A Back Door (Re)Entrance (NSFW?)

Preface: It’s becoming increasingly obvious that neither the Congressional Select Committee’s January 6th Hearings (into the insurrectionists’ attack upon the U.S. Capitol) nor the FBI’s and DOJ’s Investigation (into the classified documents dump at Mar-a-Lago) will result in even the slightest slap on the wrist retribution re Donald J. Trump; in spite of him signing into law, a 2018 bill which (re the latter caper), now brands him a suspected felon. It’s my consequent exasperation, which fuels the following essay; a blend of both farce and facts.


Figuratively Speaking (hopefully it’s not literally)…

Donald J. Trump’s acolytes are, indeed, a peculiar breed; little more than compulsive ass kissers.

Moreover, Trump’s TV / Interwebs talking heads, all serving at the pleasure of the XXX-prez, are all afflicted by such severe cases of Head Up (his) Ass Syndrome that, were it not anatomically impossible, we’d become witness to these rabid, radical propaganda ministers regularly committing unnatural, physical acts.

How about fleshing that out, you ask?

Well, to properly set up the obscene scene, first, imagine a cheery tune tooting out from a circus calliope and, next, as the drama builds, quick as a flash, everything comes to a head.

Cue the Circus Ringmaster…

“Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up to see each lined up behind Donald Trump contortionist / hack journalist, get their one chance to, first, ram the ol’ noggin up the XXX-prez’s pooper and, next, in sync with the drum roll’s rim shot, pop out of his piehole!”

Hey readers, the time is ripe for our collective, “eeewwww!”

Setting asside [sic] that fanciful, farcical circus scene…

Let’s take a look-see at praise / power junkie, potentate Trump, who’d go to any EXTREME to score, anew, that potent POTUS “fix” / cop that addictive political buzz.

Uh-oh, looks like a weird side effect is starting to crop up. Let’s watch as Donny’s ego engorged head soon rivals the diameter of planetary orb, Jupiter. (If that condition lasts longer than four hours, Donny had better place his Perfect Phone Call to his pal, Dr. Oz.)

And, while that (alleged) quack is medically evaluating his patient, that’ll gives us a chance to do a check up on the following humorless, below the belt, partisan political ploy, which could actually result in Trump’s premature (by two years) Back Door (Re)Entrance (into the DC Beltway Scene)…

Alas, following the 2022 Midterm Elections’ disastrous defeat of Democrats…

  • Come January 2023, Republicans take back the U.S. Senate and House
  • Since a House Speaker need not be elected, Republicans appoint Trump
  • Malefic House Republicans trump up charges to impeach President Biden
  • Senate Republicans put Biden on trial, convict and boot him out of office
  • The House and Senate ditto this evil plot re Vice President Kamala Harris
  • 2nd in the line of presidential succession would be House Speaker Trump

Alas, if any of that above, 6-Step Premonition actually happens, that’s when the never punished Donald J. Trump will, once again, be in power; be free to enslave / punish nearly all 8 Billion souls of planet Earth.




Be humans Vaxxed OR Unvaxxed, We
can still shed and spread the batcrap
crazy contagious coronavirus which,
in turn, spawns new variants; which,
in turn, could, eventually, render the
available vaccines worthless; which,
in turn, will drag out the pandemic’s
needless suffering, illness and death!

HENCE… this easy as pie, cover your
nose and pie-hole/hole-up heads-up:

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!










No Comeuppance invites the Comeback


It’s now going on forty-eight hours since domestic terrorists attacked my homeland’s capital city; since subversive rampaging assailants targeted a lifelong loved one of mine, namely, Lady Liberty. So, please bear with me if my overwrought feelings of heartache and righteous indignation impair my ability to adequately express myself.

While many of us have been down this road before; most notably during / following the 9/11 attacks and the Martin Luther King and Kennedy assassinations, take it from me, such experiences do little to make coping with this past Wednesday’s revolt any easier.

Even though no PhD’s in Psychiatry and Poli-Sci had been prerequisite for any thinking person to sense the pointless, needless, worthless, four-year-long, undercurrent of Trumpian tensions (all of which had sparked the DC siege), Wednesday’s insurrection had still been shocking / horrifying (and still is). I mean…

Here we had the (in title only) President of the United States of America, no less, utilizing / exploiting / bastardizing his bully pulpit; barking out his marching orders to trigger an assault against the United States of America, no less!

We then witnessed legions of HIS marauding domestic terrorists, cultists all, unconditionally and meticulously dotting every “i” / crossing every “t” of HIS dictates; committing unforgivable, heinous, seditious acts on HIS behalf!

What a crying shame that NEITHER the subversive leader NOR the misled have even the slightest inkling re what America is truly all about; what honest to God patriotism involves. Alas, long sigh, that’s to be expected when each of them has rocks within the cranium and a stone beneath the sternum.

If justice can still prevail, We the People must hold all of these insurrectionists accountable for their attempted coup d’état; punish each and every last damned one of these bastards, to the fullest extent allowed by law; inclusive of the 140 U.S. House Representatives, 12 U.S. Senators and the 1 (and thank God only) Donald J. Trump.

Re that last on the list entity, he must be removed from office, via either the 25th Amendment Section 4 or by Impeachment / Conviction.

As for Trump’s legislative branch co-conspirators, in particular, they, too, must be totally stripped of their power (whilst due process is doing its thing). And, as soon as guilty verdicts are handed down, their punishment should be inclusive of being forever banned from holding / seeking elective office.

Forgiving and forgetting is NOT an option! No comeuppance could only invite a comeback.

About the only good that has come out of this past Wednesday’s failed coup has been twofold:

The heightened awareness of our undying love for America!
The reminder that we must never, again, let down our guard!


Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Whistle-Blower Pooches & Political Dogs (Vid of the Day)


If it’s, indeed, true that the world is going to the dogs, let’s hope our clip’s three featured pooches are leaders of the pack.

Granted, humankind’s best friends are not always well-behaved. However, unlike some humans, when confronted, they oft display a far more refined, superior sense of right and wrong… are far more willing to fess up to their transgressions… to feel the shame they have brought upon themselves.

That’s far more than can be said about politicians… namely…

• A certain, snarling, growling, lying through his teeth, guilty as hell, blatantly blameworthy, big-name political dog, who, stunningly, insists the never-ending, ever-growing list of his dirty deeds is “perfect”.

• The pack of rabid, howling wolves, who always have his back.







Dumb Donald Rubs the Wrong Way (Vid of the Day)

Match Game had attained hit show status soon after Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather had become a big screen hit… also around the same time, the (perhaps) Godfather / Vito Corleone channeling, thuggish prez… Richard M. Nixon… was hitting political and personal rock bottom.

Anyway, had that fake prez not opted to abdicate and abscond, that days of yore commendable Congress… renown for bipartisanship / elevating the Constitution above the conman… would’ve certainly wound up impeaching, convicting and ousting Nixon.

Match Game’s question writers certainly had corrupt Corleone in mind… maybe even corrupt Nixon, too. Hell, they may’ve even been sufficiently clairvoyant to envision the present-day, impeached for corruption, Real Donald (who also fancies himself above the law).

Anyway, these wordsmiths wound up concocting our featured clip’s following, fill-in-the-blank, Dumb Donald question for emcee Gene Rayburn to pose to his contestant… thusly…

“The Godfather said to Dumb Donald, ‘I don’t think you’re
gonna work out as a hitman. When I told you to rub Louie
out, I didn’t mean you should use a – – – – BLANK – – – -‘”

Let’s all watch to find out how many celebs our contestant manages to match…







Let Freedom Ring (Vid of the Day)

Whenever any elected representative of The People believes he is above the law… arrogantly trots out his malevolent, virulent, malignant brand of totalitarianism… harbors a closed mind, stone heart and inert soul… appears barren of even one scintilla of remorse… he only serves his own interests. More to the point, he no longer serves in the best interests of The People… and deserves a punishment by The People… at a level which is directly proportional to his offensive conduct.

This past evening’s vote within the U.S. House of Representatives, which approved the two Articles of Impeachment of one Donald J. Trump, is only Step #1 of a much needed and long overdue, corrective, Constitutional process.

However… seeing how the Senate Majority Leader… one Mitch McConnell… so arrogantly marches in lockstep with his corrupt Oval Office puppeteer… this means that Step #2… the removal of the fake prez from the office he has sullied… will not be forthcoming.

Seeing how The Impeached appears to be oblivious to the seriousness of his offenses and, consequently, is totally incapable of rehabilitation, this means that, left unchecked, we can expect him to go on a seething with vengeance rampage in the days ahead.

Ergo, this American encourages Freedom’s champions… domestic and worldwide… to savor what little is left of our sweet Liberty. After all, if America deteriorates even further into a Fascist state, that falling “domino” could trigger the tumbling of other dominoes / nations, too.

I hereby echo lyricist Samuel Francis Smith’s “Let Freedom Ring” sentiment… the foundation to his song My Country ‘Tis of Thee… as sung by Aretha Franklin at President Barack Obama’s 2009 Inauguration Day ceremony… and dedicate our Vid of the Day to the United States… to the U.S… to all of us!






Dumb Donald Reads? (Vid of the Day)

On August 9, 1974, fake prez Tricky Dicky Nixon abdicated and absconded to avoid a virtually certain House impeachment and Senate conviction / ouster.

In that same era, Match Game’s creative (and perhaps clairvoyant) writers were thinking up fill-in-the-blank, Dumb Donald scenarios for game show emcee Gene Rayburn to pose to his contestants.

To paraphrase the proceedings from our Vid of the Day clip, Dumb Donald is so dumb that every morning, he opens the paper and reads the (BLANK) to see if his name is in it. Of course, we will need to overlook a bit of a glitch, which is in play here. All things considered, the Real Donald doesn’t read much of anything.

Anyway, how contestant Gloria responds is so fitting in describing this very December morning’s media-wide reality show… namely… the anticipated, impending impeachment of Donald J. Trump… which, FIGURATIVELY SPEAKING, is tantamount to his self-inflicted, political demise.

What makes this event especially tragic is that it never needed to go down like this. To stay out of trouble, all Trump had to do was play by all of the U.S. Constitution’s rules / honor his oath of office / elevate America’s interests above his own.

Or in lieu of that… he could’ve simply resorted to doing what he does best… e.g., babbling incoherently wherever he speaks, cheating on his wife, golfing and slamming down junk food while binge watching his fave FOX network’s propaganda ministers preaching / puking the fake news.







Sound Effects Enhanced Poll Numbers ~ Vid(s) of the Day

Normally, I wouldn’t put much faith in fiction-based FOX reportage (fake news). But, when their poll numbers take into account Donald J. Trump, who deems himself unaccountable to no one… when his pals fail to march in lockstep with what he demands of them (unconditional, shameless, saccharin, sycophantic flattery) such stats do become all the more damning.

FOX News has officially reported that 50% of registered voters want Trump impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives AND convicted / removed from office by the U.S. Senate. Considering how an additional 4% want him impeached sans removal from office, eventually, even they might deem it wise to show Putin’s Perfect Puppet the White House Exit Signs.

It’d be highly advisable for Republican Senators to immediately abandon the sinking fast, U.S.S. Trump. After all, when an actual at sea ship is taking on water… the Birkenhead Drill… i.e., that cardinal “women and children first rule”… doth apply.

Granted, these immensely and intensely partisan legislative hacks do, superficially masquerade as adults. But, when we truthfully assess / factor in their critical lack of emotional / developmental maturity, how could we not deem them children?

Children who’d even horrify the whiniest, screechiest Terrible Two Tyke who has ever thrown an epic, grand mal seizure of a temper tantrum (from time immemorial)…







I would like you to do us a favor, though (Take 2)

One of the problems with Donald J. Trump’s trying to shake down Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky, is this issue does not resonate well with average Americans… i.e., it does not “hit home” close enough.

Seeing how Robert Mueller left it up to Congress to punish Trump for hobnobbing with Russians, and how Donny assumed (correctly) that nobody would dare to even try, he also took that to mean that he could do whatever he damned pleases. To that end… in no time flat… he was on the phone with Zelensky.

Now, seeing how he’ll likely wind up Impeached by House Democrats and Exonerated by Senate Republicans… well… he WILL Quid Pro Quo again… and Again… AND AGAIN.

And let’s say his next dirty deal (attempt at extortion) does hit home… and hit hard, the average people (like you and me). Check out this sadistic, domestic, purely HYPOTHETICAL scenario…

PREFACE: Meet the pharmaceutical pioneer, Doctor Adam Zellweger (no relation to actor Renée) who, following decades of painstaking research and clinical trials on volunteer human test subjects, has discovered the most efficacious drug ever conceived by humankind… i.e., the miracle medicine that’ll instantaneously wipe all Cancer off the face of the Earth. The FDA is mere moments away from approving this wonder drug when…

Donny, ravenous for campaign dollars (to fund the unconstitutional bid for his 2032 reelection), picks up the phone to make his congratulatory call to Zellweger.

Trump: I’m calling to applaud you Dr. Zellweger. What you’ve done is tremendous, almost as tremendous as my attracting the largest applauding Inauguration Day crowds in American History in 2017, 2021, 2025 and 2029. Now, I do know you’re still in need of FDA approval for your tremendous drug… and I do have the power to speed up that process.… but… uh… I would like you to do us a favor though.

Zellweger: And what might that be?

Trump: Initially, you are to donate a $100 million lump sum to my campaign, so I can run for a tremendous fifth term as your tremendous president. And then, once you get FDA approval, once the billions of bucks start rolling in, I’ll start siphoning off your profits. Now, as your tremendous president and benefactor, I believe my tremendous services to you… my yuge influence in this matter… is worthy of a split of the profits… oh… say… 90/10.

Zellweger: So, let me get this straight. No FDA approval till I agree to your terms? I’ll bet that 90% will be your cut, too, huh?

Trump: Take it or leave it Doctor Z.

Zellweger: Do you realize that your causing the FDA to drag its heels will subject millions of cancer patients to needless agony and death?

Trump: Hey, that’d be all your fault, not mine. To save their lives, all you need do is do us that favor.

Well, my readers, what if Dr. Z opts not to knuckle under to Trump’s pressure? And what if, someday, it will be you, me or one of our loved ones lying, crying and dying in that hospice bed?

Today’s hypothetical scenario could easily become tomorrow’s life or death, reality show.

Such a story amply demonstrates why a House Impeachment and a Senate Conviction / Ouster is in order… and long overdue.








Liar Liar DeCeit Liars! (Vid of the Day)

Attn song parodists / videographers: With a judicious updating of the lyrical / visual content, Liar Liar could become the perfect tune for Washington DeCeit’s imperfect times.

From the oh btw dept: This song is especially dedicated to anyone who can be deemed a pathological liar, deceiver, fibber, fabricator, equivocator, perjurer. That duly noted…

Howdy WordPress visitors: Although it’s tough to track down a song that’ll cover each unique, ensuing, ideological crisis, thanks to Debbie Harry’s cover of the Castaways’ Liar Liar and her videographer’s incorporation of thuggish criminal visuals, the overall effect does tend to support what we suspect is going down within the bowels of the White House… a.k.a. DT’s smoke filled, War Room think tank… correction… within his think tank of non-thinkers

Now, as for what, exactly, these conspirators might be conniving, who the hell knows? Perhaps a plot (or two or three) that’d be tantamount to… worst case scenario… selling out America to a ruthless dictator (whose shortened first name rhymes with BAD)?

At the very least, such evil machinations could interfere with a blogger’s ability to expose the tru







Impeach the President ~ Vid of the (Election) Day

Back in the early 1970s, Tricky Dicky Nixon was every bit the crook he adamantly claimed not to be. Consequently, he was facing down the all too real prospects of both House impeachment and Senate conviction. Only his fight or flight political instincts, favoring the latter, spared him the Constitutional ouster / indignity he truly deserved.

About twenty months prior to that outcome, a funk band, The Honey Drippers (with Nixon in mind) had recorded the aptly titled tune… Impeach the President.

Seeing how its composer, Roy Charles Hammond (a.k.a. Roy C), was / is quite the savvy lyricist, he had intentionally kept the lyrics sufficiently ambiguous to extend this song’s shelf-life. Indeed, this song does translate well into our Trumpian times.

And seeing how America’s voting booths are open for biz this very Tuesday, what better day to make Impeach the President our Vid of the (Election) Day.

Let’s give a listen to The Representatives’ 2017 cover version…