The Obama Book Reading Sketch

Ciip courtesy of the Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube Channel
November 20, 2020 • 515,165 views

President Barack Obama, at present, is promoting his new book, A Promised Land. His interview, last night, with late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmell serves as a refreshing reminder of what it’s like to actually have a well-informed, open-minded, good-intentioned, law-abiding, self-effacing, down-to-Earth human being residing within and governing from the White House.

My above portrayal pretty much sums up why, to this very day, I’ve preserved Mr. Obama’s personally delivered, 2008 get-out-the-vote message on my landline’s answering machine; why I did my part to elect and re-elect him; why the election of his VP, Joe Biden, shows much promise. After eight years of working as a team, President-Elect Biden will have a wealth of experience to draw on. And, should additional advice ever be needed, he / we can rest assured that Mr. Obama will always be but a phone call away.

To set up our above clip, cued up to start at 21:49 (if all goes well), we’ll be viewing what I’ve titled “The Obama Book Reading Sketch”. Mr. Kimmel will further explain his novel idea to set the fun in motion.

Obviously, for any of you who’d like to view this positively enlightening and enjoyable interview, in its entirety, its but a rewind away.


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Don’t we all need a good laugh?


Even if your homeland is not as mucked up as mine, most citizens of the world would answer the above, headlined question with an emphatic YES!

Of course, that might lead to these follow up questions…

• Is our above clip’s commercial content merely highly creative or is it genuinely funny?

• If the latter, why is it chuckle-worthy?

• Might a half-years’ worth of social isolating have something to do with it?

• Is it a reminder of our bygone high school/college and/or current workplace lab experiments?

• Does it evoke comparisons to the zaniness of Monty Python’s Flying Circus?

• Is it merely all of that slapstickish egg play?

• Why ask why?

• Why not stop over-analyzing and just enjoy the clip at face value?

• While my follow up “thought experiment” / fantasy query, most emphatically, is tongue-in-cheek, if my blogging about Purple® helps their bottom line, should they not, at the very least, offer me a 10% off coupon?

All laughs aside, not unlike my homeland, my own 55-year-old Sealy® Posturepedic® is way beyond shot to hell!


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Carson’s “Who’s On First” Parody ~ Vid of the Day

Considering our present-day sorry state of affairs… especially within my homeland… I figured it was high time for some hijinks… especially tomfoolery of the wordplay variety. And nobody did it better than the King of Comedy… Johnny Carson… and his brilliant team of writers. I mean, seeing how we’re all here @WordPress, how much more appropriate could wordplay ever be?

This Vid of the Day is also a reminder of a political era where America still had its sense of humor AND how… as bad as the Reagan years were… we could still hang on to our hopes for a better day.

In any event… I do hope you got a charge out of viewing this Carson Comedy Classic sketch… I know I did.