Goodbye! GET LOST!

Donald J. Trump has been experiencing hallucinations; the strange voices, within his noggin, which delude him into the belief that he’s been denied a second term due to “widespread voter fraud”.

Nope, not even for a nanosecond, would he ever consider that his loss, in part, is due to his own monumental incompetence and contemptible conduct. To flesh that out, his abject negligence, re COVID-19 containment, has, SO FAR, caused over 263,000 people to die on his watch.

Indeed, just about all that’s rattling around within his mucked up head is his stop, at nothing, compulsion to reinstall his Fascist régime EITHER for four more years OR for forever (likely the latter). He’s even been making highly irrational and illegal demands that Michigan trash multiple millions of legally cast ballots; inclusive of mine.

However, our bipartisan State Board of Canvassers had a far better idea. Just yesterday, in a move that was tantamount to swatting his grubby, power grabbing paws and admonishing not so fast you effing Fascist, they voted to certify our 2020 election results:

  • Joe Biden / Kamala Harris = 2,804,040 • 50.6%
  • Donald Trump/Mike Pence = 2,649,852 • 47.8%

And that simultaneously secures our state’s 16 electoral votes for Biden / Harris and submerges subversive Trump.

As a lifelong Michigan resident and nearly half century long registered voter, I take pride in how my cast ballot, along with the 2,804,039 others, have helped empower the Biden / Harris team. And that could not have proved a more timely, more powerful statement, too!

It also pleases me, no end, that Michigan has played such a pivotal role in shutting down despotic Donald’s (attempted) nationwide ballot box coup d’état!

In the larger sense, We the People, who know what the Real America is all about, at least for the time being, have managed to stare down and halt Fascism; dead in its tracks!

Albeit 3 weeks late, let the transition from depravity to decency rock ‘n’ roll!

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!






Kinda Sorta Un-Deleting This Past Monday’s Deleted Blog

This past Monday, I posted the above video… the Killers’ killer cover of the Tommy James and the Shondells pop classic… I Think We’re Alone Now… timing it out to coincide with the Helsinki Summit.

That was my way of dispensing some much needed “fatherly” advice (“children behave” and “watch how you play”) to the two dictators, Donny Downer and Bad Vlad.

Even though the clandestine (and treasonous) nature of their meeting had been screaming out for such counsel, somehow, this post just didn’t seem to “click” with me. I mean… at that time… I believed I was making too much light of a monumentally, astoundingly dark chapter in American / World History.

Ergo, I did something I don’t oft do. I deleted the post.

Well… imagine my surprise when… much later that same day… the star of NBC’s Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon, aired a cleverly edited montage of Trump clips… where Donny Downer kinda, sorta morphed into a “rapper” to render his own cover of the Tommy James original.

You won’t have to wait long to view this montage… it appears less than one minute into the video below.

In the future, I will think twice about second guessing myself.