5 Year Anniversary Achievement
My WordPress 5 Year Anniversary

Five years ago, the WordPress welcome mat beckoned; invited this fleeing MySpace and Xanga, homeless blogger to migrate into this global community, afforded me the unique opportunity to, free of charge, present my commentary re life and politics (far too often vice versa) and the rest is history.

More importantly, I’ve also had the good fortune to meet many of you, my well-versed, multi-talented neighbors. Right from the outset, our virtual encounters have frequently enriched my life; even more so, now that the pandemic and accompanying socioeconomic instability and governmental upheaval have so radically redefined our lives.

Just knowing that, together, we’ll persevere, helps to alleviate my ofttimes overwhelming feelings of loneliness and despair.

On this auspicious occasion I’d like to thank WordPress and all of you, both the kindhearted residents and visitors, who’ve found / continue to find my content worthy of your precious time and attention!

Most assuredly, without you, my blogs would be little more than word documents gathering virtual dust!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





My Heartfelt Thanks and Gratitude


I’d like to warmly welcome and sincerely thank the 60+ new WordPress bloggers / readers, who’ve deemed my content worthy of following, since the dawn of 2020. My apologies for not acknowledging you, individually… in a more timely manner.

However… there are ongoing, extenuating circumstances.

Were my ISP any more behind the times, they’d still be offering up dial-up… maybe even rotary dial telephones (actually my cellar’s phone is still such a model). They must’ve totally forgotten what their acronym’s middle letter stands for, too.

In all likelihood, their greedy CEO has pocketed more than his fair share of the profits, leaving little green to upgrade the infrastructure. Consequently, this blogger gets bogged down, daily, by tech woes, which no techies can solve (and I have sought out their help).

All of which negatively impacts my WordPress experience… thusly…

• Losing connection multiple times whenever I try to publish. This very afternoon I was offline for six freakin’ hours! My M.O. to work around this frustrating situation involves composing within word documents and then… during fleeting moments of connectivity… before my router’s red light flashes back on… frantically copying and pasting the content to this platform.

• When visiting your sites, I oft experience slow / incomplete loading (even minus the “Like” buttons) and posting comments / compliments proves iffy.

I have considered seeking ISP competitors… however… against the backdrop of the sickening, raging pandemic, justifiable civil unrest and reprehensible, impending Fascist overthrow of America… I find myself asking…

Of what Earthly use would a reliable Internet connection be, were that oval office autocrat to flip the Internet “kill switch” and/or march even more of his goosestepping goon squads down Main Street U.S.A. and/or allow his BFF, Corona-V, to bury whatever remains of humanity?

But, let’s end this post on a more positive note…

My gratitude to all 400+ of you, who follow / deem my content worthy of your precious time.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Thank You!


My gratitude to you, the WordPress Crew, for providing this blogger both the platform and opportunity to express myself for the past 4+ years; for your meticulous record-keeping re the analytics and your dispatching such data, virtually, at the speed of light.

I’d especially like to thank you, the good people, the 401 followers and the countless visitors of this site, who deem my written and audiovisual content worthy of your precious time. Were it not for you, my posts would be little more than online word documents, and as such, I probably would not have posted more than once per month, if even that.

Beyond that, I’m appreciative, too, for our virtual togetherness during this global pandemic, which not only helps mitigate the spread of that godforsaken pathogen but also helps mitigate our feelings of isolation.

Stay Safe! Stay Home! Stay Healthy!








Fortune Cookie Blog (deck the hauls?)


So, what was your holiday haul like? Did any gift giver disappoint you?
Unless there’s a defect or size issue, graciously thank them and keep it.
If you still don’t want it, be charitable; donate it to someone who does.
The lousy alternative would be to insult the gift giver; or far worse yet,
pester them for a receipt; so you can greedily pocket the cash refund.






Fortune Cookie Blog (hospitality/thanks)


I’d like to take a moment to extend my warmest welcome to all of my invited
guests; to express my from the heart gratitude to you, the fabulous readers,
who’ve been “munching on” and liking the homemade, fresh fortune cookie
blogs I have been preparing and serving up on our virtual dining room table!






My From the Heart Thanks


I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks and welcome aboard to 22 of my WordPress neighbors who, over the course of this summertime (wintertime if you dwell south of the equator), have started following my blog.

I’d also like to wholeheartedly thank, once more, my neighbors, who’ve been paying me virtual visits throughout all the years I’ve been dwelling within this wonderful WordPress community.

My further gratitude to all who’ve been deeming my content likeable and, at times, even comment worthy.

While I’d find it preferable to express such sentiments by connecting to you in an individual manner…

I must also deal with realities, which make it medically unwise for me… actually for any of us… to remain sedentary for prolonged online visits.

And visits can run far longer than expected, too, because I am oft battling daily connection problems… perpetrated by an ISP that feels little commitment to living up to the “P” part of that acronym. Funny how there’s no connection problem when they “provide” me their monthly bill (ha-ha… I think).

Although online related complications can limit me… dictate what I cannot do… it’s my can-do spirit that will never limit my commitment to blogging out informative, useful and, maybe, even entertaining content that will live up to and may, someday, even exceed your expectations.

Since I cannot say this enough… once more… my from the heart thanks to you all.



Thank-You India! Thank-You Everybody!

I could not let one more day pass without thanking all of my friendly, www readers / followers, who’ve been taking precious time out of their busy lives to check out my blogs.

While you do have my undying gratitude… wherever you hail from… in this post, I’ll be shining my spotlight directly upon those who call India their homeland.

Hence, my reason for honoring you with that above video… one which features a superbly sung rendition of your emotionally moving National Anthem. btw… everyone else is welcome and invited to continue reading.

You see, throughout the 2+ years that I’ve been blogging @WordPress, it’s been your presence (at the considerable sum of 924 visits), which I’ve found stunning. This means that ONLY one other nation… my American homeland (to the tune of 2,575 hits) is… statistically speaking only… ahead of you. And even that latter figure is likely exaggerated since I’m reasonably sure that my own visits are getting included in that tally.

Even though I don’t normally obsess over cold, calculating WordPress provided data, these numbers have given me cause to pause… to reflect and expand upon them. There IS a far deeper significance here… the inestimable power of our www connected lives.

My having been born decades before the birth of the Internet, for the first 50 years of my life I would’ve never believed it possible that this injury sidelined, financially fettered American would ever be mind melding with so many people… so far away.

Perhaps younger generations might take all of this for granted? Maybe even good-naturedly chuckle over someone being so easily impressed? Nonetheless this “old geezer” is WOWED and believes, with all his heart, that my one click away, high velocity, virtual travels… to whatever destinations I choose within our vast world… have been… and shall continue to be… an extraordinary life experience… a journey I hope to continue until the day I take my last breath.

And I do want you, the good people of India… as well as anyone, anywhere else, who may’ve stuck around… to know that I also deem the information superhighway to be a two way street. I’ve been immensely enjoying my visits to your websites, where I can count on finding a robust, culturally diverse, mind melding, soul touching wealth of your inspirational prose, poetry and other works of art.

I could go on but… as I did mention at the outset of this post… your time is precious. Ergo, I now close out this post with my simple, but sincere, Thank-you India! Thank-you Everybody!


My Greetings to WordPress Bloggers… Everywhere!

I don’t normally spend much time stewing over my blog stats, but earlier this afternoon (just for the heck of it) I did do some exploring.

Upon clicking onto the “all time” option atop the map of our world… I was quite stunned to notice all of those yellow, orange and red hues, which WordPress uses to indicate every nation where our readers reside. It turns out the only major geographical locale my blogs have yet to reach is Greenland.

As I stared intently at the big picture gracing my screen… admittedly in a state of disbelief… it all started to sink in. In a little over one year, my thoughts have reached out to folks residing all over our world! Now… I’d call that a mind blowing, “Oh Wow” moment!

And then, in a flash, something else hit me…

There’ll never be a better time to wholeheartedly thank all of you for spending your precious time reading, listening to, liking, commenting on and following my blogs. I especially treasure our comment box conversations.

Thanks to your posts featuring your prose and poetry, podcasts, paintings, drawings, cartoons, lithography and photography, I’ve also experienced many, far more profound “Oh Wow” moments. Your blogs have been fun, philosophical and everything in between. Your ideas and ideals can be so powerful and profound that there’ll be times you’ll evoke my smiles and chuckles… on other occasions tears have welled up in my eyes.

Some of you have taken me on guided tours of your homelands and vacation stops. Your words and accompanying, breathtaking photography have helped this armchair traveller learn so much more about our world’s natural and manmade wonders. Thanks to you, I’ve even been able to pay virtual visits to California (my home away from home) as well as to Croatia, my distant, ancestral homeland.

And… looking at the truly Big Picture, many of you have confirmed what I’ve always surmised. Even though our cultures may differ, we still share far more in common than the unenlightened xenophobes of our world would ever choose to believe.

So, once again, my thanks to all who I’ve met these past 15 months. I hope to connect (someday soon) with those of you, who I’ve yet to meet, too.



Dormant Seeds? Unpromising Soil?

Over fifty Junes ago, my parents, sister and I wound up moving into a 30-year mortgaged, freshly constructed, three-bedroom ranch and went on to transform it into our home.

For our folks, that momentous occasion had been nothing short of a financial miracle considering the paltry income of public school teachers of that early sixties era AND how The Great Depression of 1929 had put both of their lives and livelihoods on hold… had caused them to meet, marry and get into the baby making biz quite late in life. How late?

Well… by the time I had graduated from college, my Mom and Dad were both in their early sixties and in the early phases of failing health.

It was my heartfelt, undying love and gratitude for all they’d done for me, which had motivated me to put my own life on hold… to not only accept but also embrace the intergenerational, caregiver role-reversal.

In the end, I wound up inheriting my boyhood home. That’s where I’ve been “hanging my hat”, ever since the age of seven. I am so deeply rooted here I literally know my microcosm right down to the flowerbeds… i.e., where my Mom, who’d been an avid horticulturalist, had planted her flowers.

And that’s where today’s story actually begins…

Our My home’s roof has an overhang, which oft prevents the rains from adequately reaching every flower. Even the shortest such drought is apt to result in deadly consequences. And that’s precisely what had happened.

While I’d been busily tending to other higher priority matters in my life, I had neglected to water Mom’s prized, purple Irises. Five years ago, their blooms and foliage had all but vanished off the face of the earth… or so I had thought…

Just mere months ago, while tending to her precious daffodils, out of the corner of my eye, I had spotted something green. Several double takes rapidly confirmed the “impossible”. One tiny, fragile Iris leaf was poking through the soil… desperately seeking out the warmth of the early spring sunlight. I immediately redirected my sprinkling can’s nozzle and, ever since, this plant has been the recipient of my intensive care.

In the past several weeks, several dozen more leaves have appeared, as well. While I’m unsure, yet, if this resurrected Iris has regained sufficient strength to bloom this growing season, I’m still keeping my fingers crossed.

I cannot help but walk away from this experience without considering the more significant, symbolic message here…

My Mom’s Iris is living proof of Marcus Tullius Cicero’s timeless wisdom…

“While there’s life there’s hope.”

To dig a bit deeper…

In view of America’s January 2017, horrific, deplorable, corrupt power shift… we can only hope that the imperiled seeds of human decency can weather and survive the present-day drought of intellect and morality, which is presently overhanging DC… one that poses a serious threat to noble ideas and ideals such as brotherhood, civility, empathy, philanthropy, honesty, transparency, ethics, liberty and justice for ALL.

In light of both my Mom’s rejuvenated Iris AND of how the authors of truly great literature are oft advocates of the above listed inventory of virtues, this brings to mind the late author Carl Sagan’s wisdom. His analogy has never been more relevant…

“Books are like seeds. They can lie dormant for centuries and then flower in the most unpromising soil.”

Will there be a sufficient number of folks, who still give a damn, to counteract the drought. If so, it’ll be up to us to fill the sprinkling cans… to ensure we redirect their spouts at all the hard to reach places… and then?

We’ll hope with all our hearts that it won’t take centuries for the precious seeds to bloom anew.



Mega Thanks To All @WordPress!


1 Year Anniversary Achievement

1 Year Anniversary Achievement


My heartfelt gratitude to each and every WordPress blogger and visitor who opts to click on by… spend precious time out of their busy lives to read my prose and poetry… and listen to my musical BlogCasts.

I extend extra special thanks to my followers. Over the course of this past year, via our posts and comment box chats, we’ve learned much about each other and have become the online equivalent of pen pals.

There’s also a sense of awe whenever I realize our blogged notions and emotions are reaching out… sometimes even half a world away to touch each other’s minds, hearts and souls. Reading your imaginative, informational and motivational posts… viewing your superb, oft breathtaking photography and works of art have entertained, educated, impressed and inspired me… and made me a far, Far, FAR better blogger.

As for the LIKE STARS, which you’ve been awarding my blogs… they’ve all been combining into comforting constellations, which are brilliantly lighting up the darkness that, as of late, has begun to descend upon my day-to-day life and over my once-upon-a-time, free homeland.

With YOU standing by my side… I feel a significant purpose to my existence.

Without YOU… My ideas would forever languish… remain imprisoned within the six cyberwalls of their Word Document cubicles.

Because of YOU… The WordPress Community… I’m looking forward to spending year two with YOU!