9/11’s Bravest

To honor the self-sacrificing first responders, who fought the hellish conflagrations nineteen 9/11s ago, this very morning, the Limeliters hauntingly cover Tom Paxton’s composition The Bravest.

As we listen to the strings, harmonica and harmonizing vocals of Mack Bailey, Gaylan Taylor and Andy Corwin, we must also keep in mind all the selfless firefighters / paramedics who have ever arrived / who will continue to arrive, just in the nick of time, to save humanity.

Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!





BlogCast Special: A 9/11 Soundtrack


This time around, our musical get-together doesn’t require much of a set up at all. In fact, my above headline says it all.

Simply scroll down, click away and, while listening, be sure to remember all the good people we lost or who got wounded on this day, sixteen years ago… all their surviving families and dear friends… all the victims who live on, forever physically scarred, challenged and disabled.

Remember, too, all who’ve met similar fates while fighting on the side of good during the subsequent wars on terror… as well as all the innocent bystanders residing in the vicinity of those battlefields.

And never forget that the ongoing, more recent terrorist attacks, still spread like raging cancers all over our world and are no less damaging and deadly.


Tom Paxton ~ The Bravest

Mary-Chapin Carpenter ~ Grand Central Station

Be sure to also check out MCC’s interview.

Sheryl Crow ~ God Bless This Mess

Eagles ~ Hole In the World Tonight

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