Fortune Cookie Blog (holiday light)


Why bother stringing up oodles of outdoor, holiday lights; bright enough to
be seen from the International Space Station; IF your own next-door neigh-
bor cannot see your heart aglow with love; your mind swathed in enlighten-
ment; sense your year-round, staunch belief that we’re all in this together!







Fortune Cookie Blog (True Believers)


The souls, who ardently seek parenthood; can see way beyond each day’s
dreary headlined news, are the personification of optimism; true believers
that love, eternal, is deeply rooted in our very DNA; that such good will be
triumphant over evil. They’ll boldly usher in the dawn of a brand new era,
where revitalized humanity finally, fully, lives up to its potential; soars, for-
evermore to, heretofore, only dreamt of enlightenment and magnificence!






Fortune Cookie Blog (an ancient path)


To wander far off from modernity’s glow at nightfall, is to journey the ancient
path to tri-tiered enlightenment. Revelation I ~ The solitude of the vast star-lit
heavens. II ~ The magnitude, which sagaciously validates our insignificance.
III ~ The certitude that the virtuous play a vital role within life’s grand scheme.






Fortune Cookie Blog (enlightenment)


Even when a published work gets printed in a language, unknown to us,
there is still a precious life lesson to latch onto. Such enlightenment will
lead to better awareness of the souls, who have never learnt to read at all.
A better grasp could assist our mutual ascent; up the ladder of knowledge.