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Regardless of age, most K-12 kids are vastly smarter than nearly every, last
governmental egomaniac, medical quack & superintendent hack, who now
plots to [1] march them into crawling with Corona-V, crowded classrooms,
[2] sicken them/their entire families & [3] send ’em all to their early graves!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








Schools of Fish Would Be More Engaging

Any lingering doubts that Donald J. Trump’s Education Secretary, Ms. Betsy DeVos, is wrong about nearly everything, get quickly dispelled when she rankles FOX interviewer Chris Wallace. After all, normally, the FOX network is loaded with Trump sycophants.

Anyway, at the crux of this give and take is if schools can reopen, safely, during Trump’s still raging out of control pandemic. While the smart course of action would favor caution, Donny’s robot, DeVos, doth favor her boss’ let’s-get-me-reelected recklessness. If she possesses any default settings of common sense and compassion, at all, they certainly did not kick in. Consequently… SPOILER ALERT… rational, frank discourse, on her part, will not be forthcoming.

If you find DeVos’ non-answers too infuriating, you can always cut away to the calming clip below.

This is not the first time I’ve witnessed DeVos in the spotlight, so I can attest to the fact that Wallace hadn’t merely caught her in a rare, “the dog ate my homework” moment.

Clearly, her going to the head of Donny’s “class”, has mainly been due to her ability to filibuster, go off on tangents, offer up fishy replies and kiss Trump’s rump.

One wonders why Wallace hadn’t cut off her mike and cut away to this oceanic scene that features schools of fish.