I’ve Got Good & Bad (FAKE) News


The FAKE Good News: Ten years ago, the Hans Nopkins University medical research team, headed by D. Lou Shunz, MD, pioneered an entirely new classification of therapeutics to totally eliminate the human aging process, hyper-evolve the immune system and bat shit crazy augment both organ and tissue regeneration. (Aside: Say bye-bye to toenail fungus!)

“Back in 2011, we began seeding the clouds, globally, with these super-meds, and, ever since, the rain and snowfall has done the rest. Make no mistake about it, by now, this process has totally enhanced all water supplies; hell, not even the most remote farms’ wells could’ve possibly escaped treatment. Every paradigm we’ve ever projected indicates the same. gradually accumulating super powers. Within six months, the first reports of our accomplishment shall begin to surface! The projected results are nothing short of astounding. I mean, only a Sci-Fi vaporizing ray gun blast could ever obliterate any human being.”

D. Lou Shunz, MD ~ 03/07/21

Shunz went on to reveal the name of the most prominent patient he has ever bio-engineered in the lab; namely, ruthless dictator wannabe Vladimir Limpdick.

The FAKE Bad News: Comrade Limpdick possesses the one and only arsenal of hand held ray guns / rifles. Additionally, having already ruthlessly and successfully hacked into our world’s top ten nuclear launch facilities, he now commands sufficient WMD to hold all 7.8 Billion of us humans hostage. Before the year is over, he intends to and will conquer the whole freakin’ human race.

FAKE Op-Ed: Hmm, how ironic that billions of immortal human beings will soon be condemned to eternity in a Fascist State.

BTW, a friendly reminder, you know, just in case you may have missed repeated usage of the word, FAKE, and this post’s headline:


Well, at least, to the best of our knowledge…

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Those Who Don’t March In Lockstep To Be Locked Up?


Let’s keep this as brief as possible… 200 words or less. I spend considerable time ISO YouTube clips to corroborate and enhance my written content. I normally start with their homepage recommendations.

However, I’ve noticed… especially since Trump’s illegitimate Senate Impeachment Trial concluded… that the emboldened fake prez is directing his FOX network propaganda ministers to propagate increasingly disturbing content. No need to view this crap… the clips’ titles say it all. How so?

In essence, these freaking ideologues insist on locking up anyone not marching in lockstep with King Donald I.

Look, I’m a champion of the uniquely American freedom, which our Founding Fathers had secured for themselves and posterity AND support our troops, who, throughout our nation’s history, have so selflessly and courageously fought and died to preserve, protect and defend… on our behalf.

That’s why I’m completely appalled by how casually these broadcasting blowholes flip off dissent… the freedoms of speech and press… which are all core American values. It’s what America is all about.

To witness FOX traitors actually arguing on behalf of Fascist Trump… for the express purpose of promoting, preserving, protecting and defending his Fascist State is TREASON!

Can Election Day 2020 save America? Stay tuned…