Postcard Parable (Pandemic Panic?)


Once upon a time, a rational DEMocrat, Couageous-C, ISO an ovoid
shaped workplace, won the Popular Vote, yet lost, due to her rival,
the radical Coward-T, acing his E. College “math test”. Owing to his
mucked up priorities, he opted to erect a Wall along his homeland’s
southern border, yet, 3 years later, opted NOT to Wall off Corona-V!
Due to his failing that test, his DIY panDEMic sent 200,000+ people
to their early graves & buried prosperity, too! Worst of all, was how
he deliberately downplayed the grave threat that highly contagious
bug posed, because he didn’t want to “PANIC” the people? The End!
Moral: To prevent PanDEMics & Panic, in earnest, elect DEMocrats!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home/publicly mask-up to stay Healthy!









Postcard Parable (NO! NO!! NO!!!)


Once upon a time… in a once grand, Never-Never Land, there lived a
band of know-nothing, negligent, naughty, nutty, nitwit-nincompoops,
who elected a narcissistic, nihilistic, nationalistic, “know-it-all”, ne’er-
do-well; a nefarious, nasty, Neo-Nazi with a necrotic brain! The End!
Moral: Expect nothing good from this & you’ll never be disappointed!
Obiter Dictum: Stay Safe at Home… Publicly Mask-Up… Stay Healthy!








Postcard Parable (campaign promise)


Once upon a time, in a once great nation, there dwelt the soliciting
reelection weirdo, who opted to run on the odd campaign promise:
“Once I royally muck up your lives, you’ll have nothing left to lose!”
Voters assumed he was only joking. He was not! He won! The End!
Moral: Humorless politicos can still make us the butt of their jokes!
Obiter Dictum: Stay safe at home! Publicly mask up! Stay Healthy!!!