Public Health Need Not “Bug” Public Relations


I’ll be reacting (almost) in Real Time. An NPR report has focused upon the need to determine a much better way to name the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV)… as well as any future viruses capable of becoming epidemics… namely… to avoid the vilification of nations of origin, ethnicities, etc.

While the reportage stated that no one has figured out, yet, how to “play” the name game, as I see this, virologists are already on the right track.

Why not simply refer to such “bugs” as Grip Reaper. Naturally, there’d be a need to differentiate, so why not tack on the year of its discovery. It’d be advisable, too, to follow that with yet another number… in the event that more than one bug surfaces per annum.

To e.g. some future “bug”…

GrimReaperVirus 2020-1

In its abridged form that’d be…








SoundTrack to a Spooky Saga ~ Bonus Vid of the Day

Somewhere within our world… at some point within the upcoming dead-of-the-night hours… there’ll exist the gusty, gale driven lightning flashes and thunder crashes that’ll further enhance Midnight Syndicate’s spooky track Darkness Descends.

However… even if our skies prove starlit, we mustn’t be lulled into any false sense of security. No… you see… this night’s ol’ Devil Moon… it’s waxing sliver… shall not significantly illuminate our perilous, winding wilderness path to nowhere…

At times, such as this, we must exercise due diligence… watch our backs and steps. The mere offhand whisper… the telltale kicked pebble or snap of a twig… could alert any and all nearby sorcerers, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, goblins and demons… perchance the Grim Reaper… maybe even Satan, himself… to our presence.

So my travel companions… do we now venture forth to discover who and what may await us? All that may or may not be enshrouded by the misty cloak of dank darkness? Let’s find out… shall we?

Follow closely… ever so closely… as we silently slip deeper and deeper into the vast unknown of the supernatural world…