The Fireside Chat’s Soot


So… what the hell is Donald J. Trump up to now? Well, looky here, he’s plotting to re-purpose the concept of FDR’s folksy, fatherly Fireside Chats. Yep, via a live TV broadcast, he intends to prove his innocence by reading, aloud, from that now infamous White House generated, “MEMORANDUM OF TELEPHONE CONVERSATION“.

How astoundingly ironic! This is the very document, which affords us the juicy details to the fake prez’s perfectly wrong “perfect phone call”… a.k.a. Donny’s quid pro quo, 07/25/2019, shake down of Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

One would think that, by now, the Trumpster’s brain trust and/or wranglers would’ve reminded him that, strictly from the Fascist’s perspective, such fireplace flames are only suitable for one thing… burning up the body of truth (soon followed by the burying of the cremains).

Yet, here we find the fake prez actually believing he can chat himself out of trouble? True, he just might succeed if, in actuality, this is all leading up to his plea of insanity.

Beyond the ideological and legal aspects, let’s factor in the aesthetics… namely… Donny simply is not the fatherly, folksy type. Hell, had he been my father, I’d have run away from home as soon as I had learned to walk. Come to think of it, to escape such a toxic parental unit, I’d have even crawled as fast as my hands and knees could go.

Anyway, it’s way above the Trumpster’s pay-grade to even attempt to reassure and comfort us. No amount of his thick, dense, politically expedient, fireplace soot can ever hide his corruption and culpability.

Beyond that? A Fireside Chat does no good when it could only showcase Trump’s insufferable, undignified, unprofessional  whimpering and whining… his droning on and on and on… about his perfectly wrong, perfectly self-incriminating, perfectly worthy of impeachment “perfect phone call”.






Message to the Masses… Don’t Give Up ~ Vid of the Day

Let’s examine the synergy among [1] The literary masterpiece Grapes of Wrath authored by John Steinbeck, [2] the dust-bowl, Depression-era, poverty-stricken people pics snapped by photographer Dorothea Lange and [3] this post’s Vid of the Day song, Don’t Give Up composed by Peter Gabriel.

These three distinct forms of human communication interacted thusly. Gabriel drew inspiration for his song from Lange and I drew inspiration for this post from Steinbeck, Lange and Gabriel.

And while our avenues of creative expression have differed… in this instance, all roads do lead to the same destination… i.e. our concurrence that the devastating Haves vs. Have Nots socioeconomic schism has been plaguing civilization, practically, from time immemorial.

From there, I travel onward to point out how [1] this class war has been dramatically intensifying ever since Inauguration Day 2017 and [2] commoners (such as yours truly) could NEITHER expect the ethics and empathy barren fake prez to ever stand down in that war NOR depend on him to even deliver any commiserating, reassuring, “nothing to fear but fear itself”, folksy, FDR-esque Fireside Chats.

NOPE, not when fearmongering and fomenting misery within the masses is the entire Trumpian shtick… not when he’s too damned preoccupied with burning down America and too intent upon Tweeting 7+ billion souls into an early, irradiated, mass grave.

Considering that Black Hole of Republican leadership, where not one photon of common sense and compassion can ever escape outward, there can be no help from DC. We’ll have to deal with our profound despair / depression… all on our own.

That’s where motivational music such as Gabriel’s Don’t Give Up can come to our rescue. And that’s precisely what Gabriel had in mind when he penned and performed his duet with Kate Bush.

That’s where the video’s imagery… the embracing couple, slow dancing beneath our Moon as it eclipses the Sun… enlightens us… suggests that when we turn to and stand by each other… unite to face down the dark days of despair… we can emerge re-energized / revitalized at the moment the sunlight begins to reappear… that… since total eclipses are relatively rare… maybe… just maybe our dark days will be few?

Even if we have yet to find a kindred spirit to validate us / commiserate with us… trust me when I say that such people do still exist. I am speaking from my recent, almost jaw dropping, personal experience and do plan to blog more about it soon… likely later this week.

There is one more song interpretation worthy of mention. That Don’t Give Up resolve can also serve as a rallying cry for us to vote… i.e., cast our ballots to cast out our sworn, political enemies from office…. ASAP!


In the event that YouTube issuess ever cause the above vid to vanish, Peter Gabriel’s sentiments appear below…


Peter: “In this proud land we grew up strong… We were wanted all along… I was taught to fight, taught to win… I never thought I could fail. No fight left or so it seems… I am a man whose dreams have all deserted… I’ve changed my face, I’ve changed my name… But no-one wants you when you lose.”

Kate: “Don’t give up ’cause you have friends… Don’t give up you’re not beaten yet… Don’t give up I know you can make it good.”

Peter: “Though I saw it all around… Never thought that I could be affected… Thought that we’d be last to go… It is so strange the way things turn… Drove the night toward my home… The place that I was born, on the lakeside… As daylight broke, I saw the earth… The trees had burned down to the ground.”

Kate: “Don’t give up you still have us… Don’t give up we don’t need much of anything… Don’t give up ’cause somewhere there’s a place where we belong… Rest your head… You worry too much… It’s going to be alright… When times get rough… You can fall back on us… Don’t give up… Please don’t give up.”

Peter: “Got to walk out of here… I can’t take anymore… Going to stand on that bridge… Keep my eyes down below… Whatever may come… and whatever may go… That river’s flowing… That river’s flowing. Moved on to another town… Tried hard to settle down… For every job, so many men… So many men no-one needs”

Kate: “Don’t give up ’cause you have friends… Don’t give up you’re not the only one… Don’t give up no reason to be ashamed… Don’t give up you still have us… Don’t give up now we’re proud of who you are… Don’t give up you know it’s never been easy… Don’t give up ’cause I believe there’s a place… There’s a place Where we belong…

Kate & Peter: (Repeat 4 times) “Don’t give up… Don’t give up… Don’t give up.”