The Sunshine in Our Name


Bass guitarist-singer-songwriter-recording artist Andy Fraser certainly wound up “painting” a lyrical / melodious masterpiece back in 1978 and aptly titled it: Every Kinda People (EKP).

Most people who’ve spent their formative years in the presence of parents, mentors and anyone else in possession of a dust-free conscience, will find themselves instantly aligned with / drawn to Fraser’s lyrical advocacy for human equality / peaceful coexistence and his championing on behalf of everyday people, everywhere.

If you’re in accord with what you’ve read, so far, Every Kinda People, most assuredly, will strike a responsive chord.

Singer-songwriter-musician-recording artist-record producer Robert Palmer (b. 19 January 1949 / d. 26 September 2003) owed much of his mega-success story to his recording / releasing of EKP in March of that same year.

It had been his full throttle, impassioned vocal delivery, in tandem with an unpretentious musical arrangement, which, indisputably, had driven (and still drives) home these magnificent lyrics; the primary reasons why EKP wound up becoming his very first hit record. While this track’s upward momentum did halt at #16 on the Top 40 chart, in my book, his primo interpretation shall forever be a #1 chart topper.

It’s Fraser’s utilization of so few words to say so much; the universality of all he speaks of, which continues to wow folks fortunate enough to give ‘er an honest listen (or two or more). In my own case, such insights have been known to well up my eyes. I’ll elaborate further once we’ve taken a closer look at the final stanza which, in particular, from my very first listen of EKP and onward, I’ve always viewed as the epitome of his virtuosity…

“You know that love’s the only goal
That could bring a peace to any soul
Hey, and every man’s the same
He wants the sunshine in his name”

Andrew McIan Fraser (b. 3 July 1952 / d. 16 March 2015) • [read full lyrics here]

As for ‘splaining myself further… there have been way too many instances where the rolling in, metaphorical storm clouds have occluded my corner of our world; i.e., excluded love and peace of mind from my life. And once life’s essentials, such as these, fly south for the winter (too oft the spring, summer and fall, too) so goeth that sunshine.

But how, indeed, fortunate we all are that not all in life is one hundred percent; for that sunshine doth become all the more precious when, somehow, some way, it manages to afford each of us that rare glimmer of hope.

Granted, Mr. Fraser could’ve been less gender specific. On the plus side, it’d not take much effort to rework his final couplet, thusly…

Hey, and everyone’s the same
We want the sunshine in our name

There’s not much more to add, save to say…

No matter how long it may last, make sure to cherish the sunshine wherever, whenever it may appear.



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










So far… yet so near… (Vid of the Day)

My headline interlaces a bit of wordplay re humanity’s “so near… yet so far” expression… which, as we know, can serve to exhale our regrets / sadness whenever we get oh-so-close to achieving all we want in life…

Alas… to no avail?

My transposition of the elements / sentiments in that emotionally charged equation is with good reason. Such a reversal conforms to the literal about-face re what we’d expect tradition to prescribe.

Alas… this involves an unorthodox response to comply with what the pandemic new reality requires it to be.

Even so, the London based Camden Voices Self-Isolation / Virtual Choir has managed to creatively circumvent such freedom limiting protocols… however, only in the best, medically / socially acceptable way.

On the bright, sunshiny side… this choir’s switcheroo also morphs that equation’s failure into success… i.e., seeing how viewing their mood elevating clip will draw viewers en masse, spanning the vast WWW, closer together.

And… for the time being… under the current circumstances…

We can all live with that… both figuratively and literally…

To be earwitness to the Camden Voices’ interlaced with gleaming sunbeams, cover of the George Harrison classic, Here Comes the Sun… is to behold their ushered in sunrise to this new reality day.

If we can manage to keep Camden Voices’ optimism alive, our kindred spirits can and will also carry us onward… into the days yet to come…

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!

We can avoid COVID-19 infection by following our learned medical community’s best advice (and by also following #5’s link to a short, surprisingly EZ to grasp, life saving tutorial)…

[1] Scrub hands often (at least 20 seconds each time), [2] Cover all coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Observe social distancing protocols (remain at least 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] Wear protective face masks in public [6] Avoid large crowds / Socially isolate at home  [7] Self-quarantine if you’re feeling ill and [8] Understand that even though you may feel fine, you can still be infected and spreading this disease to others!



The Camden Voices Self-Isolation / Virtual Choir

Solos: Chloe Ravat & Kate Keara Pelen
Sopranos: Alex Wiseman, Elaine Camilleri, Amy Hall, Kadi Linda Kiisa, Bryony Thomas, Chloe Ravat, Sophia Steinsberg, Sofia Vilan. Anna Wyatt
Altos: Amy Rockson, Ella Bryant, Hansy Shore, Laima Ulozaite, Saara Kaldma, Sabah Carmen Barake, Cas Olowoyo, Maddalena Ghezzi, Harriet Crawford, Izzy Pietsch, Kate Keara Pelen
Tenors: James Rees, Kris Jackson, Tom Heath, Seth Stromboli, Brendan Jacot, Max Salzmann, Ned Westaway, Matt Ashworth
Basses: Lawrence Walker, Marios Panayi, Tom James, Ugo Rosano, Joel Hughes, Miles Horn
Video production, arrangement & piano by: Ed Blunt
Bass: James Hill
Drums: James Nall
Mixed and mastered by: Matt Cooke
Song by George Harrison (our version inspired by Nina Simone’s arrangement)







Bright Side of the Road ~ Vid of the Day

Seeing how we can always use additional sunshine in our heads, hearts, lives and world, let’s meet the five musicians who will make it all happen / brighten our day…

Clair McGreevy – lead guitar and bvs
Louise Potter – drums and bvs
Lyndsay Crothers – lead vocals and bass
Sharon Morgan – banjo
Adele Ingram – guitar and bvs

Collectively they are known as Wookalily, and the brilliant performance they’ll turn in both covers and further shines up Van Morrison’s Bright Side of the Road.

What we earwitness, here, is the lead vocalist’s clarity and power that really sells Morrison’s lyrical optimism… the backing singers’ pitch-perfect harmonies… guitarists who drive the message home… a banjoist who picks and strums the very strings, which are guaranteed to inspire our ear to ear grins… and, last but not least a drummer who’ll keep everyone’s mood upbeat! Who could ask for anything more?

And interestingly enough, when we factor in Wookalily’s June 3, 2016 upload date, they were way ahead of the times… i.e., social distancing in the recording studio long before it became fashionable.

Stay Safe… Stay Home… Stay Healthy…







Get Ready to be Wowed! (Vid of the Day)

Back in 1942, Fred Astaire and Rita Hayworth danced their routine to perfection in the film You Were Never Lovelier.

And seeing how their choreography and even the orchestra horn section all stay in sync with Jackie Wilson’s 1967 R&B #1 hit song, (Your Love Keeps Lifting Me) Higher and Higher, one starts to believe that all of the superstars involved managed a mind-meld that had, somehow, breached and bridged what normally are time’s forward only momentum and inviolate boundary-lines.

Watching our Vid of the Day clip brought a smiling, stunned expression to my face. Once you view it, I’m sure you’ll concur.

Mega Thanks and Kudos to YouTube videographer kiddysoulgirl99! Her editing skills equal the very talent she showcases!

Stay Safe… Stay at Home… Stay Healthy…






Our Feel Good / Stay Well Vid of the Day

This oldie but goodie, toe tapper tune certainly has taken on a whole new connotation in today’s new reality world. This updated, unplugged down to the basics, feel good presentation is courtesy of the legendary John Fogerty, a.k.a. the co-founder of Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Hmm… that, sure as hell, could’ve lasted a bit longer. Hey… I know… let’s check out CCR’s original version, too…








Behold the Sunday Sunrise (Sunday Song Series)

Mark James’ composition… Sunday Sunrise… as celebrated in sky and song… offers us a glimmer of hope for better days ahead… all courtesy of his upbeat, enlightened, musical / lyrical sentiments delivered by the multiple award winning, Canadian, superstar songstress, Anne Murray.

In other words… this is feel good music at its very finest.

Seeing how [1] it’s now been 77 weeks since we first ventured forth into the world of Sunday titled songs and [2] the end of the “road” is still nowhere in sight…

Let’s meet up back here once more… seven days from now…







NU : Now United = UN : United Nations ~ A Sunday Song

Our Sunday musical adventure is still going strong at Week #46. At this juncture, we’ll be giving a listen to the track, Sunday Morning, as performed by American Idol creator Simon Fuller’s Now United… a nationality-diverse pop music ensemble showcasing 15 vocalists. Since late 2017, these latter day troubadours have been wandering into our lives / homelands (especially Brazil, India and Philippines). Their mission: To raise their spirited voices in song to promote both musical and societal harmony.

That very outlook is ensconced even within their name. Acronymically speaking, NU is to Now United what UN is to the United Nations.

That’s the precise frame of mind that’s much needed (and oft lacking) within our troubled world… where musical and societal harmony (to say the least) are not always in accord.

While we must never give up on our dreams and hopes for the betterment of society, there’ll be times when we must pack up our baggage and take our minds out for a spin… i.e., crank up the feel-good music and venture forth on a figurative (maybe even literal) road trip.

There’s nothing wrong with occasional escapism on a Friday / Saturday / Sunday… provided we make that a round trip back to Monday Morning Reality… when / where we’ll get back to work… working towards a better world… a better tomorrow.

I hope you’ll return seven tomorrows from now for our next Sunday Song. Till then, have an enjoyable, productive, harmonious week!





Will You Be Staying After Sunday?

For the past two weekends, I’ve been featuring Sunday Songs… so let’s keep this theme going.

This time around, we’ll be giving a listen to Will You Be Staying After Sunday… recorded half a century ago by Peppermint Rainbow… a band that oft gets categorized as one of those “one hit wonders”.

Delving a bit deeper into the musical nuts and bolts… we’re talking about a feel good musical arrangement to accompany timeless, love song sentiments… where the lead female vocalist lyrically role plays… expresses her heartfelt desires for commitment from her Sunday lover… in hopes that he’ll stay long past Monday… perhaps for a lifetime?

While it’s hard to reconcile how such aural fluff could coexist against the gawd awful backdrop of political / cultural upheaval (e.g., war, assassinations, police brutality, riots, etc.), this does beg the question…

Was not an upbeat sounding song exactly what was needed back then… and now more than ever… in the here and now?

All things considered… you know things have got to be really bad when 2018 makes those of us, who were coming of age during the Sixties, still yearn for those yesteryears… in spite of all of those long ago, negative news vibes.

Yeah… I know… I know… my musical tastes may not be palatable to some of my site’s younger visitors but… on the upside… this Sunday Song tracks out at only 2:29… so, mercifully, it’ll be over before you know it!

Even if you’re still covering your ears, thumbing your nose, thumbs downing it and/or giving it a middle finger salute, you can always mute it and feast your eyes upon the YouTube videographer’s mesmerizing handiwork… right? Hell, that palatable image of fresh off the iron griddle, made from scratch pancakes… topped off with bananas, blueberries and drizzled with maple syrup… alone… just might be reason enough to stick around… right?