A Walk Thru the Land of Broken Dreams ~ Vid of the Day

Our Vid of the Day’s featured recording artist, Jimmy Ruffin, lyrically, takes on the role of the brokenhearted man. If you’ve clicked by just to hear What Becomes of the Brokenhearted, that’s cool. However, for those who’ll indulge me, I cannot pass up this opportunity for some brief commentary…

Upon our hearing the opening lyrical couplet, “As I walk this land of broken dreams, I have visions of many things” one senses… well at least I sense… that the theme of love lost runs far deeper than that of a failed interpersonal relationship. I believe such sentiments could also speak of a citizen lamenting over his own country dumping him / dumping on him… his country having never really loved him at all.

Considering how an African American of the turbulent Sixties era had sung of such sorrow, this brings to mind Dr. Martin Luther King’s (then) three summers earlier I Have a Dream speech. Was King not speaking of the land of broken dreams, too?

President Kennedy’s policies had begun to right America’s wrongs… but… to keep it real… the elimination of grotesque racism… the final line of that final chapter… has yet to be written. And the way things are presently trending, this manuscript does not have a publisher’s go-to-print deadline anywhere in sight.

More than half a century later, we are eyewitness to a resurgence of zombies who are walking the Earth, wrongfully rallying on behalf of the racial profiling, trigger happy cops, who are wrongfully enforcing the odious, obdurate, black-lives-don’t-matter Trumpian ‘Tude.

Donald J. Trump’s own inexcusable words and deeds… e.g. his pledge of allegiance to Charlottesville, Virginia’s “Unite the Right” assholes… “the neo-Confederates, neo-fascists, white nationalists, neo-Nazis, Klansmen, Blue Lives Matter and various right-wing militias”¹ … has amply proven that…

America is still the land of broken dreams.


¹ quoted passage courtesy of Wikipedia






Practicing What MLK Preached?

I can certainly relate to the story of Memphis Tennessee, High School freshman Michael Todd. As an eons ago public school student, I, too, had been verbally abused by bullies.

However, unlike Todd’s situation, [1] my poverty “fashion statement” was not what had attracted my tormentors’ attention, [2] I wound up cutting so many classes, one school year, that I almost failed to get promoted to the next grade and [3] it took six long years before my story concluded with a not so happily-ever-after outcome… i.e., my emotional / psychological wounds have never really healed, completely. BTW, it’s doubtful that even my tormentors could’ve even begun to explain their “rationale” for bullying me.

But, to return to Memphis…

Todd’s bullies turned benefactors, seniors Kristopher Graham and Antwan Garrett, eventually, were able to tap into their consciences… to the point of apologizing and also donating some clothes to their newfound friend.

Seeing how they attend classes within a building named Martin Luther King Jr. College Preparatory High School, might what happened be akin to a practical application of Dr. King’s message? To be sure, he would’ve approved of Graham and Garrett’s sudden change of heart and good deed… their commitment to end bullying.





July Musical BlogCast ~ Pleas For Freedom

Welcome to my July BlogCast. In a land called America (soon to celebrate its 241st birthday) there is supposed to be liberty and justice for all.

How shocking it is that such age and wisdom do not walk hand in hand. How appalling that still unresolved ethnic, religious and gender issues sow the seeds of deadly oppression and hate crimes.

Where all people are not allowed to be free there can be no true, free society.

Each of this month’s recording artists have so powerfully presented their appeals for freedom that there’s absolutely no need for any further DJ type set up.

Let’s let the music speak for itself…


Beyoncé ~ Freedom

Ardee ~ #BlackLivesMatter (Freedom)

Pharrell Williams ~ Freedom

Thank you for clicking by for a listen. If you like what you’ve heard today, be sure to stop back again on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 for my next regularly scheduled monthly BlogCast.

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