunes spinning… after this brief message…

Here’s the backstory to my homesickness. It’s been ten+ years since I last set foot in La La Land to attend a family reunion for two… yes… essentially… my sister and I represent our entire family census… not counting distant relatives (who I could walk right past on any city street on any given day… and never know it).

By now I can hear you ask, “Ten+ years? Why wait any longer? Why not simply book a flight, pack up your bags and board the next westward bound jet?” Long sigh…

Well… since my last trip to the Left Coast… so much has happened… and not all those events would get entered into the plus column of my Life’s Ledger. To CliffsNotes it… there’s been a reversal of my good fortune… both money-wise and otherwise.

Naturally, I am thankful for reasonably good health, the roof over my head and the bare essential furnishings, devices and supplies under that roof… but… nonetheless… another long sigh… I do miss California. And I don’t feel it odd for this lifelong Michiganian to consider the greater Los Angeles area to be my home away from home.

Now… I do have one regret re my past visits… that I had only done my en route sightseeing from my widow seat at an altitude of 38,000 feet… instead of through my car’s windshield while traveling America’s highways and byways. But… what’s done is done.

And so… I’ll just have to settle for going to California in my mind ~ To be sure, no trip would be complete without first producing a “mix tape” featuring great road songs. To that end… I recently produced two C-90 cassettes to enhance my imaginary western journey… and at this time… there’s also a third project in the works (Volume 3 to feature a more hard driving rock genre).

As for this blog… I’ll be sharing my Volume 1 soundscape with you. Whether or not a similar posting for Volume 2 and 3 will occur is highly dependent on the number of hits and comments this blog receives.

A brief heads up… since this music is all courtesy of YouTube… from time to time there are bound to be interruptions of musical service.

For starters… these videos do frequently get deleted due to artist objections / copyright issues. Lastly… there are all of those commercials, which YouTubers tack on. But… what the H… “To dance to the music we must pay the piper”… right?

BESIDES… would not these gaps also enhance the realism of the road trip? Imagine this as if your car radio has temporarily lost a drifting, low wattage AM signal… something easily remedied by switching stations… i.e., clicking onto the next link. Also consider each commercial interruption as being akin to what we hear on AM top-40 formatted stations… as we all know… they’re oft forced to overbook advertisers… simply to pay for the electricity to stay on the air.

On a more positive note… since some of these YouTube videographers have poured a vast ocean’s worth of their talent into the visual aspects of their productions… it’s easy to trip out while viewing these scenes… thus making our going to Carolina OR California in our minds all the better… OR for that matter, anywhere else our l’il ol’ hearts may desire.

Replicated below is my liner notes printout, which I cut out and inserted into my “Volume 1” cassette’s case.

Well, that about covers the preliminaries… Without any further ado… everyone pack your bags, lock up your home sweet homes, kick the tires, adjust your rear view mirrors and car seats, buckle up, turn the key in your ignitions, get ‘er in gear and KICK OUT THE JAMS!!! We’ll soon find out if the Moody Blues gents got it right… that “Thinking is the best way to travel.”

To now paraphrase a Lennon/McCartney sentiment… let’s  listen to the music playing in my head… and… hopefully… in yours, too!


Hit The Road Tracks – Volume 1

SIDE A: 02/29/16 ~ DOLBY B ~ 46:30

01 2:51 Canned Heat – Going Up The Country

02 2:42 Vanity Fair – Hitchin’ A Ride

03 4:27 Janis Joplin – Me & Bobby McGee

04 4:13 Judy Collins – City Of New Orleans

05 2:41 Boz Scaggs – Waiting For A Train

06 3:16 Norah Jones – The Long Way Home

07 2:26 Roger Miller – King Of The Road

08 3:00 Natalie Cole – Route 66

09 1:09 Nelson Riddle – Route 66 TV Theme

10 2:11 Ray Charles – California Here I Come

11 4:15 James Newton Howard / Kenny G. – Driving North

12 3:56 Roy Orbison – California Blue

13 3:36 Led Zeppelin – Going To California

14 2:11 James Newton Howard – San Francisco

15 2:58 Scott McKenzie – San Francisco

16 1:09 Nelson Riddle – Route 66 (Reprise)


SIDE B: 02/29/16 ~ DOLBY B ~ 46:30

17 5:38 Refreshments – Interstate

18 4:23 Eagles – Ol’ 55

19 3:42 Bob Seger – Wait For Me

20 2:59 Lobo – Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

21 3:46 Gordon Lightfoot – Me & Bobby McGee

22 4:06 America – A Horse With No Name

23 3:28 James Taylor – Country Road (Single Mix)

24 3:35 Simon & Garfunkel – America

25 2:44 Lovin’ Spoonful – Never Going Back

26 4:33 Arlo Guthrie – City Of New Orleans

27 4:17 Neil Diamond – America

28 3:36 Ray Charles – America The Beautiful