Carlson’s Carnage


The irony of free speech / free press rights is that, when the bereft of all human decency, betrayers of Democracy exercise… correction… exploit them, egregiously so, they risk exterminating the very document that guarantees these 1st Amendment protections.

Case in point…

The Fox Network’s talking head / head case, one Tucker Carlson, has become a lump of malleable clay / pliable play dough in the hands of one Vladimir Putin, the strong-arm, who has not even needed to utilize his iron fist grip to facilely fashion that Tucker into Russia’s propagandist newbie.

Indeed, as I type and you read these words, the utterances of Putin’s patsy / protégé are being exploited in an attempt to [1] firm up Russian troops’ flaccid morale and [2] demoralize Ukraine’s indefatigable freedom fighters.

The very notion of that verbal venture, exemplifies just how unconscionable, unforgivable and un-American Carlson’s screechy screeds actually are; how such stench fails to pass the protected free speech sniff test.

After all, what that hack, Tucker, is up to is akin to shouting “FIRE” in a crowded theater; where no such conflagration exists; an action that’d absolutely result in needless injuries and fatalities.

More to the point…

Traitor Tucker is now shouting, “FIRE!” within Putin’s Ukraine theater of war; pointlessly perpetrating and perpetuating carnage and property damage; and as such, he’s become complicit in Putin’s crimes against humanity.

Tucker Carlson now has, on his own hands, the indelible blood red stain of Putin’s pointless war.

Seeing how, nowadays, nowhere within this Earthly realm, do right wing extremists ever get raked over the coals (re their treachery), perhaps, someday, he’ll be invited to attend Beelzebub’s “barbecue” (no asbestos attire allowed)?




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










Dirty Laundry ~ Vid of the Day

Our Vid of the Day features the 1982, chart topper track… Dirty Laundry… Don Henley’s lyrical op-ed, which lambastes TV producers, who deliberately downgrade the news into tasteless sensationalism and insipid infotainment.

As far as I’m concerned, the steady demise of broadcast journalistic integrity has been an ongoing and growing concern, ever since anchorman Walter Cronkite… a.k.a. the most trusted man in America… retired from the CBS newsroom back on March 6, 1981. Indeed, CBS has yet to fill his shoes. To quote Cronkite’s own catchphrase, “And that’s the way it is.”

This is not to suggest that all reputable journalists have gone
extinct. However, seeing how they’re one Sharpie™ scrawled
signature away from prison, they are an endangered species.

The news about the news has only gotten worse since Uncle Walter’s departure, too. Nielsen ratings and advertisers’ dictates have more of a say-so regarding news content than News Producers. Undoubtedly, big biz unfriendly stories routinely wind up either diluted or dead. Beyond that, the GOP legislators’ budgetary axe has been sending Public Broadcasting (PBS) frantically scurrying about ISO corporate funding / grants. And that means their on-the-air, air quality has become polluted with big biz / big government crud, too.

The worst news of all is how the present DC regime has also been getting into the act. To clean up my assessment, let’s just say you need not be a geneticist or legitimate journalist to… allegorically speaking… conclude that the too-close-for-comfort relationship between the Oval Office and the FOX network’s propaganda ministers IS ideological inbreeding at its nastiest. For countless generations to come, such defective mindsets could easily breed true… to the detriment of American society… and beyond.




My 2 Cents’ Worth… 2 Pennies For Your Thoughts?

Just for the record, I don’t find Bill O’Reilly’s claims of innocence to be credible. The ugly display of extreme rightwing political punditry typically goes hand in hand with the grotesque exhibition of sexually abusive / predatory behavior.

Nonetheless, O’Reilly claims he hadn’t sexually harassed women / created a hostile work environment at his now former network, FOX. My best guess is his oinking had become so loud and habitual he had become oblivious to his own, obvious oinking noises.

O’Reilly’s sincere apology to womankind is long overdue. He must also put his big money where his big mouth is. He should contribute all $25 MILLION of his lavish FOX severance package to NOW… The National Organization for Women… as in NOW!

After that? It’d be advisable for sexist pig O’Reilly to seek the help of a shrink to help cure him of his misogyny.

That’s my two cents’ worth… two pennies for your thoughts on this O’Reilly matter?

For additional reading, check out the blog posted by NOW President Terry O’Neill.