Handing Out H2O is a Misdemeanor


It’s bad enough to become an eyewitness to the despotic tactics of one Donald J. Trump; that fascistic, narcissistic, moronic, lunatic psychotic who, in a pathetic attempt to save face, tweeted and bleated flat out lies; i.e., made lame excuses to downplay his undeniable ballot box loss to Joe Biden.

Nope, there was no way in hell that he’d ever admit the truth, namely, that We the People, the voters of sound mind and body, absolutely would NEVER reward him for his monumental incompetence. To literally flesh out just one aspect of his ineptitude, it had been his do nothing approach to pandemic mitigation, which has, to date, resulted in nearly 539,000 needless stateside deaths; and still counting.

Even worse, post 2020 Election Day, just to further his lies, both he and his revolving door, gaggle of goons (alleged attorneys, all) had become guilty of perpetrating the very fraud they were attempting to prove; could never prove, simply because it had always been non-existent.

Indeed, no matter how hard they had attempted to turn the (figurative?) thumbscrews, no state level Secretaries of State / election officials; not even Trump’s very own, supposedly owned and operated crony adjudicators (all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court) would ever stoop so low as to collude with that absolute loser.

Worst of all, that tyrant still flat out refused to concede; going so far as to foment insurrection; deploy his private army of domestic terrorists to the U.S. Capitol; bark out his orders to go on a deadly and destructive rampage.

And so, here we find ourselves a mere four months later, post war zone Washington DC now a gated community; being routinely patrolled and protected by the National Guard. Present and now ex elected officials, inclusive of Trump’s own Vice President Mike Pence, all living in fear of further violence; perhaps facing down their own vigilante meted out death sentences?

As to be expected, none of this has actually, fully, blown over yet.

In order to respond… no strike that… in order to overreact to non-existent voter fraud, we now eyewitness rabid conservative, state level legislators, nationwide, authoring draconian voter suppression strategies for the express purpose of making it totally impossible for liberal and progressive candidates to ever, again, win an election.

Hell, they might as well just cut to the chase; ram thru one party rule; namely, declare it absolutely illegal to be anything other than a fascistic, narcissistic, moronic, lunatic, psychotic Republican.

Am I overreacting? I think not. Not when down in the state of Georgia, we become eyewitness to how voting is destined to become even more difficult, if not totally out of the question; particularly within communities of color.

The devil is in the details.

“Georgia House Bill 531, which passed in the Georgia General Assembly on Monday, would add a voter ID requirement for absentee ballots, limit the number and locations of early voting drop-off boxes, and reduce early voting days during the weekends prior to an election — including allowing just one Sunday to vote early. If passed into law, individuals could be charged with misdemeanor crime if they hand out food or drinks to voters standing in line on election days.” [read more here]

Truthout Journalist Chris Walker • March 4, 2021

I’ll now end with my own commentary, just as I did several blogs ago.

“Upon factoring in all the above societal and political concerns, I’m not sure I even want to slog thru any of this shit anymore.”

Long sigh. Methinks my blogging days will soon be over. Hence, I’ll simply cut to the chase. If any of my readers now wish to un-follow / visitors opt to vamoose, I’ll understand. I, too, feel like running and never looking back; as fast and as far away as is humanly possible; were there any actual haven to run to. Hmm, might heaven await?


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Refuting a Flawed Trumpian Talking Point


Trump’s floundering attorneys at (f)law, in collusion with the ginormous gaggle of grasping at straws, tin foil hat donning Republican conspiracy theorists, oft attempt to foist off their shared, flaccid fairy tale that Democrats, by dusting off the legitimate Impeachment process, are attempting to tear up the 62,979,636 ballots cast for their boy Donny.

What these right wing, wingnuts fail to acknowledge is how [1] the Framers of America’s Constitution had conceived of this very impeachment process, just in case voters, someday, inadvertently, wind up empowering a hostile to America candidate AND [2] that that someday HAS arrived!

To tear up that Trumpian false narrative…

• Had the voters been able to correctly detect Donny’s dictatorial demeanor and corrupt MO, just how many of them would’ve still cast ballots for him?

• Chances are that Hillary Clinton’s already impressive popular vote tally… 65,844,610… would’ve even more substantially trumped Trump’s… and she’d have emerged America’s 45th POTUS.

• Republicans’ “come to the defense of the voter” stance, at its best, is hypocrisy… at its worst it’s a brazen bald-faced lie. True, they may not tear up ballots, but it’s their Fascist voter suppression tactics that prevent those ballots from ever getting cast in the first place.










Еще четыре года? (Translation: Four More Years?)


DISCLAIMER: Google’s online English to Russian translator is responsible for my above headline… I hope it’s correct.

Historically speaking, the GOP’s evil elite has long resorted to the gerrymandering of legislative district boundary lines to make it difficult, if not impossible, for Democrats to win elections. These Republicans also resort to vile, voter suppression tactics to disenfranchise minorities who typically vote for Democrats.

That “1-2 punch” means far too many Americans no longer have any say in who will represent their best interests… while ironically… Russia’s cyberattacker, Vladimir Putin, gets to freely choose who will represent his best interests (e.g. #45).

Elections devoid of ethics and ethnic diversity are what conspired to establish last November’s one party rule… i.e., the GOP domination of the executive, legislative and judicial branches. Republican legislators, now drunk with absolute power (which corrupts absolutely), have marginalized and muzzled their Democratic counterparts to the point where the latter party might as well not even show up for work anymore.

Liberal lawmakers can expect whatever valuable input they have to offer to get summarily rejected by conservatives who’ll flat-out refuse to even take sixty seconds to hear them out. If things were any more petty than they already are… well… here’s a for instance…

If a Democrat were to ever exclaim, “Wow! What a beautiful sunshiny day it is!”… even when there’d be irrefutable visual evidence that the sun was indeed out… a Republican would still snarl, “Oh shut the F up! It’s raining outside because I say it’s so!” And he’d next likely further punctuate that by sticking out his tongue, thumbing his nose and/or whipping, upward, one or both middle digits.

Hmm… hardly seems fair when we consider how liberals comprise roughly half of the electorate. In other words… no one is representing us… addressing even the tiniest of our concerns, anymore.

Since Inauguration Day, #45 and his team of coconspirators, in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution / Bill of Rights’ 1st Amendment have been skulking off in the shadows and working overtime to intimidate and muzzle liberal investigative journalists, bloggers and protestors who, after all, are “just” doing their patriotic duty.

“The Admin” has also been plotting to expand the radius of the rightwing propagandists… namely, via repeal of the Johnson Amendment to the U.S. Tax Code which prohibits all 501(c)3 non-profit organizations (e.g. churches) from endorsing or opposing political candidates. If successful, “preachers” (without losing tax exempt status for their respective churches) could legally use their pulpits as bully pulpits.

The net effect… rather than theologians lecturing on spiritually uplifting topics such as peace, love and tolerance… a.k.a. brotherhood… their Big Brother dictated “sermons”, would become the echo chambers for the FOX “News” / noise machine. Parishioners would be forced to earwitness preachers pontificators delivering seething, scathing tirades that’ll unjustly slam the more cogent, fair-minded Democratic agenda, while, simultaneously, promoting rightwing greed, environmental terrorism, racism, misogyny and intolerance towards non-Christians and the LGBTQ community. No doubt these religious charlatans will also be donating a hefty percentage of each Sunday’s collection plate… not to help the hungry and homeless… but to reward the already wallowing in wealth, Godless, GD GOP!

Oh, btw… a heads up for Americans… (in violation of the 1st Amendment) expect church attendance to become mandatory… after all… Big Brother would never permit anyone to escape hearing his “alternative facts” and other such crap.

Perhaps the most disheartening and horrifying aspect of America’s downfall is the total disconnect we’ve been hearing whenever some broadcaster shoves a microphone in front of the mouth of any of #45’s diehard supporters. Just the way they invariably gush forth their absolutely indefensible, unshakable and amoral adulation for him, it’s obvious how they’ve become oblivious to all the (perhaps) irreparable damage their “king” is doing on their behalf.

Seeing how nearly half of our electorate is aboard #45’s crazy train… and with all due respect to true Americans who’ve been protesting with words and deeds… in their attempts to derail it… it would appear that #45’s overthrow of America has far deeper, freedom choking ramifications than many liberals have even begun to suspect.

Within our near future, that is, if #45 doesn’t first Tweet the U.S. into a nuclear war, ONE of these THREE outcomes to occur…

  1. He will so thoroughly muck up domestic and international affairs that he’ll tuck tail and run like hell for the nearest exit signs… after which the GOP will gladly dump the whole disgusting mess unto a Democrat’s Oval Office desk (a situation akin to how President Barack Obama wielded a pooper scoop to clean up after W’s herd of stampeding elephants).
  2. He will run for reelection in 2020, at which time we can expect the cheering, “Four More Years” Putin to “vote” AGAIN! At that point, if truly patriotic American liberal dissenters have not all been rounded up and imprisoned in his concentration camps, a second American Revolutionary War may be the only way to restore the vision of America’s Founding Fathers.
  3. My predictions will prove to be dead wrong. America’s Founding Fathers will have written sufficient protections into the U.S. Constitution so, in spite of the current crop of political sots, We The People will be able to sober them up, survive and “secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.”

Article 5 Could Deep 6 U.S. Constitution (99 Word Blog #070)

The rightwing-dominated media has brainwashed whatever voters have yet to succumb to apathy. These “voters” then foolishly elect Republicans, who (to ensure the GOP’s power proliferates and metastasizes) continue gerrymandering (redrawing) state legislative district boundaries… making it damn near impossible to elect Democrats and Indies.

2016’s elections have ratcheted up their subversive plot… netted Republicans a Federal chokehold (Executive – Legislative – Judicial branches) and granted them ownership of 32 state legislatures and 34 governors’ mansions.

A couple of election cycles from now, the GOP could reach Article V’s threshold of 38 states required to amend kill the U.S. Constitution.