Semantics, Anybody?


John Iadarola brilliantly presides over the progressive news / talk program known as The Damage Report. While there rarely, if ever, has been anything objectionable to his content / perspective, in this extremely rare instance, I find myself feeling a bit of discontent re his semantics.

Check out his commentary re Walmart shoppers’ spontaneous rendition of America’s National Anthem over this past Independence Day weekend.

“There are people, who are in that crowd, who have LEGITIMATELY been left behind by, you know, the abuses of corporate America and all of that. Many of them have been brainwashed into believing that that’s good, or whatever, but they have actually been victimized by America. So, if there’s a thing that brings them joy, even if it’s singing in a store, or whatever, then that’s fine. I’m not going to take that away from them. I will say, tho… an informed love seems more worthwhile than just an unthinking love that was trained into you as a kid.”

John Iadarola • The Damage Report • 07/06/2021

Now, let’s crack open our dictionaries.

legitimately |ləˈjidəmətlē|
1 in a way that conforms to the law or to rules: they can prove that the funds were acquired legitimately | a legitimately elected government.
2 in a way that can be defended with logic or justification; fairly: nobody can legitimately argue that he didn’t pay his dues | consumers could legitimately claim to have been misled.

All of which begs this key question:

Since when can victimization (e.g., being brainwashed by abusive corporate America ever be deemed LEGITIMATE? Would it not have been better for Mr. Iadarola to have said:

There are people, who are in that crowd, who have ADMITTEDLY been left behind by, you know, the abuses of corporate America and all of that. Many of them have been brainwashed into believing that that’s good or whatever, but they have actually been victimized by America.

admittedly |ədˈmididlē|
adverb [sentence adverb]
used to introduce a concession or recognition that something is true or is the case: admittedly, the salary was not wonderful, but the duties were light | this is admittedly an extreme case.

Seeing how I’ve actually, recently, heard this very misuse (involving another progressive commentator), that’s all the more reason for straightening out the semantics.

By the by (If anyone may be interested) check out my 10/24/2016 commentary re patriotism.



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A Flag Hugger/Waver Who Embraces UnWavering Vice

PREFACE: That blog topper video features the Trumpster desecrating both the American flag and the Rolling Stones’ track, You Can’t Always Get What You Want. May those Mick Jagger / Keith Richard lyrics prove prophetic… namely… that [1] the fake prez can’t get the overthrow of America… slash… second term… that he wants / lusts after AND [2] come Inauguration Day 2021… true blue American patriots will get the real, honorable presidential successor we so desperately need.

Progressing onward, now, to the remainder of this short read…


My schoolteacher parents raised me well. One of their priceless life lessons also serves as a red alert to our global society…

Be wary of superpatriots… especially those who either lust after or actually wield power. Typically, such “flag wavers” and “flag huggers” have EVERYTHING BUT society’s well-being in mind.

Hmm… sound like anyone we know?

You do have my pity if vile / evil leadership is sucking the lifeblood / oxygen from your homeland.

In theory… glorious governance basks and thrives in oversight’s sunlight… its people and book smart, ethical leaders embracing all liberating knowledge and even-handed, equality-minded, forward thinking laws… a truly representative democracy where leaders and leaded… alike… secure cherished freedom, peace and prosperity for themselves / posterity.

In practice… far too frequently… grotesque governance stagnates and suffocates society in sewage and its accompanying pervasive stench. Its ignorant and ignoble, conniving, cowardly, shallow, stick-figure dictators reveling within their pathetic, shadowy, dank, little worlds while [1] hammering in odious, backward laws that shall forever enslave the oppressed, downtrodden masses, [2] fomenting class wars and racial / religious unrest and [3] provoking genocidal, bloodstained,  mushroom clouded, no-win wars / holocausts. And to what end?  Just so these autocratic anuses can snag themselves a nasty dynasty and a fleeting footnote in the annals of history?

To discover what happens next, one need only re-read the previous paragraph… uh… regrettably… endlessly.

• Must what happens next always wind up a vicious cycle?

• Why is it so much easier to destroy than create… for civilization to self-destruct than survive?