Happy Hollow-Days?


Ah, the time honored Holiday Traditions
Hitherto robust, cheery and tasteful
Nowadays busted, dreary and wasteful
Cannot live sans the former
Alas, must exist with the latter

No thanks, to the headless and soulless
Who only see convention in political rally terms
And contort holidays to conform to their flattened sphere
It begs a rundown of their rundown, festering festivities
Hence, this hammered down, Hollow-Days Roster


Thanksgiving’s intent, once-upon-a-time pure
A day to display gratitude for each fall’s harvest
Yet, ’twas utterly corrupted by past, white man’s greed
Pummeled by Manifest Destiny’s – Genocide’s 1 – 2 punch
Left mass slaughter of Indigenous North Americans, in its wake

Today’s whites hotly deny critical thinker youths such truths
The uncouth fail to see how bygone mentalities of white men
Were precursors to today’s accursed; their MAGA-fest Destiny
Native Americans’ descendants sure to “NO” the RSVPs
Of white inviters, who’d have them over FOR holiday supper


Christmas misbehavior; to upstage a dissed savior?
Sighing gifters hurriedly tack on / tuck in gift receipts
Wisely anticipate the ungrateful gifted
Ingrates neither gifted in smarts nor of wise disposition
All discourtesy of ass backward, parental rearing

Giftees offend gifters; greedily, rush mall-ward
Clutching shopping bagged gift rejects
Sweaty fingers and palms itching to parlay
Liberal return policies into pocketed stone-cold cash
Happy Birthday, Jesus?


New Year’s Eve orgy
Animal House magnitude
Nude, drunken revelry
Resolutions Dead On Arrival
Long before each avowed recitation’s echo dies

New Year’s Day; morning after
Misery’s miasma; achy body; pounding head
Multiple over the bowl, beer belly evacuations
Hurled disgusting egesta
Along with epithet laced “never again” ruminations


Valentine’s Day; Cupid’s arrow, awry
Finds deplorable cads ISO of (p)lay
Bamboozling; booze plying their prey
Despicably deeming victims altar sacrifice
Songsmiths asking, “What’s love got to do with it?”

Deep in rude dudes’ brain dead heads
Indecent proposals lead to “have-to” weds
Crossed fingers, behind backs, do back grooms’ “I dos.”
Divorce attorneys, so impatient, they consider
Tuxing up as groomsmen; gowning up as bridesmaids

May / November + July / September / February

Memorial / Veterans Days
Independence / Labor and Presidents’ Days
Original intent buried by a sundry of distractions
Picnics wallowing in fatty animal flesh; awash with stiff libations
Major league play by plays, parades and pyrotechnics

To Upstage Soldiers; valiant, selfless; both survivor and fallen
Marginalize Founders; devalue, their on paper, Democracy
Demean Workers: low paid, overworked, union busted, outsourced
Bastardize: The very Presidency a sitting prez attempted to topple
Ah, the mucked up, nouveau Hollow-Day traditions




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









Ode To Joy To The World ~ A Don’t Miss Holiday BlogCast

It was at this same time last year that I found myself wondering if anyone within our vast world had ever thought about performing a musical mash-up of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ode to Joy and George Frideric Handel’s Christmas carol Joy to the World?

Back then, I instantly realized the “A” to my “Q” actually existed… just mere clicks and typed in search parameters away over @YouTube where one’s wish is (almost always) their command. Indeed, The Piano Guys had performed my sought after musical medley to which this post’s lead video will… beyond a shadow of a doubt… attest.

Well… I did wind up featuring this extraordinary, uplifting Piano Guys performance last December and since my replaying it this early a.m. has not lessened, one iota, the welled up tears of joy in my eyes, I’ve decided to play it again in this post… in fact to transform their rendition of Ode To Joy To The World into this blog site’s tradition.

Since not many WordPress residents and visitors are all that familiar with me… well… to introduce myself and familiarize yourself with my POV… let’s just say that as a harsh critic of narcissistic and capricious leadership… which isn’t leadership at all… I do find it my constant struggle to see our world from a “glass half full” perspective.

That said… there is compelling evidence to refute such skepticism. Indeed, once more, humanity has squeaked on by to survive another year… to add yet another chapter to our human story. And that, in itself, is no minor miracle. Our getting another opportunity to “get it right” is also reason enough for us to express our shared feelings of gratitude and joyousness.

Alas… long sigh… if only finding peace of mind and establishing world peace were mere clicks and typed in search parameters away.

Perhaps this concluding video provides us a clue? Yeah… I think so.

You see… it all begins with good intent, a song in one’s head / heart and resolve… that person stepping forward and then another and another… until it all coalesces / snowballs into a flash mob.

Flashmob Flash Mob ~ Ode an die Freude (Ode to Joy) Beethoven Symphony No. 9

However you choose to celebrate the December holidays… and even if you harbor a more secular view causing you to opt out from such festivities… my wish is for our peaceful coexistence. If we can manage to accomplish this, the joy will flow outward quite naturally to reach all corners of our world.