John Lewis’ Good Trouble (Vid of the Day)

Our featured clip’s setup, as it appears over @YouTube…

“Founders Sing took a break from making parody videos to create an original song in honor of John Lewis. It was inspired by the powerful phrase he coined, “Good Trouble.” Now let’s all cause more Good Trouble by speaking up for justice… and VOTING!”

My kudos to Founders Sing for composing such an influential, soul searching, rallying Anthem!

R.I.P. John Lewis! While there’s much of your work, yet, to be done, your lifetime of activism and “good trouble” advocacy has afforded society a substantial starting point. The sturdy foundation you built and forward thinking you inspired will (hopefully soon) see to fruition, your vision for a unified world.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Would he be open to Kiana Ledé’s open letter?

Ms. Kiana Ledé sets up her music video…

“Through all the crying and pleading, all the protesting and donating, I wanted to do something that always makes me feel lighter — singing. I came across the song “Dear Mr. President” by P!nk and realized so many of the lyrics are STILL relevant today. This song was originally released 14 years ago. I hope this song drives people to VOTE because Trump is a symbol of racism and we are facing the impending doom of his re-election. In order for us to follow through, he needs to be replaced. All of mine and Republic Records’ proceeds from the song are being donated to the NAACP Empowerment Programs which fight against issues like police brutality, wrongful imprisonment, voter suppression, racial biased education and much more.”

She also encourages donations to Black Lives Matter and National Bailout
& urges Americans (18+) to register / check their voter registration status



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!








With each passing nanosecond, it is becoming tougher and tougher to bypass that 136kg / 300lb monument to ignorance and intolerance. On the road of life, he is the personification of a massive, badass orange pylon; the roadblock to the much needed and long overdue road to recovery from a multifaceted malaise…

• Be that disease that aforementioned corpulent Fascist’s choke-hold, which asphyxiates many a citizen’s freedom.

• Be that disease pre-American / American society’s reprehensible, four centuries long history of slavery; the systemic racism, which [1] drives the hangman’s noose wielding Klansmen to lynch people of color and [2] sparks police brutality, resulting in many a black man’s “I can’t breathe” pleas for mercy prior to his needless death.

• Be that disease COVID-19, which smothers economic stability / prosperity and chokes off oxygen from many a ventilator dependent human prior to her / his needless death.

• Be that disease the likely irreversible ecological devastation that will, eventually, render Earth’s atmosphere unbreathable; leave many a human gasping for what little breathable Oxygen may still remain.







Noah Speaks the Truth

The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah presents his even-handed, nuanced, meticulous, unscripted deconstruction of yet another incident of indefensible, undue police brutality / use of deadly force. In the process, he also documents the waning moments of Rayshard Brooks’ too damned short time on Earth.

About all I can add…

• Initially, this involved a matter of suspected public intoxication… a misdemeanor offense. Granted, Brooks did scuffle with the cops, however, he also tried to flee. Most reasonable folks would readily conclude that, at that point, he posed no threat and the cop had no good reason to shoot him dead.

• Considering how multiple decades’ worth of news cycles have been dominated by stories of police brutality / unwarranted use of deadly force… most recently of how a cop had murdered George Floyd… Brooks likely surmised he was doomed and had good reason to run.

• Although Brooks’ judgment had likely been alcohol impaired, he was still sufficiently sober to react to a lifetime of indoctrinated fear.

• The very brand of deeply ingrained fear that has been handed down from generation to generation… from father to son… both within pre-American and American society… for the past 401 years.

• The sobering truth is that there’s no shortage of white lawless lawmen, who will summarily mete out the death penalty for the slightest of infractions and, all too often, even when no law has been broken, at all.

• So there’s what we do know about the death of Rayshard Brooks. However, what most of us don’t know is how that cop had gunned him down on the day before his young daughter’s birthday party [Read More Here].

• Most reasonable folks would readily conclude that the good people who’ve been pouring out into the streets have good reason to protest.









Sheriff Taylor’s Community Building Pays Off!

No big secret, the horrifying militarization of our state and local police forces is what has been mutating municipalities into war zones, where police brutality rules and the accused… be they totally innocent bystanders, guilty of non-violent crimes or anyone in between and beyond… have been needlessly winding up six feet under.

To compare and contrast that ugly scene to its diametric opposite, let’s view a couple of scenes from The Andy Griffith Show.

Granted, real life is not a TV sitcom. But, let’s consider, anyway, the late actor, Andy Griffith, who, from October 3, 1960 to April 1, 1968, portrayed the small screen’s, small town Mayberry Sheriff, Andy Taylor (the antithesis of the stereotypical, deep south, bigoted lawman).

True, benign Andy’s bygone, no guns approach probably would not translate well into society today… seeing how bad guys’ are now armed to the teeth with militarized WMD. Nevertheless, there are still valuable insights found within the episode ending clip, below, which exemplify the good sheriff’s countrified, no shots fired approach to fighting crime, which real life police departments’ top brass could draw on… hopefully not with drawn guns.

BTW, I recently had the pleasure of viewing the MeTV network aired, entire episode. To flesh out the missing details…

Taylor and Barney Fife, his somewhat inept but always good intentioned Deputy, team up with visiting big city cops to chase down a dangerous on the lam crook. In the process, the bad guy hoodwinks, disarms and ropes up the gullible Fife. Soon after, Andy shows up, frees up his deputy and then plays out a hunch. After uncounted years of community building, he knows an elderly woman, who they’ve both befriended, lives in a nearby cabin. When she answers the door appearing uncharacteristically flustered and even fails to complain about her ailments (the way she normally does), Andy immediately suspects she’s been taken hostage. Ergo, for the “benefit” of the unseen, behind the door felon, he casually mentions how he’d been fishing earlier and had left his boat / raft tied up, nearby. Falling hook, line and sinker for the sheriff’s “helpful hint”, the bad guy makes use of the lake for what he believes to be the perfect escape route.

I’ll let YouTuber Major Evan’s comment tell what happens to the crook next…

“For those who haven’t seen the show, or this episode, Andy actually tricked him into taking that particular raft because it was full of holes and would inevitably sink. It forced the convict to swim back to shore where the police were waiting for him.”

Ergo, the trigger happy, big city cops, who’d been hellbent on mutating Mayberry into a war zone, stand down, feeling simultaneously wowed and a newfound respect for Sheriff Taylor’s small town, no shots fired tactics. Yep, everyone (with the possible exception of the arrested bad guy) winds up whistling a happy tune… this happy tune…









Why Can’t It Be Brains Over Brawn?


With ever-increasing frequency, police brutality has become the latest rage… George Floyd being the most recent fatality. Indeed, the video of his murder by a judge, jury and executioner cop, makes it damned near impossible for anyone to believe that good cops even exist anymore.

The totally justifiable, nearly palpable public outcry has poured out into the streets and is also getting infused, in real time, within our streamed, aired and blogged reportage. And all of that has translated out into our clear-cut, demographics spanning demand:


Public servants serve no one when they crack open skulls, fracture other bones, bruise and bloody human flesh… when they, far too damned frequently and ever so casually, resort to murder to quench their thirst for blood… to even further their own psychotic, ideological agendas.

Granted, no one could ever fault cops, who’ve been left no other choice but to defend themselves. Even so, it’s the brains over brawn favoring officers who always do their utmost to avoid, wherever / whenever possible, the use of deadly force.

However, there’s the flip side to that coin. Right on cue, are the incriminating videos, where we become eyewitness to cops assaulting / murdering arrestees, who have ALREADY been subdued!

Why the hell these officers could not calmly seat their prisoners in the back of their cruisers and promptly drive them off to jail, beats the hell out of us (hopefully… never literally).

How bad cops’ superiors respond to police brutality incidents typically involves their call for remedial action… a game-plan that’s tantamount to what? A game? A time out? After school detention? A slap on the wrist? A phoned in, paint by the numbers, crash course in sensitivity training? As if what? Cops can actually be taught to act civilized? Is that even possible?

Is that even wise?

And what if the lessons to be learned are not actually learned? Especially tough to ever fully overcome is that offensive, rolled eyes, smirking, scoffing, bad cop arrogance and aggression.

The time has arrived to reinvent, restaff and rebuild our state and local police departments. Due to the pandemic, at present, there are multiple millions of unemployed people. Amongst this vast untapped labor force, it should not be all that difficult to [1] secure worthy applicants, who possess within their heads, hearts and souls, the very innate intellect, sensitivity and civility required to protect humanity and [2] promptly hire them!


Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!





Just Following Orders? (1 Quick Limerick #101)


An anti-American, treasonous cur,
Conspires to conquer protestors, astir,
If Trump’s intrigues, illegit,
Green lit a homeland nuke hit?
Would top brass respond with their “No” or “Yes sir!”?








Pyrrhic Victory?


When the godforsaken fool, who misleads my homeland, was duly forewarned re COVID-19 (early on and more than once), his malignant narcissism prodded him to pit his puny as a cherry pit brain against an entire medical community’s brain trust.

Most assuredly, he did not outsmart them.

Instead, his big head had caused him to blow it big time… i.e., to needlessly sicken nearly 2,000,000 of his compatriots (and still counting) and condemn 107,000 of them to a premature death (and still counting). His abject neglect has also killed off 44,000,000 jobs (and still counting).

Being true to his dubious talent for mucking up whatever he gets his grubby little paws on, he caused the robust economy (which he inherited from Obama) to go bust. Ergo, he can no longer win reelection by falsely claiming to be God (or at the very least), God’s gift to Wall Street.

Seeing how he has now alienated / pissed off the crass materialist segment of his voter base, who can he still count on to reelect him?

Why, that’d be Donny’s best buddies… the itchy trigger fingered, militant gun nuts and imbecilic bigots. In their role as snap-to-attention, chronic, sicko suck-ups, they also act as his wind-up toy soldiers, who, on his behalf, are ever-ready to shoot off their assault rifles and hatred spewing mouths. As of late, it’s been Trump’s Tweets and on cam barked out marching orders, which have been deploying them, nationwide.

Donny’s minions’ ongoing mission is to further infuriate minorities, who, justifiably so, have been taking to the streets to [1] call attention to the ongoing for untold generations, societal scourge known as police bigotry / brutality, [2] seek justice for its latest victim, George Floyd, who was killed by the homicidal Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin, and [3] call attention to a heedless, headless, heartless, soulless, fraudulent prez who, rather than enthusiastically join their fight against all aspects of racism, sadistically exploits it for his own political gain.

And true to Trump’s know nothing / do nothing “talents”, all the lazy bum need do to win… for society to lose… is sit on his fat Fascist fanny and laugh his ass off while white supremacist, a-hole chumps do all his dirty work for him.

Alas, racist Donny has all his bid for re-election bases covered, too.

Seeing how non-masked and non-socially distancing protestors (many of them non-Caucasians), have been and will continue to be exposed to COVID-19, when they get sick and die, that means lower liberal voter turnout.

Even if the Klansman and Nazi turnout is too low, he can always fall back on the unrest, itself.

The insurrection in America, of Donald J. Trump’s own making, would certainly give him unjust cause to declare Martial Law, suspend the November Elections and remain in power until his sparked off, Hellish conflagration burns America down to the ground.








“I can’t breathe!”

At issue is NOT that cops need retraining to halt the use of excessive force. Once they sink down to that level, they’re beyond redemption and of no use to society. Our middle finger “salutes” and bye-bye waves are in order.

On to the actual issues…

• How can law enforcer wannabes, with preexisting mental issues, ever get badges pinned to their chests in the first place?

• What the hell ever happened to the rigorous vetting process?

• How is it that good officers, who go bad later on… sometimes as repeat offenders… oft do so with impunity?

• How can cops ever expect to promote civilized behavior when they, themselves, act no better than brutal, club wielding cavemen?

• Is it not long, Long, LONG OVERDUE that we outlaw racially / ethnically profiling law enforcers?

On to the (alleged?) crime specifics…

• How can any decent, thinking person not conclude that cop Derek Chauvin is guilty of murder when the video clearly shows him pressing his knee to the throat of the not resisting arrest, unarmed George Floyd?

• Could not Chauvin (along with with not 1… not 2… but 3 brawny, back-up police officers), have all easily handcuffed his suspect and lodged him… alive and well… in the backseat of their paddy wagon?

• How could he willfully, heartlessly refuse to ease up while a human being was informing him, “I can’t breathe!”

• How could that aforementioned trio of unfeeling, stick-figure cops (Thomas Lane, Tou Thao and J Alexander Kueng) allow a murder to go down before their very eyes?

On to the conclusions…

• Any display of needless, deadly force must become a one-strike-and-you’re-out (kicked off the police force) offense. Each duly accused, arrested officer should also have his day in court… a trial by jury, which reflects an honest cross-section of society’s demographics. And the convicted must do the time for their crime, within either a prison or mental institution.

• Fortunately, good cops still outnumber the bad. Our pandemic ravaged society is going to need honorable, dependable officers to simultaneously keep their heads and keep the peace in what are sure to be, the trying times ahead.

• And the last thing we need, under such grim global circumstances, are police incited riots.