Memo re: International Woman’s Day


On this auspicious occasion, this man professes his wholehearted respect for womankind, worldwide. Re your labors, in the societal, occupational and maternal senses, I regard you my intellectual, multitalented superiors.

I also offer up my heartfelt apology, on behalf of every testosterone poisoned knuckle-dragger, everywhere, who has ever objectified and abused you; who intends to persist in such inexcusable, contemptible conduct.

My best advice to all of these alleged men is to think with their gray matter; NOT their glands!

While I freely, fully acknowledge that no mere, obscure website blog, such as this, could ever attract a large enough readership, let alone, eradicate the male gender’s, from time immemorial, reprehensible biological and ideological aggression against women…

If even one Neanderthal, first, winds up reading these words and, next, opts to evolve, this post will have been well worth it!

Let’s all keep good thoughts that, someday, hopefully soon, International Woman’s Day will be celebrated by everyone, every day!


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






R.I.P. R.B.G.

It is with profound sorrow that all true believers in liberty, truth and justice for all, now pause to pay our respects to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who passed away, yesterday, at the age of 87.

We are forever indebted to her tireless, courageous fight against discrimination in all its ugly forms; the prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance, narrow-mindedness, unfairness, inequity, favoritism, one-sidedness, partisanship; sexism, chauvinism, misogyny, racism, anti-Semitism, heterosexism, ageism, classism and casteism, which habitually target society’s most vulnerable members; be they American citizens or asylum seekers.

We will never forget her ability to unerringly interpret and uphold our Heavenly Father’s and Founding Fathers’ laws; especially on behalf of commoners, such as you and I.

Regrettable but true, We the extraordinary ordinary People have become witness to the amoral mortals, who, with ever increasing frequency and ferocity, in their evil words and wretched deeds, have been thoughtlessly, shamelessly and relentlessly unraveling and undermining what should be inalienable, fundamental human rights.

I could, will, and must say more in the days ahead, for as presidential candidate, Joe Biden, when speaking of our current troubled times, has so oft reminded…

“We are living through a battle for the soul of this nation.”

Our heartfelt condolences to R.B.G.’s family and friends.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Donny CrappleSeed ~ 1 Quick Limerick #090


Dense Donny CrappleSeed, sows hatred’s seeds,
That germinate into invasive weeds,
Barbed with antisemitism,
Thorned with white supremacism,
Which choke out human and equal rights needs!