Fortune Cookie Blog (self-determination)


If you have a say-so in empowering your homeland’s leadership, be
sure to treasure, nurture and regularly exercise this Essential Right.
Keep well-informed prior to casting your ballot and, most assuredly,
never punish one political faction by empowering their wicked rivals.
Political mischief, typically, results in punishment; for you, your com-
patriots and your innocent bystander neighbors, spanning our globe.






Fake Prez Lays An Egg! Society Chickens Out?


Animal rights activists… rightfully so…insist that the Egg Industry should raise their egg producing chickens in a humane, cage-free setting.

Human rights activists… rightfully so… insist that the fake prez should raise his detainee immigrant children in a humane, cage-free setting.

Yet, it would appear that far too many, within American society, are more likely to accept cage-free chickens than cage-free kids!

Why can’t we have both?



Donny CrappleSeed ~ 1 Quick Limerick #090


Dense Donny CrappleSeed, sows hatred’s seeds,
That germinate into invasive weeds,
Barbed with antisemitism,
Thorned with white supremacism,
Which choke out human and equal rights needs!