“Mr. Watson, Come Here!”


Two days ago, something in my life seemed amiss; i.e., how tranquil sheltering at home had become. It hadn’t taken long for me to pinpoint what was afoot, here, namely, the absence of daily, insufferable, nuisance calls; i.e. the robo deadpanned and live emoted telemarketing spiels, scams and threats.

I knew fully well that such callers hadn’t had some sorta overnight epiphany; i.e., come to the sudden realization that career-wise, the honorable high road doth beckon. Ergo, upon picking up my phone’s handset, I wasn’t shocked to discover the absence of dial tone. And, outage-wise, I’d been down that road countless times before.

A bit of background 411: My small corner of America can be best described as a tech dead zone, where phone lines and equipment are so archaic; have become so (literally) tumbledown, that both Alexander Ghaham Bell (b. March 3, 1847 / d. August 2, 1922) and his assistant, Mr. Watson may’ve been moonlighting as linemen during its original installation within my community (hence my headlined quotation).

Worse. yet, the telecommunications behemoth that I’m dealing with, hath a CEO / small “g” god, who obviously believes the word “upgrade” only applies to his personal paygrade, NOT to the actual infrastructure.

Consequently, his lackadaisical, tech refurbishment plan gets implemented one disconnected, disgruntled customer at a time.

More to the point: My combined land line / Internet service has been… well, let’s just say that service THIS IS NOT!

Anyway, within five minutes of powering up my cell, I found myself talking to a repair department god, a fellow named Jesus, no less (the son of god / CEO?). Upon his ascertaining my complaint legit, he issued a repair ticket and scheduled a lineperson for the very next day.

The only good thing about this entire mess was how remote troubleshooting capabilies had clearly established my outage to be the handiwork of an outdoor gremlin; ergo, it’d not be necessary for me to hang out at home (even tho I did).

Matt, the repair guy, showed up around half past ten, yesterday. Obviously, neither of us were taking any chances (Covid-19-wise). We were both masked up and, whenever we needed to discuss matters, my closed, virtually airtight, windowpaned outer door further isolated us at all times.

Long story ALMOST OVER, within the hour, he had successfully restored my service.

And I do say ALMOST OVER because the very first nuisance call I received, in the early p.m.… cue the drum roll / rimshot please… was on behalf of the Republican Party. The caller asked for me by name and after the perfunctory “pleasantries”, things took a decided swerve to the far, Far, FAR HARDCORE RIGHT. Yep, that sycophantic propagandist / history revisionist began effusively rehashing Donald J. Trump’s tenure as prez and then asked if I concurred?

Agreed to what? Her psychotic fantasies? Her delusions?

Not about to ever mince my words. I spot-on called out Donny using terminology such as insurrectionist and un-American. Now here are the real kickers.

Even after fully acknowledging both of my duly derogatory characterizations; her actually saying, “I understand”, she still had the gall to hit me up for a substantial financial contribution to the Republican Party; mind you, to the Republican Party absolutely owned and operated by fascistic Trump!

All of which begs the following questions:

In her book, is being an insurrectionist and un-American an asset? Something to be proud about? Had she misconstrued my words as being complimentary?

BTW, quite emphatically and repetitively, I had talked over her pre-programmed begging routine to inform her that I’d not be donating even one penny.

My gawd, these Republican freaks are billionaires, who could amply fund their party, by easily extracting the oodles of “lost” loot from between their collective sofa’s cushions. Yet, they’ve got the audacity to hold out their tin cup to this barely existing on a fixed income man?

Have they no shame?

It was while demanding that she add my phone number to the GOP’s Do Not Call List, that she hung up on me. So, it’s tough to say whether or not there’ll be any more nuisance calls from these insurrectionists and un-Americans at some point down the road.

Methinks I’d have been far better off, yesterday, had lineman Matt been a no-show.




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










Article 5 Could Deep 6 U.S. Constitution (99 Word Blog #070)

The rightwing-dominated media has brainwashed whatever voters have yet to succumb to apathy. These “voters” then foolishly elect Republicans, who (to ensure the GOP’s power proliferates and metastasizes) continue gerrymandering (redrawing) state legislative district boundaries… making it damn near impossible to elect Democrats and Indies.

2016’s elections have ratcheted up their subversive plot… netted Republicans a Federal chokehold (Executive – Legislative – Judicial branches) and granted them ownership of 32 state legislatures and 34 governors’ mansions.

A couple of election cycles from now, the GOP could reach Article V’s threshold of 38 states required to amend kill the U.S. Constitution.

99 Word Blog (#053) Pence’s GOP: NOT Really Prolife


During the VP debate, Mike Pence quoted Mother Teresa…

“Society will be judged by how it defends its most vulnerable – the aged, the infirm, the disabled, and the unborn.”

Let’s see if Trump and Pence’s GOP defends society’s most vulnerable.

Republicans plot to end Social Security, Obamacare and Welfare. They don’t even support affordable higher education and collective bargaining, which would ensure a living wage to help extricate folks from poverty. Trump even ridiculed a disabled reporter.

Pence did say we must “welcome children into the world.”

But once they’re born, his GOP no longer cares if they survive.

99 Word Blog (#027) Un-Presidential Limericks


Madman Trump’s rants and raves will not stop,

He’s full of flip-flop, Flip-Flop, more FLIP-FLOP,

Offensive flips he doth say,

Oft are flops the same day,

His point of view’s based upon the backdrop.


Well-heeled Trump ain’t worth one damned plug nickel,

Far right views are wrong and he is fickle,

Folks who aid and abet,

Will feel buyer’s regret,

If Trump wins, we’ll lose, be in a pickle.


Trump preaches views unorthodox,

From his pulpit he socks, shocks his flocks,

Is he too hard? Too soft?

Too hot? Too cold oft?

His freaky fans must feel like Goldilocks.



99 Word Blog (#026) Poetic Justice Rules?

What if the 2016 elections involve a crisis reminiscent of Gore vs. Bush? Let’s say lower courts permit Hillary Clinton’s ballot recount and Donald Trump appeals upward to the U.S. Supreme Court.

Due to Antonin Scalia’s death, the remaining eight ideologically deadlocked judges would be unable to decide… meaning Clinton’s lower court victory would stand.

If her recount then made her POTUS, the Republicans, who’ve blocked President Obama’s attempt to appoint Scalia’s successor, would have only themselves to blame!

A clear-cut case decided by Poetic Justice!

Would Obama’s appointee have ruled pro-Hillary, anyway? Well, that’s something we’ll never, ever know.


99 Word Blog (#023) Donny Manhandles Rudy

The above video vignette, where Donald Trump gets “fresh” with the in drag Rudy Giuliani, aired last night on Stephen Colbert’s CBS Late Show.

If this represents T&G’s true sexual identities, then they’re hypocrites for passing themselves off as straights to their fellow, straight-laced Republicans.

IF straight, their playacting ridicules gays and transvestites. Trump’s forced, unwanted sexual advances… to say the least… demostrate what an oinker he is. More worrisome… he’s emboldening rapists.

If one laughs ONLY at the hypocrisy aspect, I suppose that’s OK. If one laughs for any other reason… what does that say about our society?

The Founding Fathers Had Foreseen ‘16

America’s Founding Fathers (FFs) wrote the concepts of representative government and majority rules into the Constitution. Most of these guys had presumed that this majority would consist of predominantly decent, levelheaded voters, who could be entrusted with electing respectable, sane leaders.

However… there had been a few skeptics amongst them, who could foresee the worrisome possibility of a dumbed down, gullible electorate being totally inept at choosing their presidents wisely.

To allay the naysayers’ fears, the FFs established the  Electoral College, which permitted state legislators the option of choosing electors who, ultimately, could even render the final presidential popular vote tally null and void.

That would act as a buffer / guard against both political buffoons and wicked bastards, alike… indeed thwart the plot of some “charismatic” tyrant, who might, someday, manipulate public opinion to rise to power… and then usurp even more of it later. Of course, with words like “usurp”, that usually means absolute power, which… as most of us already know… corrupts absolutely.

Well, folks, it would appear that the framers of the U.S. Constitution were prescient re this presidential matter… all the way up to America’s present-day election cycle.

Indeed… that “someday” has arrived. We’re seeing some misguided Americans, who are using their brains too sparingly / too conservatively. In that state of mindlessness, they’ve become politically intoxicated / enamored by a manipulative, narcissistic tyrant, who’s lusting for the Oval Office.

By now, I’m certain there’s little doubt whom I’m talking about… but let’s let the Huffington Post tell who he is, anyway… describe what that manipulative, narcissistic tyrant stands for.

Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims…1.6 billion members of an entire religion… from entering the U.S.

Folks, our differences are exactly what Donald Trump exploits solely for political gain. He vilifies anyone who is not waspy enough for him. He first strips the basic accoutrements of humaneness from the souls of his gullible, sycophantic, ignorant disciples. Next he executes a fashion makeover… re-outfitting these automatons in the white sheeted, white hooded “dress for regress” outfits of discrimination and hatred.

All of this severely clashes with everything, which decent, tolerance minded people still believe in, namely…

We celebrate our differences. We fully accept that human civilization consists of two major genders and a multitude of sexual identities in between… totally welcome all regardless of the level of skin melanin content… warmly embrace the wealth of spiritual, cultural and linguistic diversity.

We understand that the only legitimate way to evaluate a human being is whether that person is good or bad.

We, of sound mind, can only hope that the GOP can and will come to its senses to dump Trump at their upcoming, July 18th National Convention and, instead, select an as yet to be named candidate… ideally, someone who’s the reincarnation of Abraham Lincoln (if such a woman or man even exists amidst their rank ranks).

If not… the Electoral College could wind up being our one last chance in preventing a Trump presidency. And if they don’t dump Trump, either… well… I don’t think America could ever survive even one minute… let alone four years… of this manipulative, narcissistic tyrant.

And how odd, indeed, it does feel knowing I must now alert my more sensitive readers to the following video’s graphic language… all the profanity being publicly uttered by a national level politician, no less.

Nevertheless, I now present to you an extremely un-presidential presidential wannabe… a buffoonish, boorish, bigoted bastard…



We’re Already Being Denied Our Voice

If there is such a thing as justice, the late SCOTUS judge Antonin Scalia is burning up in HELL… an apt punishment for his participating in the (figurative)  gang rape / murder of Lady Liberty.

You see… Scalia deserves that fire and brimstone fate for he had been among the 5-4 archconservative majority of black robed bastards who, in the matter of Bush v. Gore, had corruptly handed over the Oval Office keys to George W. Bush on 12-12-2000… thereby disenfranchising the Florida voters and screwing over Al Gore. As a result, a firestorm of wretched events unfolded.

A quoted passage from my 03-03-2016 blog will rundown the particulars… list all the crap that went down during W’s admin. We the People wound up with an…

“…Orwellian NSA and MSM, banana republic elections, corporate citizenship, too big to fail coddled big biz failures, an upward redistribution of wealth, a “no child left behind” spiritless “teach to the test”, backward public school system, misogyny, theocracy, homophobia, xenophobia, environmental rape, foreign oil dependence, clucking / crowing chickenhawks, warmongering / war profiteering, needless, endless no-win wars, terrorist attacks, zero gun controls and warzone municipalities where even elementary school kids get shot to death.”

You see… Scalia ALSO deserves that fire and brimstone fate because he had, once again, been among the 5-4 archconservative majority of black robed bastards who, in the matter of Citizens United v. Federal Elections Commission, had granted citizenship to soulless corporate entities on 01-21-2010… thereby opening the floodgates of corrupt money to bribe the candidates we see (by and large) listed on the GOP side of our ballots… thereby killing off free elections in America.

To summarize all the above… these are but two of the decisions where Scalia had “burned down” the America, which our Founding Fathers had intended for posterity… DOWN TO THE GROUND! That leaves me feeling P.O.’d… BIG TIME… and I’d certainly hope you are feeling that way, too.

These two Supreme Court decisions have far deeper ramifications, too. They’ve served to embolden present-day Righties who are now adamantly refusing to permit President Barack Obama to fulfill his Constitutional duty… to select none other than the late Antonin Scalia’s successor.

Our sitting President, in choosing Merrick Garland, a 63 year old political moderate, has demonstrated a level of compromise which one would think would appease Senate Republicans. Of course there can be no appeasement when dealing with tyrants, not even the facts that Garland is far past midlife and won’t likely see eye to eye with true blue liberals.

Call archconservative obstinacy and obstructionism a political conflagration or call it a political firestorm… but… we must… by name… call out the key, flagrantly partisan, posturing culprits. That’d be Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell R-KY and Sen. Chuck Grassley R-IA.

Those swaggering senators are giddy with their absolute power / gridlock over the Obama White House… indeed, the chokehold they exert over our entire nation. I’ll let both McConnell and Grassley dig their own political graves with their own words.

Be sure to hold your nose while McConnell takes this… his verbal bowel movement:

“The American people should have a voice in the selection of their next Supreme Court Justice. Therefore, this vacancy should not be filled until we have a new president.”

In the stall adjacent to McConnell’s, here’s what Grassley left in the bowl:

“A lifetime appointment that could dramatically impact individual freedoms and change the direction of the court for at least a generation is too important to get bogged down in politics. The American people shouldn’t be denied a voice.”

Here’s how 2016’s Democratic presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton responded… and believe me… she flushed that entire disgusting load of Republican verbal dung down into the figurative sewer… right where it belongs.

“We chose a president. We chose him twice. And now Republicans in the Senate are acting like our votes didn’t count and that President Obama is not, still, our nation’s leader.”

“He (Grassley) says we should wait for a new president because, and I quote, ‘The American people shouldn’t be denied a voice.’ Well, as one of the more than 65 million Americans who voted to re-elect President Obama, I’d say my voice is being ignored right now.”

Folks, in parting let me just state the obvious. Had Mitt Romney defeated Obama in 2012, by now, McConnell, Grassley and all the rest of their GOP senatorial brethren would’ve confirmed whatever monster the Mittster had handpicked to be Scalia’s black robed, bastard successor… and to borrow, modify and build upon a few of Grassley’s own words… that lifetime appointment would’ve negatively impacted individual freedoms and changed the direction of the court for at least a generation.

One final thing before I let you go…

Republicans are playing a dangerous game by flipping off the 65 million Americans who re-elected President Obama … that’s 65 Million with a capital M! Citizens may not vent their outrage this year… maybe not even in the lifetime of all who are alive today… but someday, when folks finally realize that they cannot effect change in an orderly manner… that’s when they’ll act in disorderly ways… and if necessary… that’ll rise up to and, perhaps, even be inclusive of a Second American Revolution.

True, our visionary Founding Fathers had thought they had covered all the bases necessary to permit a smooth transition of leadership within our representative form of government… but… then again… how could they have ever foreseen the likes of a Mitch McConnell and a Chuck Grassley?

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VIDEO ADDENDUM… while the lyrics don’t enhance my message re Scalia… the imagery/instrumentation sure as Hell does. Enjoy:

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