All On Apple’s Watch


I just managed to WATCH an online advert; one which extols the strong points of owning the Apple WATCH Series 8; italicized, capitalized words to emphasize my main point; namely, how WATCH can be both noun and verb.

Granted, what follows tends to sound a bit paranoid / Orwellian, but, let’s hash out that noun and verb anyway; how it all brings to mind that designing Apple has designed a WATCH to WATCH each wearer; in a way too intimate manner. All in all, this sounds way too damned creepy. Consider how this device can not only track down each wearer’s locale, but also, meticulously record human biorhythms.

I mean WTF could be more intimate and intrusive than a WATCH maintaining a WATCH-ful eye that zeroes in on the menstrual cycle; you know, just to officially document each and every ovulation and (even creepier / alarming) all missed periods / suspected pregnancies.

And you gotta already know that such medical data could really come in handy, once it falls into the wrong hands; aka the current crop of misogynistic, intolerant, stalker, Trumper Republicans; entities renown for being religiously “pro-life”; i.e. ONLY from conception to birth.

Yep, the split second that ol’ umbilical cord gets cut, it’s then high time for these meddlesome bastards (mostly knuckle dragging, crotchety males) to hightail it back (on all fours?) to their man caves.

Indeed, postpartum, these control freaks don’t give a flying F about whether or not hard working mommies and daddies are able to find permanent, full time living wage, benefits included jobs; locate affordable child care facilities; establish a well-fed, good life for their children; ensure humankind winds up with endless generations of well-schooled, critical thinkers who’ll blossum into happy and healthy adulthood; become lifelong, productive citizens within their communities; wind up well-respected up till the very last breath they’ll take.

One would think that pro-lifer legislators / leaders would make it their top priority to usher in and sustain an environmentally, medically, ideologically and socioeconomically sound global community.

Yeah… right… such a realm exists ONLY prior our alarm clocks going off each same old, same old day.

Seeing how my non-invasive Casio Databank 150 WATCH (manufactured and purchased back in 1997) is now telling me it’s high time to round trip this here 3-minute read; regrettably so, we’ll now be exiting this post’s fleetingly, ethereal Nirvana and reentering our ever-present, daily grind Dystopia.

Long blog short, if/when we eventually wind up All On Apple’s Watch, expect a society that’s even more intrusive than it already is; where even non-wearers of this new device, once in close proximity of the wearers, will translate out as the needless tracking of substantial segments of our populace.

Such an existence doth seem reminiscent of some lyrical “sentiments” re an obsessed stalker…

“Every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take
I’ll be watching you.”

Gordon Sumner • Every Breath You Take • released by the Police in 1983 [Read All Lyrics Here]

Oh, btw, one last lyrical sentiment…

“Just because you’re paranoid
Don’t mean they’re not after you”

Kurt Cobain • Territorial Pissings • released by Nirvana in 1991 [Read All Lyrics Here]

Nuff said?




Be humans Vaxxed OR Unvaxxed, We
can still shed and spread the batcrap
crazy contagious coronavirus which,
in turn, spawns new variants; which,
in turn, could, eventually, render the
available vaccines worthless; which,
in turn, will drag out the pandemic’s
needless suffering, illness and death!

HENCE… this easy as pie, cover your
nose and pie-hole/hole-up heads-up:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










Watch Whacha Read Write View, Too?


Upon reading a rather lengthy, dystopian article, which exposes how intrusive law enforcers have been interacting with their individual community’s K-12 public school systems’ administrators, I became duly alarmed. You see, these entities have been [1] profiling and psychoanalyzing undisciplined students, [2] stigmatizing and classifying them as pre-criminals and [3] ordering officers to visit and snoop around their suspects’ homes (all sans probable cause and search warrants).

This deplorable practice, in a nutshell, is known as Predictive Policing and such overkill does warrant the following key questions…

• Are not seething with bigotry, itchy trigger fingered, deadly force inflicting cops busy enough, already? (<– btw, that’s blistering sarcasm).

• Is not needlessly pigeonholing kids as irreparable lawbreakers tantamount to a self-fulfilling prophesy?

• What ever happened to trusting the time-tested, parental intervention route and/or even permitting the accused youngsters to self-correct all on their own?

• Just how much farther off the rails could law enforcement’s crazy train possibly get?

And moving on to yet another, related issue…

• Once bored with hauling in / criminalizing the kiddies, where will the power junkie cops cop their next “buzz”?

Needless to say, there’s plenty of “low hanging fruit” to be plucked from society’s forest.

• What about the authors / readers of murder mysteries. Should the thought cops charge all the non-guilty parties with the non-crime of being the protagonists’ non-accomplices?

And, to explore this matter less generically…

• Avid fans of the X-Files will recall the spin-off series, The Lone Gunmen; the TV drama, which centered around the life and times of the three truth to power, off the beaten path, underground newspaper publisher-reporters; namely, John Fitzgerald Byers, Melvin Frohike and Richard Langly.

While the program run lasted only 13 weeks, its pilot did make for one helluva TV network debut on March 4, 2001. How so?

Well, this episode’s four writers (Chris Carter, Vince Gilligan, John Shiban and Frank Spotnitz) wound up with a screenplay that had dispatched a hijacked commercial jet (electronically commandeered from an on the ground secret base) and sent the aircraft on a collision course with the World Trade Center Twin Towers! Remember, that all went down six months PRIOR to 9/11!

To say the least, these visionaries had wowed us with their authentic, sit-on-the-edge-of-yer-seat plot climax. I won’t reveal further details, in the event some of you may opt to purchase the series DVD or plan to track down an online viewing. Of course, for those who wish to check out the storyline synopsis, in text format, first click onto SPOILER ALERT and next scroll down to 9/11 Synchronicity.

And so, the final Q’s become…

• Might the thought police, someday, wind up accusing Carter, Gilligan, Shiban and Spotnitz of being al Qaeda terrorists and lodge them within some Abu Ghraib type horrific, inhumane torture chamber / gulag?

• Might this debut episode’s original, 13.2 million viewers (and the countless others who’ve subsequently viewed it), someday, even wind up branded and jailed as terrorist sympathizers?

• What can we expect next?

• Perhaps we should ask our Big Brother?



Read related article HERE



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








Where Does Clyde “Enjoy the Go”?


Trumper Republican Andrew Clyde, of late, has been doing double duty as both charlatan U.S. Congressman and authentic (Orwellian magnitude) American History revisionist. He recently weighed in… correction… pooh-poohed Donald J. Trump’s January 6, 2021 attempted coup d’état, thusly:

“There was an undisciplined mob, [but] to call it an insurrection in my opinion is a bold-faced lie. Watching the TV footage of those who entered the Capitol and walked through Statuary Hall, showed people in an orderly fashion in between the stanchions and ropes taking pictures. If you didn’t know the footage was from January 6, you would actually think it was a normal tourist visit.”

To borrow bold-faced liar (and poo-poo / doody head) Clyde’s own words…

Since when does “an undisciplined mob” constitute “a normal tourist visit”, hmm?

To briefly rehash reality…

Most sensible, peaceable, pro-democracy people, worldwide, perceive January 6th far more accurately than Clyde does. We had been eyewitness to the (then) President of the United States of America ordering his attack against the United States of America; emboldening his MAGA mad hatters to storm the U.S. Capitol; to do whatever it’d take to deep-six democracy / prevent legislators from performing their Constitutional (12th Amendment) stipulated duty to certify Joe Biden’s / Kamala Harris’ Electoral College victory.

Of course, Trump’s malignant narcissism did make it impossible for him to accept ballot box defeat; so much so, that he flat-out lied about widespread voter fraud; so much so, that he believed his own lie; so much so, that his devotees eagerly ate up whatever poop he fed them; so much so that, in defense of their indefensible prez and his fraudulent cause, they murdered and maimed; pillaged and looted; despoiled and soiled; so much so, that they even took dumps in the hallways; trampled and tracked their own feces throughout the premises.”

Soooooo… if Congressman Clyde actually believes that “a normal tourist visit” is inclusive of defecation and fecal smearing, what might his own personal life be like?

  • Is this U.S. House Rep. housebroken?
  • Would an outhouse outclass his digs?
  • What type of art hangs off his walls?
  • Does he gross out his house guests?
  • Just where does Clyde “enjoy the go”?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Memorial Day Meditations

Ever since the United States of America set forth on its march towards independence… some two and one half centuries ago… our servicemen and servicewomen have been selflessly and courageously fighting and dying while protecting and defending the downtrodden masses… securing the path to liberty and prosperity for both their freedom loving compatriots and other like-minded peoples spanning our globe.

While, by my very nature, I do favor pacifism, I know fully well that such an ideal must be tempered by pragmatism. As such, I know these truths to be self-evident…

[1] peace does not always come easily
[2] freedom is not always free of charge… and as such… and regrettably…
[3] soldier patriots oft wind up paying freedom’s hefty price tag with their very blood

It is with all such sentiments in mind that I now stand upon my native soil on this Memorial Day, to express my undying gratitude… to direct my civilian salute heavenward to these exemplary servicewomen and servicemen.

Oh, if only I could end this blog right here and now… but…

It is with all such sentiments in mind that I now must also issue warnings about a looming threat to freedom / peace… namely… the resurgence of grotesque white supremacy.

I would never want to see past battlefield victories to have been for naught… specifically those wars where our troops defeated America’s Confederacy and Germany’s Third Reich… respectively… emancipating the slaves and liberating the Jews.

There is an urgent need to uproot / eradicate the choking, poisonous vines of racism. Bad actors… to name but a few… Bashar al-Assad, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin and Donald J. Trump are all working overtime… independently and/or in collusion… to do their damnedest to suffocate life, liberty… joie de vivre itself… again.

Indeed, oppression can only thrive wherever and whenever a leader (such as DJT) is ignorant and/or ignoble… e.g., each and every time he…

[1] flips off Constitutionally stipulated congressional / judicial oversight / stacks the judicial deck
[2] stifles free speech / brands journalism fake news and journalists “enemies of the people”
[3] insulates himself with Orwellian sycophants who vomit forth putrid, “alternate facts”
[4] alienates / pisses off longstanding, honorable allies until they all despise him / the U.S.
[5] tears up mutually beneficial international treaties so no one will ever come to our aid again
[6] meets secretly with / sucks up to sworn enemies who deem him a patsy, not a pal
[7] welcomes / encourages foreign meddling into our free elections
[8] deems Nazis and Klansmen “fine people”
[9] erects walls, tears down bridges and wrests infants / children from their asylum seeking parents’ embraces
[10] makes war criminals his war heroes
[11] bosses around We The People who, in reality, are his bosses
[12] demands acceptance of his wretchedly unacceptable, patently offensive, avarice driven agenda
[13] conflates patriotism with blind loyalty, as in, exclusively to him

While I will always honor soldiers who’ve fought and died to secure a better life for us, would not each future Memorial Day service be even more meaningful were we to elect a new, honorable, mentally stable Commander-In-Chief who would ensure their long ago, hard-fought battle victories had not been in vain?




My apologies for this late posting. Internet magic cannot happen when connection problems block the path to the www.

A Poetic Acrostic (One Quick Limerick #028)


Observe Der Führer bleat / let his Tweets fly,

Frothed with news-speak, bald-faced lies, fierce outcry,

Un-invites / ousts lib press crews,

Calls their whole truths the “fake news”,

Key free speech / press rights he’ll condemn / defy!


You can access more original limericks, poetry and lyrical parodies by clicking onto my poetry category.



The Past 5 Days Have Already Felt Like 8 Years


Back in the Sixties, Bob Dylan wrote the song Subterranean Homesick Blues where he lyrically and politically opined…

“You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.”

Well folks, more recently, the devastating winds of change have certainly been blowing out from DC’s far right field. Worse yet it’s been with a fury that would max out at #12 on the Beaufort Wind Force Scale.

The particulars? You’ll be sorry you asked…

At a press conference, we’ve witnessed the irate #45 practically telling a journalist to shut the F up… that same gathering staffed with claqueurs and tricked out with a tabletop loaded with stacks of (probably fake) stuffed, folders.

His congressional cronies have been rubberstamping his wildly unqualified and/or unethical cabinet appointees.

He’s been incessantly whining and Tweeting to (erroneously) claim his Inaugural crowd was the biggest ever and that (nonexistent) voter fraud prevented him from winning the popular vote last November.

An interview with one of his toadies was akin to a tossed word salad, loaded with Orwellian doublespeak / meaningless verbiage (e.g. “alternative facts”).

He’s now gagged and muzzled EPA workers… prevented them from talking about the perils of climate change.

Last but not least, #45’s campaign promises coming true are dismantling All Things Obama, which IN THE END, will bulldoze and bury our civil liberties, civil society, fragile ecology and smartly regulated economy.

Well folks, just like humidity makes summertime intolerable to humans and makes each and every sweltering day seem to drag on and on and on… this political oppression is having a similar temporal effect.

Even though #45 has barely been in power for 5 days… it already seems like it’s been an unbearable 8 LONG YEARS!

Hmmm… it’s a damned shame that Constitutional term limitations cannot kick in along about now!