Altruism and Avariciousness Can Both Breed Aggression


A power wielder’s projected presence upon our world can be motivated by either altruism or avariciousness.

Selflessness (as incredible as this sounds), is not always welcomed… not when the recipient nation’s head of state is an oppressor… one who gets easily pissed off by any outsider providing humanitarian aid. After all, no oppressor takes kindly to anyone who’d dare to ease the unspeakable human suffering of the oppressed.

Selfishness (no big surprise), is never welcomed… not when the targeted nation’s head of state knows fully well that the intent of his plundering oppressor / attacker is to grab real estate and/or gobble up natural resources. Such a victimized leader will… justifiably so… feel pissed off, too.

Either scenario can result in retaliatory attacks… such aggression fueling an endless feeding frenzy of subsequent eye-for-an-eye magnitude vengeance.

While that stark reality would ALMOST make it seem prudent for every leader to embrace mind-your-own-damned-business isolationism… well… this would likely wind up a unilateral prospect. Such a stance would aid and abet the in-your-face oppressor / aggressor adversary. And that then raises the issue, which no compassionate soul could ever accept… namely…

Whoever would dare to harm even one innocent soul harms us all.

All of these inevitable, regrettable realities can only emphasize the precarious, catch-22 nature of international relations and… inserting my own long exhaled, exasperated sigh here… the inevitable, regrettable reality of terrorism / warfare.

We can never expect aggression / oppression to vanish off the face of this Earth until humanity… somehow… someway… figures out how to consistently ensure madmen are never allowed to rise to power in the first place… ensure the mentally unstable are institutionalized so they can receive the therapy they so desperately need.


Tear Down (Your Plans For) This Wall!


In keeping with his campaign promise, #45 is now chomping at the bit to break ground on his $8 – $12 BILLION wall along the southern U.S. border… and to (somehow) force Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to pony up.

Well, as we already know, there’ll be no such payment… which all leaves #45 in a bit of a quandary. Or does it?

Has he forgotten about the furniture within his Manhattan palace? And, no, I’m not suggesting he sell it off.

All he need do is check between the living room sofa cushions for those BILLION$… what he’d consider chump change. It’s bound to be hiding there.

Of course he had better dig a bit deeper because it’d appear that his guesstimate has been way too conservative. The more realistic price tag attached to his wall could easily fall within the 40 BILLION BUCK range… so says one expert, Konstantin Kakaes.

Another predicament? Maybe not.

Obviously, it’d be a YUGE [sic] stretch, but, it’d behoove #45 to behave a bit more like #35 (a.k.a. John F. Kennedy)… to deep six this wall… to understand that waging and winning a war on poverty is a far more productive, permanent project… to accept that this would all take more time and patience… but it’d be well worth it!

The best part of this… it’d require finding “only” 30 of those 40 billion bucks and then utilizing it to feed ALL 870 Million of our world’s undernourished and starving people (btw, be sure to read Leen Abdallah’s Blog).

No fooling… for $30 billion no one would go hungry for ONE FULL YEAR!

Yes, at first #45 would need to assume the role of Santa Claus. But, as his “elves” would be delivering this humanitarian aid, they’d also be building the foundation of good will, worldwide. What’s imperative here is the fed recipients would need to be fully aware that the U.S. is their benefactor. After all, it goes against basic human nature, to “bite” the hand that feeds you.

At that point it’d be time for the U.S. to build on two astute and timeless sayings…

“Idle hands are the devil’s workshop.”


“Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

In subsequent years, #45’s helpers, if doing their jobs properly, would be instilling a strong work ethic within their “fisher folk” along with the accompanying feelings of satisfaction one generally gets upon reflecting upon a job well done at the end of each workday.

Eventually, criminal activity… and in some instances even terrorist activity… would be on the wane… if for no other reason than honest work gives everyone purpose… prevents idle hands and minds. Not to make light of this but folks would be yawning too damned much to even listen to devilish recruiters (e.g. ISIS).

Yes, stronger, happier humans make for stronger happier homelands.

Ultimately, be it at America’s coastlines or borders, the folks attempting to enter would be friendly tourists… not illegally entering foes. For those who chose to emigrate, with nothing to fear about them, Americans could always welcome them with open hearts, minds and arms.

However, for potential émigrés, it’d would likely be a tough choice to make since their homelands would be just as attractive as America… maybe even more so… after all…

“There’s no place like home.”