Vladimir’s Lapdog Donny

Full disclosure, I’m a blend of pacifism and pragmatism. Alas… with long exasperated sigh… I must concede…

The rise to power of drunk on power, infantile egomaniacs is inevitable. Until we oust (preferably in a peaceable and orderly manner) those who masquerade as world leaders, the diplomats, alone, can never be expected to settle international conflicts. Which is a fancy-schmancy way of saying…

War is inevitable.

Troops will be deployed worldwide. They’ll wind up selflessly laying their very lives on the line to [1] liberate and secure a better life for members of our human family and [2] halt subjugation, dead in its tracks before it ever gets the chance to spread… not unlike a rampaging, global pandemic.

Such battles are honorable and I do honor and thank the troops who fight them.

One would expect the Commander-In-Chief… one Donald J. Trump… to honor and thank his own troops.

Instead, he honors Vladimir Putin, who’s been offering a bounty to the Taliban to kill American soldiers fighting in Afghanistan.

Right on cue, Donny is now whimpering and whining out his ignorance… i.e., he wasn’t even briefed by anyone re this matter. Really? The President of the United States was, somehow, left out of the loop?? Re something as serious as THAT???

Hmm… maybe Donny was too busy preventing the spread of COVID-19? You know… keeping “his” numbers down? Uh-huh…

Seeing how his abject failure to promptly, proactively and persistently contain the coronavirus has resulted in the deaths of nearly 129,000 Americans… and still counting… he had better not even try to make that his excuse.

What we’ve actually got, here, boils down to wee, little Donny’s loyalty to his master, Big Bad Vlad. Power hungry Trump would never bite the hand that feeds him. Not when he owes his 2016 rise to power to Russian meddling… not when he expects that same outcome, come Election Day 2020.

As such, we could never expect Putin’s Pooch to even whimper…

“Please, oh pretty please, don’t kill my soldiers.”

Hell, Donny won’t even try to playfully nip Vlad’s ankle.

Now that I’ve had my say… if you’ve yet to play back the above clip… give a listen to retired U.S. Army intelligence officer / author Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters.







Heartfelt Gratitude on Veterans Day (Vid of the Day)

Wars are far too frequently provoked by self-absorbed, sociopathic, ignorant, arrogant, impetuous, greedy, prejudiced, power-hungry, territorial pissing, yellow-belly, autocratic world “leaders”.

Under such circumstances, it becomes the responsibility of our selfless, courageous, heroic troops to lay their very lives on the line… on the front lines… to reestablish borderlines… defy oppression… secure freedom… restore and keep the peace.

True, as civilians, we owe the troops our heartfelt gratitude… however… the very best way to honor and respect them is to never let down our own guard at the voting booth.

In other words… for those of us who still have a sayso in the matter… we must always choose our leaders wisely. Allowing power to fall into the wrong hands, threatens to reopen old battlefields… to negate decades and centuries old, precious gains the troops had fought and died to protect, preserve and defend.

And once the wars are over, we also owe our returning veterans all the medical / therapeutic services they require… living wage jobs, affordable higher education and housing.






Fortune Cookie Blog (sobering stats)


A Google search netted this sobering 2003 guesstimate: “At least 108 million
people were killed in wars in the 20th century. Estimates for the total number
killed in wars thru-out all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion!”
If we truly value the troops who, from time immemorial, have selflessly fought
and died to establish, preserve, protect and defend Lady Liberty, we will never
dishonor them by electing Fascists hellbent on effing up hard fought freedom.