Hi Gene! Hygiene Lesson, Too! ~ COVID Vid of the Day

During Match Game’s Seventies era run on the CBS network, affable host Gene Rayburn’s clowning around / hamming it up had kept the ratings up… as did the other factors in play…

Celebrity Panelists… the wit and wisdom of regulars such as Richard Dawson, Brett Somers and Charles Nelson Reilly and the semi-regulars, such as Joyce Bulifant, Bill Daily, Patti Deutsch, Fanny Flagg, Elaine Joyce, Dick Martin, Marcia Wallace and Betty White.

Staff Announcer… Johnny Olson’s inviting, palpable enthusiasm also kept viewers loyal.

Behind the Scenes…  technical professionals, stage hands, construction / custodial crews, office workers, etc. also ensured everything would run smoothly / appear at its very best.

Staff Writers… consistently cooked up a slew of clever, oft surreal and off beat, fill in the blank scenarios, for Rayburn to present to the celebs, contestants and playing along studio / home audiences, alike.

Which all leads us up to the discussion of just one of these writers’ well-known fictitious characters… Dumb Donald… a.k.a. the hapless man who stumbles clumsily and cluelessly through life.

It is, indeed, tempting to bestow, upon each wordsmith, an almost ethereal, mystical, soothsayer persona. After all, their ages ago, Fake Donald oft bears an uncanny resemblance to a present-day, similarly challenged character… a.k.a. the Real Donald.

Which now leads us to the discussion of our above clip, where Gene will present the following, fill in the blank situation to all folks present then and now… inclusive of contestant Lizetta…

“Dumb Donald was so dumb…. when his
wife told him to wash with Dial™, he took
a _________ into the shower with him.”

While we’re all deliberating, in our attempt to divine the definitive response, let’s consider how the Fake and Real Donald’s paths have, once again, crossed.

Initially… it’d be totally in character for wife Melania to order her lying, cheating, bed hopping, dirty scoundrel of a husband to hit the showers. Hell, considering his reputation of hobnobbing with porn stars and playmates, it’s a wonder she hasn’t changed her fashion statement by now. I mean, who’d blame her, were she to don a Hazmat™ Suit 24/7?

Additionally… while we’re on the subject of communicable diseases, let’s talk about the Coronavirus / COVID19 crisis. Washing our hands frequently in hot water and sudsy Dial™ (and other soap brands)… for at least 20 seconds each time… does afford us one of our best defenses. That action, in tandem with staying at least 2 meters / 6 feet away from ill / suspected ill people, not touching our eyes, noses and mouths, covering our mouths when we cough and/or sneeze, and avoiding the greeting / parting kisses and handshakes will also keep us healthy and alive.

And that said, let’s PB the above clip to discover Lizetta’s response and how many celebs she’ll match.









What Happened to Sanitation and Sanity?


Scant days ago, while paying a visit to a supermarket’s public restroom… shared by patrons and employees, alike… I could not miss seeing an above the sink sign where management was reminding the workers to wash their hands.

I found that message reassuring, yet, unsettling.

Seeing how the youngest worker would be 16 years of age and how anyone above the age of 3 should know better, I wondered how, all the sudden, society had become so ill-informed about hygiene… so unwashed! I mean, who can catch even a mere glimpse of what we flush and not want to, immediately, rush over to the sink to scrub up?

Yet, there was that sign.

A bit of background info… we’re talking about a high tech, hands free restroom… i.e., auto-flush everything, sinks with sensors to start the flow of hot water, sensors to get the hand driers whooshing away. The whole kit and kaboodle has been specifically designed with public wellness in mind!

Well, it was while washing and drying my own hands that I became awash with unfond memories of one of my earliest employers… a retail store manager (let’s call her Dee). Just to impress her District Manager and other higher-ups… she had decided to slash overhead. To that end, she not only shut down our lavatory’s hot water heater, but also eliminated soap from all future orders of supplies.

What stunned me the most was how that corporate ladder climber was actually expecting to earn company bean counter brownie points by doing what? Scrimping and saving on soap? Mind you… SOAP… a product that the average consumer can pay for with pocket change!

While hierarchically speaking, I resided at the bottom of the food chain, nevertheless, I did tactfully remind Dee that both hot water and soap are the best defenses against disease… even mentioning diarrhea in passing. That’s when the within earshot, horrified assistant manager chimed in, “Oh gawd no… NOT THAT!” Even with her unsolicited assist, neither of us could win our boss over to our side… get her to reclaim sanitation and sanity. Well, we tried.

I would now need to take matters into my own hands. In the interest of public health, this man who, at the time, was earning a paltry, $2.65 per hour, had decided to regularly donate soap to the store (just one link in a chain of 286 stores ringing up $206 million in sales).

Upon the arrival of the cold and flu season, I reminded myself that Dee’s cold water issue could still be an ally to illness. While my new MO would not help my co-workers, on my meal breaks, I opted to use the mall restaurants’ restrooms, where, at least, those managers still offered hot running water and freely flowing soap. They had to. Michigan’s Department of Health and Human Services still cared enough to shut down any eatery’s proprietor, who harbored a crappy attitude.

My main point back then and back in the here and now, too…

With increasing and alarming frequency, the bugs that presently plague humankind are getting more and more resistant to the existing arsenal of conventional, antimicrobial drugs. It is not being an alarmist to warn that today’s reportage mulling over the COVID19 / coronavirus epidemic, could easily pale in comparison to our not too distant future news. Those likely someday stories will tell us about germs that’ll be fully capable of reducing the human race to endangered species status… perhaps even driving us to the point of extinction.

Fact of life, viruses and bacteria owe their very existence to bad hygiene practices… starting with humans’ far too lax lavatory attitudes. They also owe their survival to “our” science denying, foolhardy, bean counter, dirty “leaders”.

To put a face on that problem… Donald Trump has secured tax cuts for his obscenely wealthy cronies, while severely slashing funding that’d be better allocated for public health matters. Check out Donny’s proposed 2020, unhealthy budget…

A 12% cut to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and a 10% cut for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Folks, that’s a $750 million spending cut over fiscal year 2019. That’s (figuratively and literally) sickening!

Indeed… my ex boss, Dee, had… likely still has… a lot in common with Donny.

Indeed… Donny needs to become an ex boss, too.