BlogCast: Tom’s Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas: Song 20


Ever since I can remember, it was our family tradition to commence our celebration of the Christmas season on December 6th… here in America, that’s a.k.a. St. Nicolas Day.

To help get us into the Christmas spirit, I spent several hours this p.m. auditioning YouTube videos and wound up snagging 20 musical selections, which I’ll be presenting here… counting ‘em down one-a-day… from now until the 25th.


Starting out at No. 20…

Let’s open up Elton John’s “Christmas Card” and Step Into Christmas



Of course, following Elton’s “eat, drink and be merry” lyrical advice, to excess, just might result in our need to “battle” that typical holiday weight gain. But not to worry… have I got a great battle plan for us all.

Check out fitness guru Lucia Meresova’s work out / Zumba choreography…

(NOTE: get your physician’s OK prior to starting any new exercise routine.)


And who knows? If we wind up burning off enough calories while wending our way through December, it just might mean one less needed New Year’s resolution.

Hmmm… sorta ironic. I mean working out to Elton’s Stepping Into Christmas, the song that may’ve helped cause our weight problem in the first place… also winds up being the solution.


Hope you’ll be stopping by, daily, to hear out my entire

Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas

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Music to Soothe a Savage Breast (October Blogcast)


William Congreve’s oft quoted (1697) sentiment, “Music hath charms to soothe a savage breast, to soften rocks, or bend a knotted oak” has never been more relevant… has never been a more appropriate Rx… considering how my homeland, America… indeed, our entire savage world… is what’s aggravating and ailing us.

Since our global society appears to be dangling by a fragile thread over the abyss of chronic, debilitating madness… since we oft have little choice but to overstay these dismal societal and political landscapes… it’s not unusual for despair to set in… and our blogs to mirror that sorrow.

Lately, I’ve been reaching my breaking point. Feeling indescribably powerless, I’ll logout from WordPress, power down my computer/modem, sit down at my piano and lose myself in “my” music… as was the case at daybreak this first Saturday in October.

I soon found myself playing four compositions, all in the Eb key signature… and I’m certain were “Doctor” Congreve alive today, he’d have approved my therapeutic playlist.

Since it’s possible that you, too, have been feeling upset about our world gone berserk, I now share this restorative music with you, in hopes these songs will instill within you a similar, calmative effect.


Beatles ~ The Long & Winding Road

Elton John ~ Your Song

Gabriella Quevedo ~ Your Song (Guitar Cover)

Vanessa Williams ~ Save The Best For Last

Alan Parsons Project ~ Time

Musical Sidebar ~ It’s now been two weeks since I cancelled my weekly Four-Play blogcasts (still archived in my music category) due to Internet surfers’ insufficient interest. Rethinking that, I’ve now decided to Blogcast once per month.

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