The Save Humanity Grand Prize


I hope my analogy will, somehow, be of some use to someone, somewhere, within our Coronavirus, shut down world.

It took nine months’ worth of “isolation” for most of us to be born.

OK… full disclosure… I “busted out” one month early, but hey, once Mother Nature had said, “get out”, neither my own mother nor I really had all that much say in the matter. While I have, since, lived a long life, this has not been sans some noticeable complications (those details deferrable to another blog… another day).

But… to get back on topic and cut to the chase scene…

In a manner of speaking / speaking selflessly… we, who, wholeheartedly desire to prevent this damned pandemic from decimating / relegating us to the ranks of a doomed to extinction, endangered species… have fully accepted our mission… have kept our eye on the Save Humanity Grand Prize.

As such, we, the amenable / faithful, have been heeding our doctors’ orders to observe social distancing / isolation protocols… in a sense, we’ve reentered the figurative womb and are now awaiting the optimal time to be reborn.

Granted, Coronavirus has presented a whole new learning curve for the medical community to cope with (for them this is akin to OJT). As such, neither they nor we, at present, can divine, precisely, how long we will need to remain “in utero”. But there is one certainty in play…

Were we to be reborn prematurely, that would present a whole new set of inconsistent-to-life complications.

To avoid such a needless fate, let’s continue to keep our eye on the Save Humanity Grand Prize… in other words…

If any science denying, ignorant and impatient leader ever barks out his ill-advised, ill-timed “get out” command… to expressly countermand the learned, best advice of our medical community… let’s make damned sure to defy him.

Telling him where to go, too, would not be a bad idea, either.


My parting message to you… stay well! If you are ailing, you have my hopes and prayers for a full, speedy recovery. Wherever, whenever we discover a leadership vacuum, it’ll be incumbent on us to do everything we can to save our lives. Please stay safe by continuing to heed the following common sense, disease fighting advice…

[1] Practice good hygiene (scrub hands often at least 20 seconds), [2] Cover coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Social distancing (remain 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] avoid large crowds or (ideally) just stay at home and [6] if ill, self quarantine.






Let’s play the Bad News / Good News / Bottom Line game!


BAD NEWS: Donald J. Trump is hell bent on defying his own Coronavirus Task Force. That temperamental, money-grubber’s planned noncompliance would pit his own crass, craven political ambitions against the best, science-based advice of the coolheaded, Medical Doctors Jerome Adams (Surgeon General), Anthony S. Fauci, Deborah L. Birx and Robert R. Redfield.

BOTTOM LINE: That avarice driven, corrupt businessman’s deadly intent will prematurely reopen America for biz by relaxing vital to humankind’s survival, social distancing / isolation protocols.

GOOD NEWS: Since, all along, it’s been the Governors who’ve been shutting down their respective states, only they can reopen the homeland.

BOTTOM LINE: Good Governors might outwit an Evil Nitwit.

BAD NEWS: It would not be beyond the Narcissist / Terrorist Trump to punish each governor who flat-out refuses to kiss his ass / knuckle under to his deadly demands.

BOTTOM LINE: Such Trumpian retribution would likely involve his heartless plot to cut off financial and medical aid earmarked for the plague states. For hundreds of thousands…. maybe even tens of millions… of Coronavirus stricken and sickened Americans that would mean needless suffering for some… premature, pointless death for others.

GOOD NEWS: That latter group will be cured of their Coronavirus infections and freed from Trumpian tyranny.

BOTTOM LINE: They’ll be cordially invited to attend that Big Family Reunion in the Sky

BAD NEWS: Coronavirus Round II… akin to the 2nd Shot Heard Around The World… will reassert itself with a vengeance.

BOTTOM LINE: Best case scenario? Humankind will wind up an endangered species. Worst case scenario? We’ll go extinct.

GOOD NEWS: My worst fears nearly never come true. Posting them on the www, might even be setting myself up for the embarrassment of being proven dead wrong.

BOTTOM LINE: I could live with that. And so could you.


To all who’ve stopped by on this day, I wish you well! To all who are ailing, my hopes and prayers for a full, speedy recovery. Please stay safe by continuing to heed the following common sense, disease fighting advice…

[1] Practice good hygiene (scrub hands often at least 20 seconds), [2] Cover our coughs and sneezes, [3] Avoid touching eyes, nose and mouth, [4] Social distancing (remain 2 meters / 6 feet apart [5] avoid large crowds or (ideally) just stay at home and [6] if ill, self quarantine.





Thinking Theo-Logically? Theo-Illogically?


As I cast forth these words onto the www, I am overheated by a fired up, coronavirus related ague. Not to worry… in all likelihood, this is no more than a bad case of cabin fever. As such, my mind may’ve become inflamed with delirium… if not utter madness. I’ll leave it up to any cooler headed souls, who may happen by, to determine whether or not my following content is straitjacket worthy… or not…

There’s been some speculation, out there, that the epidemiologists’ and tacticians’ response to the Coronavirus Pandemic (in particular, their social distancing and hunkering down in isolation advice to the masses) has actually driven countless couples… with nothing better to do… to… uh…

To keep this post family friendly / PG-13 rated, let’s just say that as I type these words… as you read them… the amorously-inclined are igniting a nine month long fuse… one which will lead up to a population explosion / baby boom… along about December 25th. No need to mark that down on our calendars… obviously… it already is.

In the Grand Scheme, that cause and effect relationship doth make perfect sense. After all, in the wake of that damned, deadly pathogen, it’d be Mother Nature’s way of… shall we say… kissing and making up?

Or is my premise inherently ill-conceived? Considering the ability for infected, asymptomatic victims to spread this contagion… would not the actual kiss… that typically initiates such interacting… be akin to the kiss of death… namely… the demise of each mommy, daddy and baby-to-be? Anyway, if everyone IS practicing social distancing… shall we say… religiously… how could the required intimacy even come about?

It is that very December 25th timing element (btw… nine months from tomorrow), which now sends my alleged mind soaring… up, up and away… into free association / Biblical mode. Thoughts do flash back… way back… to a Conception of the Immaculate variety… and how this could all relate to healing a multitude of our contemporary ills.

The Second Immaculate Conception could be salvation for whatever will be left of humankind. Fortunately, for us, no disaster, this godforsaken pandemic included, is ever 100 percent efficient. Ergo, the souls who do manage survive will understandably and desperately be in need of an honest to God, spiritual leader’s guidance.

Indeed, my friends, this could be humanity’s do-over in-the-making (as it were).

Let us hope that all, who outlive us, Shalt Not squander the second chance, which such a Second Coming would offer up.







Dedicated to StrangeLand Dwellers ~ Vid of the Day

Leon Russell and Don Preston’s Stranger in a Strange Land, is our Vid of the Day. Ever since this song’s May 1971 release, I’ve deemed their lyrical masterpiece akin to an anthem dedicated, especially, to the world’s extraordinary, ordinary people.

Who, among us, has not experienced varying degrees of stranger-in-a-strange-land alienation… i.e., been at the mercy of merciless, ego and power tripping ideologues who sadistically weaponize poverty, isolation, racism, sexism and every other nasty “ism” under the sun.

On a more musical note… it’s a foregone conclusion that not every one of you will share my graying musical tastes. Therefore, to more than halve the 4:02 playback time…

I’ve cued up this clip to the 2:25 index… i.e., the point where Russell / Preston and YouTube videographer Tim Wozny team up to drive home their message in earnest. Obviously, by rewinding to 0:00, you can still opt for the complete playback, too.

OR, for another time saver option, check out this song’s wisdom in text format…

“Well, I don’t exactly know what’s going on in the world today. Don’t know what there is to say about the way the people are treating each other, not like brothers. Leaders take us far away from ecology with mythology and astrology. Has got some words to say about the way we live today. Why can’t we learn to love each other. It’s time to turn a new face to the whole world wide human race; stop the money chase. Lay back, relax; get back on the human track. Stop racing toward oblivion. Oh, such a sad, sad state we’re in. And that’s a thing. Do you recognize the bells of truth when you hear them ring? Won’t you stop and listen to the children sing?”