Late Book Report: Wolff’s Fire And Fury


Admittedly, it took me an inordinately long time to summon up the will to even start reading Micheal Wolff’s Fire and Fury… and an even longer time to finish it. Why? Two reasons.

1. I found his expose… akin to (justifiably) airing out the White House / Outhouse stench… to be nauseating. Indeed, it IS tough to turn the pages when using one hand’s fingers to pinch nostrils shut while the other hand is holding the stomach to avoid puking (JK re the hands thing… but that was necessary to drive my point home).

2. I also found his tell all book (rightfully) evokes feelings of outrage… as will any other decent, humane human who believes there’s no place for BS politicians in DC… or anywhere else for that matter.

A word to the wise (i.e. for those who’ve yet to read Wolff’s work)… keep in mind that the Fury portion of the book title IS truth in advertising. To keep your cool, you’ll need to read it in medicinal doses.

Folks, this is no exaggeration. I know of a true blue American, who tore into her copy of Fire and Fury… and by that I mean she became so upset she LITERALLY tore the pages from the bookbinding.

Just as I had, she had became totally PO’d while reading Wolff’s endless portrayals of Trump’s revolving door of here today / gone tomorrow shallow Hals / Hallies and their equally deplorable heir apparents. We are talking about heartless, unscrupulous, unpatriotic, un-American miscreants… intolerant, fear/warmongering, power hungry fascists… infantile, opportunistic, back-stabber, self-aggrandizing, elitist brown-nosers. Each and every waking moment these obsequious staffers are falling all over each other while trying to curry the favor of their boss… lavishing endless, totally undeserved praise upon him to inflate his already massive ego.

In short… from the top down… these entities are self-serving… which is the very antithesis of what all elected / appointed public servants are supposed to be. They are not only ignorant as to what the Real America stands for but are also oblivious to the multitude of Real World perils.

In our post 9/11 and environmentally compromised era… when (not if) a crisis arises… someday, multiple millions of innocent people all across America and throughout our world will needlessly suffer and die… while the spoiled, whiny brats and infants within the White House / Outhouse will be playing musical chairs and throwing their tantrums.



Grate… Not Great (One Quick Limerick #019)



Grump bullies non-WASPs / non-straights, spews his hate,

Deems rule of law / liberty second-rate,

In big biz world, he’s a glutton,

He’ll melt down, push “The Button”,

That irritant makes america grate.



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Fire & Fury (One Quick Limerick #018)


The man-child’s foreign relations routine,

Vows fire/fury world has never seen,

Sane folks can’t sleep at night,

With Earth’s end now in sight,

Guess it’s in Heaven where we’ll reconvene?



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