Has Joe Made the Grade?


Were I a teacher evaluating President Joe Biden, what would his first Report Card look like? Check it out:

“A” in Science (for his securing and efficiently distributing the COVID-19 vaccines)

“A” in Penmanship (re his signed Executive Orders that dump Trump’s F’d up EOs)

“D” in Poly Sci (re his broken campaign promise to raise the minimum wage to $15)

“I” in Sociology (re the Mexican border mess, which too closely resembles Trump’s)

“I” in Abnormal Psychology (for not consistently demanding gun control legislation)

“C” in Psych 101 (for not reining in the Senate Democrats who act like Republicans)

“D” in Constitutional Law (re his not insisting on the bust up of the Senate filibuster)

[“I” = Incomplete]

Of course, seeing how drop out Donald had set the expectations bar at rock bottom, we’re damned lucky Joe hasn’t opted to just follow in his predecessor’s footsteps; i.e. becoming a golfing, TV binge watching, pigging out on junk food, couch potato who occasionally flicks on the Oval Office light switch and, somehow, refrains from eating paste.

Eating paste? WTF does that mean, I hear you ask?

Well folks (and I swear to God this is a true story) back in the 1960s, my public school system’s kindergarten teachers actually Report Card graded their students on whether or not they scarfed down art supplies. BTW, I never had a taste for paste.

But, all levity aside, were I to suddenly become a school counselor, I’d offer America’s new leader the following advice.

Mr. President, while bipartisanship is admirable, average voters don’t actually give a F if you offend snowflake, obstructionist (f)lawmaker Trumpers. There’s absolutely no point to sucking up to these empty-headed, empty suits, inclusive of the variety who, to this very day, still live vicariously, thru THEIR heroes; the psychotic January 6th insurrectionists; you know, those who figuratively and quite literally shitted up the U.S. Capitol.

These alleged legislators never have and never will see our nation and world through learned, rational eyes. I mean, do you honest to God expect these F’d up F Students, whose denial of Science has, so far, morphed 561,000 Americans into Covid-19 ghosts; whose hatred for Constitutional Law has threatened to burn down America, to gather around your camp fire to tell ghost stories while harmlessly roasting marshmallows?

My gawd, even were they to sing Row Row Row Your Boat in such a venue, that’d be a glaring hypocrisy considering how whatever they espouse can and will leave America up the creek without a paddle!

Joe, you were a U.S. Senator from 1972 – 2008, so you gotta know, fully well, the filibuster must go. Hell, that F-word (backdated to slave nation America and utilized to preserve that grotesquely inhumane status quo) is not (thank God) even part of the U.S. Constitution. The “nuking” of that seething with white supremacy, piece of shit rule is not only long overdue, it’s also imperative; i.e., if you ever want your admin to accomplish anything substantive and enduring.

Look, man, if you possessed just 10% of that Republican “my way or the highway” attitude, you’d rapidly flush all that disgusting fascist fecal matter which Trump dumped into your Oval Office desk inbox. Or, to state that more positively…

You’d soon be enacting vital to America’s survival legislation; laws that would unequivocally stand for liberty, equality, justice, voters’ / workers’ / LGBTQIA rights, a living minimum wage, Medicare for all, gun control (all could live with), unprejudiced cops, humane immigration policies and (last but not least) a cleaner greener world.

That could ALL be for us; for posterity. We could transform our nation into something that’d even exceed our Founding Fathers’ greatest expectations.

Think of it this way, Mr. President…

There are very few average Jane and Joe voters (even inclusive of the Trumpers) who would not reelect you were you to, bare minimum, offer permanent, full-time, living wage jobs with a robust benefits package.

And once the Republican legislators learned from your example; i.e., how to make and keep us, the uncommon commoners, content, instead of your needing to make nice with them, maybe, just maybe, they’d realize it’s high time to make nice with you?

Mr. President, do take to heart all the above.



Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






A long, drawn out sigh…


Owing to YouTube / corporate greed (their opting to over-monetize / oversell ad time), my boycott of this website now stands at Day #24 and still counting.

Granted, their poorly vetted, anything goes / anything for a buck commercials don’t usually playback when posted in my blogs and they can also be skipped when viewed over at that platform, BUT, as a man of principle, I knew the time had come for YouTube and me to part company.

To dredge out the swamp further, their ad content can range anywhere from annoying to offensive to subversive AND the wildly disproportional Ad to Clip run time ratio sucks. They actually see nothing wrong with long-winded sponsors’ insufferable 70 minute sales pitches prior to and DURING 10 minute videos!

It’s that DURING aspect, where things can get downright, hardcore; e.g., a liberal commentator is just about to really nail some insurrectionist, Fascist effer’s ass to the wall when a Trumper’s (intentionally counter programmed?) ad will (just happen to?) interrupt.

Folks, spewing freakin’ Fascist rhetoric is NOT a free speech issue. My gawd, no one, REPEAT NO ONE should ever have the freedom to overthrow America or any other Democracy / Liberty based society.

Look, I’m not saying, “SCRAM!” to anyone. But, if it takes a sadistic stranglehold to get you off, there are plenty of Fascist states throughout our mucked up world, that would welcome you with open arms and choking hands.

That duly noted, let’s return, now, to YouTube’s mucked up world.

I do get it! There’s no such thing as a “free lunch”. But why should their ad run times ever exceed conventional TV’s 30 – 60 second time limits?

Turning now to the content particulars / turn offs:

  • Medical Professionals: While I have little doubt that many of these kindly doctors are dedicated to curing all that ails us, I must point out that not everyone suffers from the same maladies / is always in need of their books, products, devices, etc. And, sorry to say, a medical degree does not necessarily bestow Interwebs savviness onto them. To e.g. that, why can’t their ads thumbnail their lectures and then encourage prospective patients to click onto a link to watch their full presentations?
  • Shirtless Fitness Freak: Forgive me for singling this dude out, but it’s his condescending, cocky attitude and even his very facial features which remind me of a bygone, lazy ass, Boss From Hell. To put it mildly, I was glad the day he got transferred to another district. Even if you’re fortunate enough not to have your own similar horror story to tell, why would anyone want to watch, let alone ever do business with him?
  • Mail Order Bride Brokers: Right from the get-go, this type of “businessman” demeans womankind; attempts to reduce all who harbor two X chromosomes to a commodity. While that, in itself, is already degrading enough, we might even be talking about pimps prospering off of human trafficking.
  • Investment Advisors: These greedy bastards pitch their get rich quick schemes, never once mentioning that, truth be told (and they’re hardly ever truthful) they actually owe their own accumulation of obscene wealth to their government bestowed, Too Big To Fail Status; a ranking that’s not typically available to poor commoners, such as you and me. Beyond that, never forget that making a “killing” in the Stock Market can, and oft does involve the human suffering of those who actually dwell / slave away at the bottom of the corporate ladder.
  • Family Tree “Surgeons”: Actually, in the abstract, submitting a DNA sample to explore ones’ family roots does sound a bit intriguing and fun. But, what about unscrupulous bastards who WILL also supply your genetic profile to inordinately interested third parties? That could mean that, someday, your boss will say to you, “Sorry, you won’t be getting that promotion you were hoping for. You have this nasty little gene that suggests you’ll be dropping dead soon. And oh, btw, we’ve forwarded this same poop to your Health Insurance provider which means the only way they’ll ever cover you is if you pay an arm and a leg premiums.
  • Immortality Merchants: If you fork over your hard earned bread, they promise to tell you how to live to be 120 years old. Folks, take it from this old geezer, typical corporations and politicians flat out hate people who are sixty-something and older. And, if we start living to be twice that age, they WILL start to hate us twice as much!
  • End of the World Merchants: The food they’re selling is supposed have a 25 year shelf life? REALLY? Hmm, how the hell would they ever know that, for sure, when they’ve only been in business for what? Six months? As for their solar gadgets which can charge up our devices? Wake up everybody. If the world, as we know it, will soon be in crash and burn mode, do you really expect the cell phone towers and Internet to be up and running Business As Usual?

YouTube’s Business As Usual over-saturation of offensive ads has not only rendered their videos unwatchable, but this practice has also committed some even deadlier sins. They are silencing the learned YouTubers, who educate humanity, pro bono. They’re also stifling art; the very spark of human creativity, which is amply demonstrated by the mega-talented YouTube videographers.

A long, drawn out sigh…


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!








All humans are born equal and must be treated as such.
The only honest way to judge people is by their character.

Relationships are built upon the cornerstone of love; mutual respect.
Crash the wrecking ball into that foundation and society will collapse.

Accountability for one’s actions is the pinnacle of maturity.
When we come of age, we must abandon our whiny, crybaby stage.

The pursuit of prosperity is fine, but that’s no excuse for gluttony.
Accrual of obscene wealth is oft at the expense of the impoverished.

When it’s Science vs. Ignorance, Science will always triumph.
Supidity can only usher in the death of humanity; our home world.

Selfless soldiers fight and die to secure our peace and liberty.
To devalue their hard fought and won battles spits in their faces.

Freedom of expression and assembly to air grievances are inalienable.
Anyone who’d dare to turn a deaf ear to such human rights is a tyrant.

To idolize ideologues is akin to making heroes out of zeros
When lionized, these ferocious, ravenous lions will devour us.

Our leaders are supposed to serve us; never vice versa.
Fragrant Freedom must always trump Flagrant Fascism.

Machinating autocrats must never be allowed to overstay their welcome.
When citizens cannot remove them peaceably, expect them to revolt.


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





Postcard Parable (Feet Fetish?)


Once upon a time, a devoid of empathy, pathetic, soulless, heel of a leader
trampled his subjects’ civil liberties with his hobnail boots’ heels & soles!
No healers could heal victims’ physical & psychological wounds. The End!
Moral: Make damned sure to bring to heel & boot out soulless soled heels!
Obiter Dictum: To stay healthy, stay safe at home and mask up in public!!!








John Lewis’ Good Trouble (Vid of the Day)

Our featured clip’s setup, as it appears over @YouTube…

“Founders Sing took a break from making parody videos to create an original song in honor of John Lewis. It was inspired by the powerful phrase he coined, “Good Trouble.” Now let’s all cause more Good Trouble by speaking up for justice… and VOTING!”

My kudos to Founders Sing for composing such an influential, soul searching, rallying Anthem!

R.I.P. John Lewis! While there’s much of your work, yet, to be done, your lifetime of activism and “good trouble” advocacy has afforded society a substantial starting point. The sturdy foundation you built and forward thinking you inspired will (hopefully soon) see to fruition, your vision for a unified world.


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!







Bide-n His Time?


Wow! Mere days following Super Tuesday and long before multiple millions of primary ballots have yet to even be cast and counted, candidate Joe Biden can already count on becoming the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee. The big question…

• Can Barack Obama’s ex-VP really, Really, REALLY defeat Donald Trump?

Joe had better be fully prepared to take on that Herculean Task. After all, Donny will be huckstering and rehashing a hoax… donning his tin-foil hat and trotting out his Biden / Burisma / Ukraine false narrative… i.e., the exact same way he successfully exploited this bogus issue throughout his legitimate House Impeachment and undeserved Senate acquittal.

• What does this all boil down to?

Well, instead of this presidential Election Year becoming a substantive, issues based campaign, the Trumpster… who neither has a firm grasp on the real issues nor shives-a-git about them… will, instead, be prevaricating and mudslinging his way to victory. Hell, that pathetic little man tells huge whoppers so frequently and fanatically, even he believes they’re the truth. Worse yet, so do the gullible masses, who’ll be reelecting him.

Even were Biden to, miraculously, win the White House, unless the Democrats also secure U.S. House and Senate majorities, his presidency will mean nothing.

•  What if vengeance seeking Republicans do wind up controlling both legislative chambers?

At the very least… Biden will be facing down ferocious obstructionism.

Net effect… the real issues… e.g., climate change, free elections, nuclear disarmament, gun control, women’s rights, human rights, fair immigration laws, living wages, an equitable tax code, affordable housing, healthcare and prescription drugs etc.… will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way.

At the very worst… sore loser, vengeance seeking Republicans will dredge up the Trumpian lies re Ukraine / Burisma / Biden and use this as the basis to unjustifiably impeach, convict and remove Biden from office.

Net effect… the real issues… e.g., climate change, free elections, nuclear disarmament, gun control, women’s rights, human rights, fair immigration laws, living wages, an equitable tax code, affordable housing, healthcare and prescription drugs etc.… will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way.

Of course… even in defeat, what’s to stop Donald Trump from holing up in the White House and flat-out refusing to turn over the keys to Joe Biden?

Net effect… the real issues… e.g., climate change, free elections, nuclear disarmament, gun control, women’s rights, human rights, fair immigration laws, living wages, an equitable tax code, affordable housing, healthcare and prescription drugs etc.… will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way.

RE climate change… failure to deal with this burning issue, STAT, will lead to humanity’s eventual extinction. Little doubt, the last people left (more or less) standing will wind up writhing around in such agony that… as they suck in their last gasp of super-heated, toxified oxygen, they’ll likely even welcome their own deaths.

Net effect… the real issues will NEVER be dealt with in any meaningful way. Of course, what would any of that really matter, anymore, once the cockroaches inherit the Earth?










Fortune Cookie Blog (self-determination)


If you have a say-so in empowering your homeland’s leadership, be
sure to treasure, nurture and regularly exercise this Essential Right.
Keep well-informed prior to casting your ballot and, most assuredly,
never punish one political faction by empowering their wicked rivals.
Political mischief, typically, results in punishment; for you, your com-
patriots and your innocent bystander neighbors, spanning our globe.






Fake Prez Lays An Egg! Society Chickens Out?


Animal rights activists… rightfully so…insist that the Egg Industry should raise their egg producing chickens in a humane, cage-free setting.

Human rights activists… rightfully so… insist that the fake prez should raise his detainee immigrant children in a humane, cage-free setting.

Yet, it would appear that far too many, within American society, are more likely to accept cage-free chickens than cage-free kids!

Why can’t we have both?



Donny CrappleSeed ~ 1 Quick Limerick #090


Dense Donny CrappleSeed, sows hatred’s seeds,
That germinate into invasive weeds,
Barbed with antisemitism,
Thorned with white supremacism,
Which choke out human and equal rights needs!