Sighs: Not a Good Sign




It’s rarely a good sign when any new day begins with a long sigh; nonetheless…

Long sigh…

What other reaction can there be, when this involves this multiple choice question:

“Where were you on __________?”

  • a. 11/22/1963
  • b. 04/04/1968
  • c. 12/08/1980
  • d. 09/11/2001
  • e. 01/06/2021

All five of those torn off calendar pages represent my own and untold others’ profound, undying sorrow. These points in time distill down to…

  • Assassins’ premature burials of John F. Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
  • Anarchists’ (fortunately thwarted) attempts to bury liberty & democracy.
  • An Asshat “offing” John Lennon (how could anyone blow away a Beatle?)

The deep-sixing of Kennedy’s New Frontier and King’s Dream, in part, wound up establishing a societal upheaval and a spiritual void that, to this very day, make al-Qaeda and Proud Boys terrorist recruiters’ jobs much easier.

As for the resultant societal chaos, it’s safe to say that were Lennon here today, he’d be reacting in his own inimitable way, in real time; on both social media and (especially) in the recording studio. One can only imagine all the music world lost due to his tragic untimely death.

Yet another long sigh…

It was with heavy heart that mere hours ago, at daybreak, I threw the curtains open and took a seat at my piano; wound up playing a musical tribute to John (both his compositions and collaborations with McCartney); namely, Imagine, Penny Lane, Love and In My Life.

Throughout that brief musical interlude, I could not help but entertain the notion that cult leaders (such as Osama bin Laden and Donald J. Trump) would’ve been laughed / booed off the world stage had King, Kennedy and Lennon lived out their natural lifespans; been on hand to lead the raucous chorus of chortles, guffaws, catcalls and jeers.

My far from final, long sigh…




Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









When Will Dreamers’ Dreams Come True? (Vid of the Day)

Imagine has got to be one of the most powerful and empowering pleas for world peace and unity since Dr. Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. Our above clip helps visualize Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s message… King’s too!

On a more musical note, Lennon’s rationale for recording Imagine in the C-Major key signature, had to have been intentional. What better way to make it more player friendly for cover musicians?* After all, the more performers, the better the odds at spreading a message that’s so instrumental to humanity’s survival.

So easy to play… so easy to sing… so easy to comprehend sentiments!

What’s not so easy is getting all seven plus billion Earthly souls to wake up and team up… to make Ono / Lennon’s lyrical and King’s oratorical dreams come true.



* TESTIMONIAL: As a keyboard novice, I managed to master Imagine quite quickly… with nary a glimpse at any sheet music.




Julian’s Virtuosity, Voice and Visage ~ Sunday Song Series

Our Sunday Song Series stays alive at Week #55, courtesy of the Julian Lennon composition… Sunday Morning.

Needless to say… but I’ll say it anyway… he certainly inherited his assassinated father’s virtuosity, voice and visage. Whenever we’re listening to Julian’s performances, we can close our eyes and imagine that John is still alive and well.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you’ll be back for our next Sunday Song… 7 days from now…





Julia Westlin More Than Covers Imagine ~ Vid of the Day

Torches can be both bad and good.

In the wrong hands… they can burn down the bridges which society (from time immemorial) has been struggling to build and bolster up… bridges intended to span cultures, races, religions, ideologies and whatever else needlessly divides us.

In the right hands… torches can light our path… hopefully help guide humanity to our mutual destination… better days… a better society… a better world.

At present, both within my homeland and throughout much of our world, misguided leaders’, ideological tsunamis have been threatening to wash out every bridge and extinguish each torch’s guiding light.

Alas, their paths forward have gone dark… they’ve all lost their way… they can only go backward to revisit backward eras. And since, in their small minds, “misery loves company”, they all try their damnedest to demoralize us… to drag us all down with them.

It’s no accident that they usually share a common, wicked goal… to stifle what should be inalienable human rights… especially freedom of press and speech. They would never want us to gain knowledge and strength from inspirational books and songs. For, when we wise up, it is we who become empowered… they who (eventually) get dethroned.

A musical composition such as John Lennon’s Imagine conveys his timeless, energizing, galvanizing message to promote peace AND this exemplifies how songs can serve in a dual capacity… both bridge and torch… to guide us to better days… a better society… a better world.

Folks, it’s hard to imagine there ever being any way to improve upon any of that… but… there actually is. That occurs during the playback of my featured Vid of the Day. This event is far, Far, FAR more than a cover of Imagine. We become eye and ear witnesses to Lennon’s intergenerational handing off of the torch to a younger recording artist… such as Julia Westlin.

And Julia’s cover rendition does provide just as sturdy a bridge… just as brilliant a guiding torch as John had supplied us… nearly one half century ago.

We can rest assured that there’s still hope, after all, for better days… a better society… a better world.




The New “Ballad” of John and Yoko… Imagine That!



Over the course of the past four plus decades, we’ve been hearing how the musical output from John Lennon and Paul McCartney, inarguably one of songwriting history’s most prolific teams, did not always involve 50/50 contributions to each and every finished composition.

Over the course of the past several days, we’re now finding out how the late Lennon’s widow, Yoko Ono, had made significant contributions to the classic rock song, Imagine… that she’s finally getting credit where credit is due… where credit has been long overdue. Oh, btw, that’s the way John had eventually realized it should be.

Their story has inspired my tribute to both of them… as follows…



The New “Ballad” of John and Yoko



So long, long ago; many scores, many years

John and Yoko, united, explored new frontiers

Noteworthy notions sprung forth from these two balladeers

The world they imagined spanned all hemispheres


In our world bankrupt of ethics; in deep, deep arrears

Ono, Lennon, faced down the facades and veneers

Confronted flawed biases, unfounded fears

Their sequenced bass, treble dots still, indeed, please our ears


Ideas beautiful, brainy, fleshed out their careers

Ideals heartfelt and heady, meshed like cogs of two gears

They transcended space/time, it strongly appears

Their shared vision enlightens, endures and endears


Yoko Ono, John Lennon, can be called pioneers

Imagine, their song, evokes tears, on two tiers

Their apt message and melody sure perseveres

To REALLY listen to them, could, too, make them two seers



99 Word Blog (#041) Ikatyas & Ifal Imagine Lennon’s World


On this fifteenth anniversary of 9/11, it’s tough to imagine a more unifying message than John Lennon’s Imagine… hard to imagine better messengers than Ikatyas & Ifal.

Accompanying songstress Ikatyas and guitarist Ifal… playing out like an unseen second instrument… is their palpable, heartwarming feeling of love. Their very visages contemporize and amplify Lennon’s sentiments… build strongly upon his rock solid cornerstone.

My interpretation… hopefully yours, too…

We must not prejudge everybody based on the bad actions of a few. Whenever folks act badly, it’s up to society to act humanely… if humanly possible help such troubled people reform.


Four-Play (Week #12) A Salute To 71


Welcome to my twelfth Internet Blogcast. This week’s program could also be subtitled “Senior Moments”… a nod to the facts that my four featured tracks were transcending the musical charts’ stratosphere during my high school senior year… AND that, at present, I’m considered (by our ageist society) to be a senior citizen.

For you hippies who just happened to be stumbling down life’s highway along with me… oh… say… c1971… this music will stir a few fond where-were-you-when moments… perhaps the lyrics / stringed instruments might even tug a heartstring or two?

For those who are younger (perhaps hippie wannabes?)… be adventurous and give these classics a listen anyway… they really are that good!

Turning now to routine Blogcast housekeeping duties…

Beneath the applicable song titles, below, you’ll find links to three must see / must hear cover versions.

And while we’re on the subject… I’ve gotta give a shout out to the talented YouTube videographers and performers… the sensory stirring sights and sounds you bring to my Blogcast are akin to the cosmic Big Bang redux.

For any of my listeners who may’ve missed previous shows and/or would like to hear encore performances they’re all neatly archived in my music category.

Well, at this point, here’s where I’d usually say…

“Blog response will be akin to Arbitron / Nielsen “radio ratings”… so… if you’ve enjoyed what you’ve heard, click that “Like” Star. Of course, comments are always welcome, too!”

However… since my ratings, to date, do not warrant my continuing, meet me back here… same time… same “station”… for my last Blogcast… you never can tell what you’ll be hearing seven days from now.

Long sigh… that’s about all I’ve got. Since the music speaks for itself… that’s my cue to shut up and deliver the goods…

Who ~ Behind Blue Eyes

Cover Performed by Grace Doty

Moody Blues ~ The Story In Your Eyes

Led Zeppelin ~ Stairway To Heaven

Cover Performed by Jess Greenberg

Cover Performed by Chloé

John Lennon ~ Imagine