Absentee Candidates


With COVID-19 concerns in mind, I made damned sure to prepare, well in advance, to vote by absentee ballot in Michigan’s upcoming, August 4th primary election. So far so good. However, ever since I received my ballot, not all has been going well.

With only two commendable exceptions, the candidates’ silence has been deafening.

True, many of their candidacies are uncontested. Still, a constituent should expect at least one flyer and/or robocall from each of them… you know… just to reassure voters that their hearts are really in it… and more to the point… that they’ll be fully engaged, on OUR behalf, should they wind up victors next Tuesday and in the general election come November 3rd.

Perhaps they are taking for granted that we’re all internet connected? Technically speaking, by and large, they’d be correct. Yet, I’m sure few of them have ever been forced to endure the shoddy “product” my ISP foists off on their customers. Hell, they don’t even know the meaning of “S” in that ISP acronym.

More to the point… I was damned lucky that my connection, this early evening, lasted long enough to check out these absentee candidates’ websites. My having to do their work for them makes me wonder if they’ll be doing any work for us? Needless to say, they do not inspire much voter confidence.

Passivity… not even sending a small post card which says “Vote for [insert name here]”, is a helluva way to run for… correction… stumble into high elective office.


Stay Safe and Vote at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!






RU really, Really, REALLY DYING to attend THAT Rally?


Let’s check out the latest poop on the big time Germ-O-Phobe Donny, the science denier and magical thinker, who had originally and erroneously claimed that [1] the COVID-19 “scare” was a Democrat Hoax, [2] this disease’s then known 15 cases would soon be down to ZERO and [3] the Pandemic would be all over… TA-DA… by the end of April!

These days, when the Trumpster isn’t hunkering down in his bunker, night and day, his medico feverishly tests, Tests, TESTS everyone, who comes within a micron of breaching Bunker Boy’s White House Bubble!

Hmm, perchance has Donny, who failed, big time, to act promptly, proactively and purposefully to thwart COVID-19, finally begun to appreciate the seriousness of the coronavirus crisis of his own making?

Not likely.

That praise junkie, ISO of his adulation fix, is just about ready to go quacking and waddling about his COVID-19 mucked up world and campaign trail. Seeing how that cad, notorious for hobnobbing and hanging out with porn stars and playmates, sans protection, will also be stumping mask-less, one wonders…

• Just how safe will that Germ-O-Phobe be feeling?

• How safe will the legions of his rally attending, sycophantic, sicko suckers be feeling?

Well, true to little wittle Donny’s “it’s all about me” attitude, he’s so “concerned” for the health and well-being of his voter base that he’s insisting they read and agree to the terms of his Rally Warning Label. Check this out…

“By clicking register below, you are acknowledging that an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists in any public place where people are present. By attending the Rally, you and any guests voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19 and agree to not hold Donald J. Trump for President, Inc.; BOK Center; ASM Global; or any of their affiliates, directors, officers, employees, agents, contractors, or volunteers liable for any illness or injury.”


Seeing how his fans are always dying to see see their Fascist idol… in the flesh… all 227kgs / 500lbs of his jiggly, flabby Fascist flesh… it’s entirely possible that his disclaimer’s first four words, “By clicking register below” will instantaneously prompt them to click on “REGISTER” sans reading the rest of Trump’s Terms. The consequences will be grave…

• The fake prez will not only be firing up his base, he’ll also be fanning the flames of a COVID-19 wildfire.

• His fans will soon be dying.

• Future campaign rally attendees will be those who’ve “only” been sickened by COVID-19.

• Hmm… just how safe will the mask-less Donald J. Trump feel when, his massive crowd’s roar gets replaced by the sound of everyone coughing up their diseased lungs?






The Praise Prospector


Last night, along about 8:30, my landline rang. I’d normally let the machine field the call but, after being in isolation for over a month, even the prospect of, perhaps, sparring with a pesky telemarketer, did have a certain air of appeal to it. Anyway…

She asked for me by my full name. Actually pronounced the surname perfectly, which, in itself, seemed a bit lucky, if not odd. Sans actually admitting who I was, I then cautiously asked who was calling. She assumed that meant she had reached the man she had wanted to speak to and promptly commenced to identify herself by profession / not name. She was none other than a Trumpster Pollster (Of course, Trumpster is my characterization… not hers).

She next got into this rattle-off-the-fine-print routine of how this call was being monitored and recorded, which, for all intents and purposes was admonishing me to toe the line. Translation….


All melodramatics aside…

Ms. Trumpster reassured me that her survey would be brief (as in just one question)…

The Question:

“Do you think the reporters have been treating President Trump fairly?

(That official title her characterization… not mine.)

As I paused to consider the big picture, I could even envision her praise junkie boss spinning himself in his Oval Office chair… perhaps even “playing” inappropriately while repeatedly playing back recordings of his totally undeserved accolades… courtesy of the vast legions of his delusional, devotee voters.

Most assuredly, I was not about to shake his hand (btw a bad idea during a pandemic) and say, “Oh Donny, what a good little boy you are!” Well, that left lefty me with two options. EITHER vent my true feelings… namely… that “Donald J. Trump will go down in the annals of history as the worst president America has ever known” OR just hang up.

I was just about to do the latter when that light bulb over the noggin moment hit me. Yep, that third option! To set this back up, properly…

Her Q: “Do you think the reporters have been treating President Trump fairly?
My A: Yes.

Oh, the brevity. Oh, how my intonation’s incredulity had spoken volumes… e.g….

Are you serious? How dare you imply that legitimate journalists have no business giving the business to the fake prez. Science denier Donny got outwitted by a freakin’ germ. His flat-out refusal to react to the Coronavirus threat in a prompt, proactive and persistent manner permitted a pandemic to come ashore, one which now, as we speak, continues to debilitate / decimate our populace and devastate our economy.

Though it had not been my intent, my monosyllabic three letter long response had certainly taken the wind out of her sails. And I’m certain I’ve not been the first one to do so. By now, her praise mining efforts must pan out as EITHER venting tirades courtesy of our indignant, disgusted electorate OR the effusive gushing of the sycophants whose heads are overflowing with Trumpian mush, gloop, goo, gook, glop, sludge, guck, etc. <— take yer pick.

Being uncertain if we were done or not, I ad libbed my “Goodnight.” And then… just to prove to Trumsters that I had far more compassion and class in my pinkie finger than their soulless boss had in his entire 227kg / 500lb body… I added my sincere…

“Stay healthy.”

CLICK (mine not hers)


I also offer similar sentiments to you, my readers…

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!