Memo re: International Woman’s Day


On this auspicious occasion, this man professes his wholehearted respect for womankind, worldwide. Re your labors, in the societal, occupational and maternal senses, I regard you my intellectual, multitalented superiors.

I also offer up my heartfelt apology, on behalf of every testosterone poisoned knuckle-dragger, everywhere, who has ever objectified and abused you; who intends to persist in such inexcusable, contemptible conduct.

My best advice to all of these alleged men is to think with their gray matter; NOT their glands!

While I freely, fully acknowledge that no mere, obscure website blog, such as this, could ever attract a large enough readership, let alone, eradicate the male gender’s, from time immemorial, reprehensible biological and ideological aggression against women…

If even one Neanderthal, first, winds up reading these words and, next, opts to evolve, this post will have been well worth it!

Let’s all keep good thoughts that, someday, hopefully soon, International Woman’s Day will be celebrated by everyone, every day!


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Sunday Sermon (One Quick Limerick #031)


If mankind strays too much, sins sans remorse,

Our cross Creator won’t have much recourse,

He need not play active role,

He’ll let us dig our own hole,

His destroy Earth job, TO US, He’ll outsource!


Since, in this liberated male blogger’s opinion, there’s no place for sexism in any religion… and remaining mindful of the fact that Theologians do claim humans are made in God’s image… we must not ignore 50 percent of 7+ Billion people.


If our race strays too much, sins sans remorse,

Our wise Creator won’t have much recourse,

She need not play active role,

She’ll let us dig our own hole,

Her destroy Earth job, TO US, She’ll outsource!


DISCLAIMER from the Department of Second Thoughts: I don’t believe a female God would ever be a vengeful God. Indeed, She’d behave far more evolved, exhibit far much more patience and empathy… and as such… would work far, Far, FAR more diligently at preventing humankind’s violent, self-destructive end.


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July Musical BlogCast ~ Pleas For Freedom

Welcome to my July BlogCast. In a land called America (soon to celebrate its 241st birthday) there is supposed to be liberty and justice for all.

How shocking it is that such age and wisdom do not walk hand in hand. How appalling that still unresolved ethnic, religious and gender issues sow the seeds of deadly oppression and hate crimes.

Where all people are not allowed to be free there can be no true, free society.

Each of this month’s recording artists have so powerfully presented their appeals for freedom that there’s absolutely no need for any further DJ type set up.

Let’s let the music speak for itself…


Beyoncé ~ Freedom

Ardee ~ #BlackLivesMatter (Freedom)

Pharrell Williams ~ Freedom

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