9/11’s Wars Only Filled Coffins and Emptied Coffers


On this 16th anniversary of 9/11, America’s darkest day in recent history, it would’ve been far too easy for this blogger to extensively lambaste America’s alleged ruler of that era… fault him for ignorantly or indolently or intentionally failing to heed a key intelligence briefing… one which would’ve provided him five full weeks to try to thwart that terrorist attack.

That squandered opportunity resulted in nearly 3,000 dead and over 6,000 injured on 9/11, itself, and, subsequently enabled war profiteers to make a killing (both figurative and literal) once the U.S. got entangled in two, ill-conceived, unwarranted wars. By some accounts both endless, never to be won battles, to date, have slaughtered 1,000,000 innocent souls… while bleeding humanity and the U.S. treasury dry. In other words…

All we have to show for the war on terror are filled coffins and emptied coffers.

Now, if you think my three above paragraphs are too strong and too long, you should’ve seen my three-pager word document, re this same subject matter, which never hit the www on this day!

Just so there’s no misunderstanding… I totally despise all terrorists especially ISIS, al Qaida, the Nazi Party and the Ku Klux Klan. However, we can never expect conventional wars to ever combat and conquer any of these deplorable insane, intracranial ideologies. Indeed, terrorism’s specific latitude and longitude cannot be found on any world map, which makes the boots on the ground approach obsolete… which makes a damned fool out of any leader, who’d ever declare a war on terror.

The best way to thwart terrorism is to end nutritional and intellectual starvation wherever it’s found in our world… to see that everyone makes full use of their God given (or if you’d prefer) their innate talents… to not stand in the way of every industrious individual’s progress. When nearly everyone has a purpose in life… feels fully contented with their lot in life… it will become nearly impossible for any terrorist recruiter’s sales pitch to ever gain any traction.

True, that’s a tall order to fill and will take considerable time and effort… but that’s true of all worthwhile endeavors. And the sooner we, as a society wise up, the better.



99 Word Blog (#046) Pence’s Man Crush


Donald Trump’s running mate, Mike Pence, recently said that, if elected, he’d be a strong VP… just like Dick Cheney.

Treasonous Cheney, the Constitution gutting, de facto president, who had morphed W Bush into a puppet and ventriloquist’s dummy.

Sociopathic Cheney, who had perpetuated flat out whoppers about WMD to justify attacking Iraq, squandered $1.1 TRILLION to wage that needless war, gleefully slaughtered THOUSANDS of U.S. troops and 1 MILLION innocent Iraqi civilians, waterboarded and tortured enemies of his own making, plundered Iraq’s oil AND spawned ISIS.

Well, Mike Pence has just proven himself strong alright… his stench is overpowering.


99 Word Blog (#034) Ann Coulter’s Callousness


Dear Ms. Coulter,

Please don’t deem this a compliment. Your branding Khizr Khan “a snarling Muslim” (during your Andrew Bolt interview) makes you out to be a mean-spirited, savagely partisan, opportunistic, stick figure entity.

FYI… the Khan family is still grieving. Their young son, Humayun, died heroically in W’s fraudulent, unwarranted Iraq war… defending an America where Muslims constantly live under unfounded suspicion’s dark storm clouds… clouds roiled up by xenophobic, haughty, insensitive ingrates… such as you.

RE your private little wittle war… stand down… stop verbally abusing Khizr Khan and his family… they’ve already suffered too damned much!

99 Word Blog (#028) “Just Following Orders”


That phrase fabricates the lamest, flimsiest excuse ever uttered by war criminals found up and down the military chain of command.

“Just” following scramble-brains Hitler’s orders unleashed the Holocaust… the slaughter of six million innocent Jewish people… bombed beyond recognition European real estate and infrastructure.

“Just” following sociopath GW Bush’s orders resulted in a latter-day Holocaust… one million innocent Muslims annihilated… and still counting. W’s trumped up war laid waste to Mesopotamia… the cradle of civilization.

What would happen if troops were “Just” following delusional Donald Trump’s mucked up orders? How many more millions would die?

Bad Political Traits Oft Breed True

America’s Founding Fathers had conceived of the Electoral College to prevent voters from picking pathetic presidents. Unfortunately, too frequently, these College “students” have “flunked out”. They’ve failed to perceive negative character traits and ideological mutations, which pollute the political gene pool… breed true… resulting in one lousy administration propagating the next.

Let’s assign a title to this political procreative process…

The Book of Political Genesis

In the beginning there was Ronald Reagan’s revolting régime… which begat George H.W. Bush’s thousand points of blight… which begat Bill Clinton’s Animal House Oval Office… which begat war criminal / torturer George W. Bush’s reign of terror…

Ronald Reagan ~ In violation of Logan Act of 1799 (which expressly forbids private citizens from meddling in foreign affairs), private citizen Reagan executed an end run around President Jimmy Carter to cut a secret, dirty deal with Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini, who agreed to delay releasing his 52 U.S. Embassy hostages. That made Carter look wimpy in the eyes of the voters and, in turn, assured Reagan victory. Reagan’s payoff to Khomeini was providing him sufficient quantities of US arms and spare parts to help Iran fight their war against Iraq.

In essence, Reagan had prolonged the hostages’ misery… indeed, had endangered their very lives… just for his own political gain.

With that dirty deal with Iran under his belt, Ronnie then raged onward to mercilessly bust labor unions and, via Reaganomics, devastate the American / global economy… plunge the middleclass into poverty… the already impoverished into abject squalor.

George H.W. Bush ~ Reagan’s VP succeeded his X-boss and succeeded at heaping yet another four years’ worth of Reaganomics manure upon the downtrodden masses. He wound up mucking up the U.S. economy so badly that the PO’d voters were more than ready to vote for a Democrat, instead.

Bill Clinton ~ His “It’s the economy, stupid,” presidential campaign catchphrase resonated well with average Jane and Joe voters. He had successfully ridden the tidal wave of voter discontent to rid America of GHWB.

Alas, Billy Boy’s inability to keep his pants zipped up only served to screw up his image. His Republican opponents constantly had him in political CYA mode. In other words, Billy’s infamous female intern, Monica Lewinsky, had helped him blow away a brighter future for America.

And that, in turn, tarnished the image of Clinton’s VP, Al Gore, who had had high hopes for perpetuating eight more years of Democratic Party values. Instead, Billy’s sexcapades had put the voters into a “throw the bums out” mood, which had afforded Gore’s Republican opponent, George W. Bush, the ILLUSION of maturity, morality and respectability.

George W. Bush ~ Knowing he could not win merely on smoke and mirrors, alone, he needed help. Entering stage (far) right was Florida Governor (and W’s own brother) Jeb, who gleefully corrupted the Sunshine State… morphed it into a devoid of free elections Banana Republic “nation”. The net result was a too close to call tally of that state’s ballots.

Following Election Day, for over one month, the political firestorm blazed. The flames were soon licking at the doors of the corrupt U.S. Supreme Court, where five rabidly unscrupulous, archconservative judges practically soiled their underwear in ecstasy while coming to the aid of the lawless Bush family. It hadn’t bothered them, in the least that their ruling had denied Al Gore the recount, which he had been legally entitled to. All that mattered to them was installing the corrupt King George II.

But, after only seven months in office, W had grown listless and bored. Ergo, he decided to take a much-undeserved vacation. So eager to slack off, he had flipped off his August 6, 2001 Presidential Daily Briefing… an ominous heads up, titled:

“Bin Laden Determined To Strike in US”

Had W heeded that warning, as it turned out, he would’ve had five weeks to beef up America’s defenses. Seeing how W had chosen not to lift one finger to thwart al Qaeda’s evil plot to take out America… did zip zero nothing to preserve, protect and defend America while Osama’s assault was going down… it becomes easy for us to conclude that the Bush 43 admin had actually wanted America to be attacked.

Even worse, W’s wranglers put a spin on his getting caught with his CIC pants down… created the flat out ILLUSION that their little wittle boy president was a big badass, courageous leader (well at least they correctly assessed the “ass” part of his image).

What ensued next was not a pretty picture. W opted to go to war against an ideology… one, which knows no specific geographical location. He first deployed the troops to bomb the crap out of Afghanistan’s boulders and dirt and then trained his crosshairs on Iraq’s oil.

W told bald-faced lies to the U.S. Senate to give them the impression that Saddam Hussein had ties to 9/11… to successfully dupe Senators into green lighting a bogus war against Iraq.

Ergo, on March 19, 2003, W needlessly deployed U.S. troops… unnecessarily put them in harms way. The resultant destabilization of that entire region has made our world a far more dangerous place.

As of my blog posting time, war criminal mass murderer / torturer W is the butcher who slaughtered an estimated 251,000 people, inclusive of 4,497 American troops.

Barack Obama ~ His administration has been the rare exception… one where recessive, good political traits have surfaced. Enjoy them while they last because his likely successor will be…

Donald Trump ~ He exhibits outrageously inappropriate ignorant, insensitive, incendiary, sexist, and racist attitudes which are totally unpresidential and do not represent what the real America is all about.

But, he is correct about one thing. His telling us the 2016 November elections will be rigged. But, what he isn’t telling us is that he will be the one who’ll be rigging them. Most assuredly, he has the wherewithal to muck everything up just to try to sate his own massive ego and political lust.

Since the Electoral College “class of 2016” is likely to flunk out just like their predecessors… Trump’s bad political traits will breed true. As for what that will begat?

Honoring Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan

First and foremost, I hope you’ve viewed the events presented in my blog’s intro clip… or are already familiar with them. Secondly, I would not be upset, in the least, if you read no further than the next paragraph. That said…

Please take a moment to honor the 27-year-young, Muslim-American Army Capt. Humayun S.M. Khan, who while serving America in Baquabah, Iraq, defended his infantry unit against a gate crashing vehicle… sacrificed his own life to save the lives of his comrades in arms when an IED, which the car had been carrying, exploded.

Now, for those of you who are still with me…

Just for a moment, consider how you’d feel if you lost someone near and dear to you… be they soldier or civilian. If you’re one of millions like me… there’s no need to imagine. While survivors coping with the loss of loved ones is difficult, we can take some solace if the deceased had lived long enough to at least realize some of their hopes and dreams… that does help assuage our grief… allows us to gradually heal (a bit) and then (reluctantly) move on.

But what if death occurs under tragic circumstances and at an early age, the way young Captain Khan had perished? Worse yet, he (and every other soldier deployed to Iraq) had been needlessly put in harms way by a corrupt, archconservative administration loaded with chickenhawk war criminals. Worst of all is the fact that Khan had been defending a severely sectarian America… one where his being a Muslim garnered him, to put it mildly, ugly disrespect and unfounded suspicion. All of these factors have got to make his survivors’ grieving process triply difficult (if not more).

Now, let’s trade off a literal warzone for a figurative one… i.e., Captain Khan’s 2004 battle in Iraq for Clinton’s and Trump’s 2016 battle for the White House.

Here we witness hotheaded Donald Trump, who is pissed off over Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party gaining political traction from their raising awareness about Captain Khan’s valor. While Clinton’s noble intentions could, far too easily, be misconstrued as exploitation, need I remind that Humayun’s mother, Ghazala, and father, Khizr, both freely consented to appear at the Democratic National Convention?

In fact, their having stood upon the world stage to call attention to their son’s service to America AND to set the record straight that NOT ALL Muslims are terrorists… has got to help ease their grieving process. Considering the emotional pain they’ve suffered, America owes them this type of closure… indeed providing them such a forum has been twelve long years overdue.

The actual exploiter, here, is Donald Trump, himself. This is where the two presidential campaign trails drastically part ways.

Clinton is walking the compassionate high road. Hers is the voice of REASON… worthy of respect all around the civilized world.

As for Trump? He takes the lowest of the low roads imaginable. To HIM, it’s all about HIM… it ALWAYS has been about HIM… and ALWAYS shall be ONLY about HIM. His is the voice of TREASON.

He is a heartless, totally devoid of human feelings, madman… the poster boy for terrorist recruiters. He plays right into the hands of ISIS, al Qaeda, lone wolf terrorists, NRA gun nuts, autocrats, plutocrats, bigots, boneheads and other assorted, sordid miscreants and barbarians.

You see, Trump feels (if “feels” is even the operative word)… “feels” (more like worries) that if enough of his stonehearted, knuckleheaded, xenophobic, Islamophobic supporters were to become emotionally moved by the story of a selfless Muslim heroically defending America… dying in the line of duty… that this could blow even bigger holes in Donny’s entire, narrow-minded, political premise than already exist… endanger his chances of “taking out” the White House come Inauguration Day… January 20, 2017.

IF… Trump were even capable of feeling anything remotely resembling compassion… OR, at least, was intelligent… OR, if nothing else, was marginally, politically savvy… OR, at bare minimum, was capable of playacting out some, GOP orchestrated apology ploy… OR could express some of their paint by the numbers, heavily scripted, hollow sorrow… OR could muster his own too little / too late, just phone it in phony “I’m sorry”…

IF… he could halt his birdbrained crowing… remove his size 16 EEEEE foot from his mouth long enough to eat the humble pie, which we, the decent people, worldwide, have been correctly heaping upon this aristocrat’s gold plated platter…

THEN… by now, Trump would’ve honored Humayun Khan… extended his heartfelt condolences to his surviving family and friends… admitted to everyone that that Trump-one-size-fits-all type of terrorist uniform, MOST ASSUREDLY, DOES NOT fit all Muslims.

But self-centered Trump rages on and on and on. In the very acts of trying to defend his indefensible conduct, he has only served to prove how indescribably indefensible his words and deeds truly are.

As the common sense wisdom goes… when you’ve dug yourself into a hole, the first rule is to stop digging. Hmmm… one would think that such a maxim would be well known to a “successful” businessman, such as Trump.

Does he actually believe any of his inflammatory rhetoric will douse the firestorm of mounting anti-Trump public opinion? For example, Trump tweeted…

Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our “leaders” to eradicate it!

8:57 AM – 31 Jul 2016 – New Jersey, USA, United States

See what I mean? He’s still wearing his rabble-rouser ringleader costume… he is still acting(?) like a butcher tossing more red meat to his ravenous, reptilian supporters.

Worse yet, Trump has even ridiculed Khan’s own mother for not speaking at the DNC… his bristling with intolerance insinuation being what? That Muslim women are not allowed to have a voice?

Odd that he’d attempt to trump up false charges that a religion would muzzle women when he recently silenced a woman! I mean look who’s talking… and, in this case, not talking. Check out the following clip, where a Muslim woman… Rose Hamid… not even uttering one syllable… merely standing in silent protest at a campaign rally, gets promptly removed by Trump’s own security guard.

In reality, Trump was/is ostracizing Captain Khan’s mother, who is still so grief-stricken that, had she attempted to express herself publicly at last week’s DNC, in all likelihood, she would’ve never completed the very first sentence of her speech without an accompanying flood of tears.

And, little doubt, had she wound up crying, a bleating, tweeting, raging out of control Donald Trump would now be insensitively, wildly ranting and raving… railing out against her for doing so… perhaps even claiming she was faking it.

X P.M. John Howard’s Dystopia

Yesterday, I blogged re the 20th anniversary of Australia’s Port Arthur Massacre and how, in the 1996 aftermath, (then) Prime Minister John Howard had ushered in strong gun control laws… those efforts creating a dramatic reduction in mass shooting incidents.

Originally I had (naïvely) thought, “Wow… what a great man!” I mean what could be more dramatic than ZERO such incidents over the past two decades?

Well… long sigh… as it turns out… re Howard… there IS a lot of drama… and none of it good. More about that in a moment.

The first order of biz, this day, is my shout out to a fellow blogger who hails from Australia. His comment on yesterday’s posting alerted me to the fact that gun control is the ONLY good thing Howard ever accomplished during his tenure as P.M.

As for the second order of biz, I decided to dig deeper into Howard’s ideology. And, folks, unless you’re in the habit of inviting Big Brother over for a political cup of tea, I strongly recommend that you have an airsick bag within reach.

While you’re readying that receptacle… check out this video…

Political analyst Tony Kevin now adds his voice:

“I have a bleaker view of the Howard years. Only time will tell if my case is overstated. I see Howard as a disruptive and dangerous national leader. His rule is steadily degrading the values of our society and corrupting its political institutions. The longer he stays in power, the more the checks and balances of our society will crumble. We will continue our slow slide towards an Australian model of fascism.”

“Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. That is why checks and balances are crucial to the health of democratic systems. They are the grit in the gears of government machinery, preventing excessive concentration of power.”

The 10 Specific Lowlights to John Howard’s Dystopia…

1. Howard exploited the war on terror just like George W. Bush had… fear mongered his people into xenophobic paranoia. Since he kept these citizens in the dark and fed them a ton of BS, one Deputy Prime Minister referred to this as “Howard’s Mushroom Club”.

2. He deployed Australian troops to fight in W’s (provoked on flat out lies) Iraq War. Just like W, he posed in photo ops with soldiers for political gain.

3. Howard jailed innocent women and children refuges behind the barbed wire of Hell-hole concentration camps and deported Australians. His “One Australia” had been mere window-dressing for his vile white-supremacist movement. He enforced social and cultural conformism… denied Aboriginal people their universal land rights. Indeed… in his narrow vision… only those who did not clash with the bleak, homogenized Howard motif need “apply”.

4. He called all the shots… decided what issues would / would not be brought up for national debate. Dissenting Parliamentarians risked ending their carriers. He also stacked the court system with likeminded, mindless, spineless, political hack judges.

5. Howard dispatched thought police to quash the freethinking nature of universities and think tanks… marginalizing any and all voices of differing POVs.

6. He dominated the actual police forces and bestowed totalitarian powers upon them… with zero oversight they could not / could never be reined in by anyone. All department whistle blowers were vulnerable to punishment… naysayers escorted to the exit signs. Career advancement was based solely on being a good little toady.

7. Howard allowed only token dissenters to maintain the illusion of a fair and balanced MSM. With everyone else on board with tapping into Orwellian concepts, mendacity ruled.

8. He went on expensive overseas junkets while excluding the press corps from his aircraft.

9. Howard busted up labor unions and dismantled the eight-hour day, pensions and other benefits.

10. He implemented teach to the test and “values” lessons within public schools (an idiotic lesson he had also learned from mentor/moron W).

You can read more in depth about those above 10 items…

Check out the blogs by political analysts John Pilger and Peter Charlton ~ Tony Kevin.

Now, to once more quote Kevin…

“Here is the real story of the Howard years. We no longer live in a healthy, self-correcting democratic system, but in an expanding, albeit still “soft-authoritarian”, system of corporate national power. While leading elites remain mostly quietly complicit, dissenters look on in horror as our national pride is devalued and our freedoms are dismantled.”

About all I can add to those sentiments…

That Howard put an end to mass shooting incidents is to be commended. True that has saved lives… but it can also be argued… and I might add convincingly so… that those who remained alive were not / are not really living. To quote Randy California’s song lyric…

“Just where will you be when your freedom is dead?”

To tap into that lyrical Spirit… hear out the rest of California’s sentiments…