Let’s Ring in 2020 with Benson’s 20/20 (Vid of the Holiday)

To play Auld Lang Syne at the zero hour / stroke of midnight? Yawn! Too predictable.

To invite George Benson to party us into the New Year. Now that’d be WAY COOL!

Granted… 20 / 20 is not, precisely, about (w)ringing out 2019 and ringing in 2020… but hey… his upbeat song can serve as an indirect, friendly reminder to make it our New Year’s Resolution to draw upon and rely on 20 / 20 foresight to see us / our world through to better days.

To all who’ve stopped by to enjoy the above clip… maybe even to read this post…

I wish you all a healthful, peaceful, thoughtful, insightful, hopeful, cheerful, joyful, successful and bountiful New Year!