Fortune Cookie Blog (“Loose” Talk?)


Ideology and Pharmacology meet Phraseology;
It’ll take mega-doses of Freedom’s Kaopectate™
to bind Fascism; halt a shedload of its Diarrhea.






Let Freedom Ring (Vid of the Day)

Whenever any elected representative of The People believes he is above the law… arrogantly trots out his malevolent, virulent, malignant brand of totalitarianism… harbors a closed mind, stone heart and inert soul… appears barren of even one scintilla of remorse… he only serves his own interests. More to the point, he no longer serves in the best interests of The People… and deserves a punishment by The People… at a level which is directly proportional to his offensive conduct.

This past evening’s vote within the U.S. House of Representatives, which approved the two Articles of Impeachment of one Donald J. Trump, is only Step #1 of a much needed and long overdue, corrective, Constitutional process.

However… seeing how the Senate Majority Leader… one Mitch McConnell… so arrogantly marches in lockstep with his corrupt Oval Office puppeteer… this means that Step #2… the removal of the fake prez from the office he has sullied… will not be forthcoming.

Seeing how The Impeached appears to be oblivious to the seriousness of his offenses and, consequently, is totally incapable of rehabilitation, this means that, left unchecked, we can expect him to go on a seething with vengeance rampage in the days ahead.

Ergo, this American encourages Freedom’s champions… domestic and worldwide… to savor what little is left of our sweet Liberty. After all, if America deteriorates even further into a Fascist state, that falling “domino” could trigger the tumbling of other dominoes / nations, too.

I hereby echo lyricist Samuel Francis Smith’s “Let Freedom Ring” sentiment… the foundation to his song My Country ‘Tis of Thee… as sung by Aretha Franklin at President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Day ceremony… and dedicate our Vid of the Day to the United States… to the U.S… to all of us!






Fortune Cookie Blog (Fascism’s Fashion)


What must the well-dressed Fascist wear to an overthrow freedom bash?
Seeing how he cloaks a Wolfish ferocity; enjoys immunity from all critics;
oft subdues, subverts and subjugates the masses with absolute impunity;
that despotic dud’s duds still involve the 3-piece business suit. But, in this
instance, his Sheep’s Clothing is a blend of Wool and Teflon; immersed in
flame retardant; i.e., to fully plan ahead for his eventual Eternity in Hell!







Fortune Cookie Blog (politic parable)


Once upon a time there lived a nasty king, who dubbed himself Sir Surly I.
The only thing worse than his tattered moral code and self-serving agenda
was his threadbare, threadless, endless, benighted, bellicose bellyaching.
With the push of “The Button” he had the power to unravel the very strands
of DNA that had evolved humankind. His impudence and imprudence left
all seven plus billion of his subjugated subjects dangling by a fragile thread.
Nancy, the stitch-in-time town tailor, saved them! Tied up the King in knots.
Our story’s moral: Don’t be duped by a Fascist wolf Don-ning sheep’s duds.






Fortune Cookie Blog (Help Wanted Ads)


Why do Fascism’s vines choke out freedom? Why does bigotry suffocate
brotherhood? Why do clenched fists outnumber handshakes? Why does
contamination discolor clean green? Because informed electors, goodwill
ambassadors, diplomats & environmental stewards are oft in short supply.