U Can’t Get Stung (SundaySongSeries)

The Scorpions treat us to their performance of Loving You Sunday Morning. In so doing, they also become our Week #114 tour guides thru the wide world of Sunday titled songs.

Either view the clip above or over @YouTube (offsite option to benefit anyone experiencing playback probs).

Our next musical adventure embarks seven days from now. Hope you’ll be back. Till then…

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Music For Every Mood?


If we look long enough, we can find music to match just about every mood imaginable. In this post, the mood swings affect three versions of the same song… namely… the Kurt Cobain / Krist Novoselic / Dave Grohl composition Smells Like Teen Spirit. Which of them (or combination of them) will match your own mood of the moment? That’s for you to decide…

Tori Amos:

Amos / Nirvana Mash-Up: