Oh! What A Tangled Web Trump Weaves…

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• Trump’s lie about Hurricane Dorian / Alabama still persists.
• To morph his lie into the truth, he pits one government agency against another.
• These strong-armed underlings cave in / agree to lie… just to cover his ass.
• At risk is government credibility, public health / safety.
• Eventually, the lied to masses won’t heed any warnings from Trump / underlings
• People will needlessly die.

Sir Walter Scott said it best…

“Oh! What A Tangled Web We Weave When First We Practice To Deceive”







A Walk on the Mild Side


Earlier on this day… around mid afternoon… it suddenly dawned on me that, grocery wise, I was ill prepared in the event of another terrorist attack… one that’d coincide with tomorrow’s 9/11 anniversary.

Now, at the risk of you deeming me a mad as a hatter conspiracy theorist, check out the following…

THEORY #1: I would not put it past mad-dog Donald Trump to be up to no good. Considering how he’s been hobnobbing with the Taliban, wouldn’t you like to be a fly on the wall? Be eavesdropping on all of their chatter? Or a bug on the phone? Have they been colluding / plotting to raise hell, tomorrow? Such a horrific distraction certainly would take the heat off Donny… e.g., that would definitely sabotage U.S. House Democrats’ efforts to investigate (maybe even impeach) him.

THEORY #2: Even if that’s not the case, we are still talking about Donny, the keeper of nuclear launch codes. Is he ready to rumble? To meltdown mentally? To meltdown globally? Don’t think he’s that stupid and/or insane? Guess again. He actually believes firing off nukes into the eyes of a hurricanes can break them up! YIKES… uh I mean Oops! Let’s not piss the fake prez off too much. We’d be ill-advised to remind him of what an ass he’s been making of himself… i.e., by (still) insisting that his fairy tale about Dorian hitting Alabama was / is true.

THEORY #3: Even if scenario-wise it’s none of the above, Donny could still “have the last laugh”. That tempestuous, Tyrant-o-saurus Rex could still easily roll up the world with one of his Tweetstorms, too.

Anyway… let’s try to dismiss the theories about how the Trumpster may’ve been spending HIS Tuesday afternoon and get back to MY actual Tuesday p.m., instead. With my bread supply insufficient relative to my goodly stash of peanut butter and strawberry jam it was off to the supermarket. Weather-wise, the conditions had been so sunshiny warm and pleasant, I decided to hoof it.

The best part of walking is that, unlike driving, the mind is free to wander. All along the way, I found myself fondly reminiscing about this day back in 2001… the last day of normalcy… not only for Americans but for all the good people of planet Earth. Yet, I couldn’t help but wonder. Might even this post 9/11 “new normalcy”, which we’ve all been enduring for nearly two decades, also be up for grabs? Could it, too, suddenly, come tumbling down… wind up a smoldering, rubble strewn, emotional Ground Zero? After all, armed to the teeth, lone wolf terrorists… both domestic and international… could still be afoot.

Since no one really ever knows, for sure, where and when a terrorist attack will erupt, I did feel the first wave of relief while the cashier rang up my purchase of bananas and three loaves of bread. It felt even better to finally be out the door and homeward bound.

Of course, am I really home free? True, there had been no macroscopic assaults, but what about WMD of the microscopic variety? If so, the symptoms won’t show up right away.

That duly noted… as I now type these words… all does appear to be well. I had already refueled my car late last week and with my provisions now adequately restocked, all that’s left is our awaiting what, hopefully, will remain tomorrow’s serene, solemn and spiritual service to pay our respects to all the good people we lost on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.





Hurricane Donald vs. Hurricane Dorian

I don’t particularly enjoy raining on anyone’s parade. However, I’m sure you’d concur that public safety always comes first.

And what could be more dangerous than a man who likely envisions himself the immortal caped crusader… “the chosen one”… the one and only entity who can lock horns with the immutable, implacable forces of nature and, against all odds, emerge the triumphant superhero? Oh really?

To cut to the chase, what remains is Hurricane Donald vs. Hurricane Dorian.

Trying to wrap one’s mind around such an absurdly lopsided, delusional bout… such a stormy state of mind… to say the least… is disconcerting. Donald’s ongoing contention has been that Dorian’s path had been inclusive of Alabama… in spite of the fact that… right from the get-go… professional meteorologists had deemed his claim… Fake News!

Obviously, both sides to this story cannot be true. So, just what the hell IS going on?

Could debilitating narcissism be Trump’s occluded front to reality? Could there be a storm far bigger than Dorian a brewin’ within his noggin… one that could ultimately, utterly, unravel whatever remains of that unfortunate man’s mind?

Granted, we could indulge him were he “merely” obsessing / boasting about his Inauguration Day crowd size (nearly three years after the fact). But… at the risk of repeating myself…

Considering our world threatened by both meteorological and ideological perils, we simply do not have the luxury of ever compromising public safety. PERIOD!

To illustrate how externalized insanity could imperil / impact society, let’s consider two hypothetical cause / effect relationships…

• What if the effect of Trump’s erroneous weather report had caused a panic… one where running for their lives evacuees had trampled one another or they’d been mangled by a multi-vehicular expressway pileup? We’d now be talking about needless injuries / fatalities.

• What if there’s a lasting aftereffect, too, which has totally stripped Trump of all credibility? What if, the very next time he warns us of impending disaster, NOBODY believes him? The failure to heed legitimate warnings… once again… could cause needless injuries / fatalities.

Then, there’s the slew of unanswered questions, too…

Why is Trump doing this?
Who does he expect to fool?
What could he possibly gain?
Why won’t / can’t his handlers talk him down?
Why won’t / can’t he admit his fallibility?
Where is the attempt to restore credibility / dignity to the office?
When will he sincerely apologize to his compatriots?
When will he solemnly vow to never do this again?

Let’s momentarily hit the pause button to let this all sink in… to catch our collective breath, too…

Indeed, how tragic this all has become. Instead of this regime attempting to inspire confidence within Americans… indeed… within all caring souls… worldwide… all they can manage to awaken is our nagging, gut feelings that… as I type and you read these words…

One tailor is taking measurements for the inaugural tux and tails to soon be sported by the natty Mike Pence… while, yet, another tailor is doing the same for the straight-jacket to soon be donned by the nutty Donald Trump.