Juneteenth 2020

Fast Facts:

Who: Enslaved African-Americans
and General Major Gordon Granger

What: Federal Order to Abolish Slavery
a.k.a. General Order No. 3

Where: Galveston, Texas

When: June 19, 1865 (Juneteenth)

Why: Because humans beings are NOT
property to be bought and sold!

Said Granger…

“The people of Texas are informed that, in accordance with a proclamation from the Executive of the United States, all slaves are free. This involves an absolute equality of personal rights and rights of property between former masters and slaves, and the connection heretofore existing between them becomes that between employer and hired labor.”

My commentary…

In spite of…

• President Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation on September 22, 1862, which along with the U.S. Constitution’s 13th Amendment, became the law of the land on January 1, 1863… and…

• The U.S.A. fighting the Civil War (April 12, 1861 ~ April 9, 1865) and ultimately defeating the Confederacy… and

• Granger’s above mentioned post war oratory…

to this very day, June 19, 2020, people of color are still not free in every sense of that word, here in America.

And far too many of today’s racist “lawmen” are doing their damnedest to enforce that ugly reality, on behalf of the racist descendants of Civil War era treasonous secessionists / enemies of the United States.

To this very day, these odious offspring still fly / wave the Stars and Bars and revere their flag even more than the Stars and Stripes. These latter-day, unrepentant rebels still go apoplectic whenever civilized people remind them of the brutality / inhumanity which their butt-ugly flag stands for and/or mention that it’s high time they topple and meltdown their F’d up worthless, bric-a-brac statuary, which they’ve erected to honor their dishonorable confederate generals and, simultaneously, remind all people of color that they are still oppressed.

Mind you, we are talking about statuary to exalt THEIR “war heroes”, whose reprehensible conduct makes them unworthy of the bird droppings that duly decorate them.

As if all of that weren’t bad enough already, if those racist a-hole law enforcers ever need anyone to embolden them… to say, “More power to you!”, they can always count on racist a-hole Donald J. Trump who, little doubt, deems them “good people”. After all, fake prez Trump probably fancies himself the de facto successor to the original fake prez Jefferson Davis.

While true Americans wholeheartedly wish that President Lincoln’s proclamation, as spoken by General Granger, had been the final word in this matter… well… on this Juneteenth 2020… there’s ample evidence that the Civil War never really ended. Backing such a claim…

People of color are now demonstrating in the streets… and during a pandemic, no less…. fighting for their Constitutionally guaranteed freedoms / their very lives… protesting the racially profiling cops / the police brutality which, with ever increasing frequency, has meant judge, jury and executioner cops are meting out the death penalty to black arrestees… mind you… those who are suspected of committing non-violent, minor offenses.

Protestors have been attempting to get the attention of a fake prez, who’s eyes and ears are not connected to a fully functional brain. As such, he erroneously concludes that the only way to deal with folks protesting police brutality is to illegally command his troops to ram his police state magnitude, police brutality down their throats.

Is it any wonder that the last Earthly words of at least 32 victims of police brutality have been “I can’t breathe“… among them Eric Garner and George Floyd.

The road to freedom and recovery, if ever found, will be blocked by white supremacist obstructionists, masquerading as Americans… their “king” taking on the function of the unmovable 159kg / 350lb orange road cone / pylon.

Only free elections can remove him… that is… if free elections even exist anymore…







Ol’ Yuge Nates Celebrates His Natal Day

June 14th is Donald J. Trump’s 74th birthday. There is many an adage about how age and wisdom “walk” hand-in-hand. Alas, such sayings are not applicable to the fake prez. Hell, based upon his maturity level, most of us would expect to find only 4 lit candles atop his birthday cake… or is that 4 miniature, burning KKK crosses?

Stateside, June 14th is also Flag Day. One wonders if this national holiday, to honor the Stars and Stripes, will find the literal, flag hugger Trump “getting it on” with Old Glory (as seen in our above YouTube clip). If so, he could easily stain the Red, White and Blue with his Bozo the Clown, orange hued makeup… and that’d smack of desecration!

Beyond that? Well… seeing how, deep down, Trump pledges allegiance to Grand Wizard / Klansman David Duke… and the late, original fake prez, Jefferson Davis, would that not mean he’s been cheating on the Confederacy’s Stars and Bars (i.e. when he hugs the Stars and Stripes)? But let’s reserve further discussion of that for another blog, another day.

For countless weeks, leading up to the celebration of Donny’s bygone, non-blessed event, there has been a veritable blitzkrieg of shameless YouTube advertisements… i.e., begging / bullying fools to stroke the Birthday Boy’s preexisting, gargantuan ego by signing his natal day card and heaping on a S-load of accolades.

One has to wonder if his underlings have also, somehow, managed to sweet-talk porn star Stormy Daniels, into showing up, today, to spank his Fascist fanny 74 times with a rolled up magazine?

But, sarcasm aside, let’s put this entire birthday matter into the proper perspective… juxtapose it against the backdrop of the epidemiological, socioeconomic and environmental disasters, which have all gone down on Donny’s “watch”.

This past January, We the People had little choice but to stand by, helplessly, while being eyewitness to Donny’s barren of science, magical thinking, non-response to the looming coronavirus crisis. His grave error resulted in a national pandemic that will be damned near impossible to ever fully recover from… especially the nearly 118,000 dead Americans (and still counting), who, obviously, will not be celebrating their next birthdays.







Is it wrong to call out the hypocrisy?

Yesterday was Memorial Day… a solemn holiday to honor U.S. soldiers who… from the earliest moments in American History… have made the ultimate sacrifice in battles to secure freedom for their compatriots… to liberate oppressed peoples here and abroad. We, who have been the beneficiaries of their heroism and selflessness, must, forever, feel indebted to them… I know those are my heartfelt sentiments.

So, why am I one day late in stating them?

My silence was out of respect to these heroes. My sense of decorum would not allow me to go anywhere near the Memorial Day spotlight which… after all… had to only shine upon them. Additionally my sensibilities would not permit me to politicize their day.

But… that was yesterday and today is today. From this point onward… the best way to call out some glaring hypocrisy is via political scrutiny.

Full disclosure: I’m a pacifist, who believes that intelligent, sane and selfless world rulers must become the rule and not the exception. Such leaders must respect one another, never engage in territorial pissing contests and always encourage their peoples to behave similarly.  From the top down, all members within these societies must understand that… in our world of plenty… there are sufficient resources to ensure that all law-abiding, able-bodied, industrious citizens become and remain psychologically, physically and fiscally fit. And for the record… the same must apply to the less fortunate… e.g., the aged, ailing and disabled. Wherever / whenever basic needs are met, one would expect warfare to become rare.

Of course, I’m also a pragmatist, who understands how my above paragraph likely describes an unattainable utopia. And… more to the point… that adjectives such as intelligent, sane and selfless rarely can be uttered in the same breath with _____________ (<— you insert the proper noun… i.e., the name of your chosen offensive king, prime minister, president, etc.).

Indeed, the leaders we actually get are frequently undereducated, unscrupulous, unbalanced and power-hungry. And let’s not forget to call out their hypocrisy, either.

So, WTF does any of this have to do with Memorial Day ’18? Well, I’ll flesh that out by inserting my chosen proper noun…the offensive, undereducated, unscrupulous, unbalanced, power-hungry HYPOCRITE Donald J. Trump!

During my formative years, my spot on parents both reminded me that, throughout life, I’d be judged by the company I keep. That inescapable truth applies to all… be you a pauper, president or anyone in between… inclusive of that emotional pauper / fake prez.

Since the birth of the United States… and onward… American warriors have defeated a slew of evil adversaries… inclusive of Klansmen and Nazis who were the forebearers of the very Klansmen and Nazis who have aided and abetted Trump’s rise to power… the very same, deplorable, white-robed and brown-shirted bastards he sucks up to and honors.

And… in honoring Klansmen and Nazis… he’s also dishonoring each and every American soldier who ever fought and died during the Civil War and WW-II.

Folks, in reality, on Memorial Day 2018, while addressing the Arlington Cemetery mourners, Donald J. Trump was spitting in the faces of the very patriots who had perished while toppling Jefferson Davis’ Confederacy and Adolf Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

At the very least… the fake prez MUST flat out denounce his Nazi and Klansmen pals AND return each and every 2016 campaign contribution they ever made AND… NEVER AGAIN… accept another penny from any of them.

At the very most… Donald J. Trump owes his heartfelt apology to each and every soldier who has ever perished in battle to preserve freedom… to protect and defend America… indeed the entire world… from the very hate and oppression both he and his scum of the earth Nazi / Klansmen pals embody.