A World of Diff ‘tween “The” & “A”!


After spending 460 days doing his talk show in locked down, pandemic necessitated isolation, Stephen Colbert made his grand re-entrance to NYC’s Ed Sullivan Theatre, last night, to perform before a live and in-person, full audience; all in attendance enjoying (relative) safety; thanks to everybody being fully vaxxed.

To have been an eyewitness to such a momentous occasion certainly did prove there’s a world of diff ‘tween “The” Late Show” and “A” Late Show (the latter rebranding had served as the subtle reminder that not all was (is) well in our homeland / home world).

Such a viewing experience (even from my own living room) proved the much needed mood elevator. So much so, I even managed to beat Mr. Colbert to the punch (punchline) of one of his jokes; namely this news clip enhanced wisecrack…

S.C.: President Biden’s trip abroad will end with his much anticipated showdown, on Wednesday, with Russian President (and cover model for Maritime Murders Monthly) Vladimir Putin. This meeting could be awkward ‘cause earlier this year Biden called Putin a ‘killer’. This weekend Putin was asked about his homicidal tendencies [clip rolls]…

Interviewer: Mr. President, are you a killer?
Putin: (chuckling menacingly) Over my tenure, I’ve gotten used to attacks from all kinds of angles; and from all kinds of areas; under all kinds of pretexts and reasons; at a different caliber and fierceness; and none of it surprises me.

S.C. Punchline: Sooooo… uh… that’s a yes?

CBS Late Show • June 14, 2021

While both predictable Putin and his non-surprising, non-response (tossed word salad) proved a certifiable downer, to have been reminded that I can still think in a humorous vein also did me a world of good.

Analog recording Colbert’s first night back on Broadway, had been well worth the twenty minutes spent [1] hunting down an old (suitable for tape-over) VHS cassette and [2] another five minutes taken to reconfigure the wiring of the hodgepodge of my aged and ailing video gear.

While I’m certain that for Colbert / his entire staff, their reclamation of their Late Show studio / stage has been reward enough, I don’t believe that goes far enough.

Seeing how each and every one of these role models / morale boosters have so valiantly soldiered on throughout the pandemic, at the very least, President Biden should pin medals on these civilians’ uniforms.


Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!







Happy 2019! January BlogCast

Welcome to our first BlogCast of 2019! I extend outward my Happy New Year wishes to all who reside within the WordPress community and throughout our world.

Of course, merely wishing happiness does not make it so. And such happiness does not come easy considering how… year in / year out… far too many of my homeland’s and home world’s compatriots have been empowering leadership unwisely… or far worse yet… have little to no choice in the matter.

Even so, there’s still reason for hope. This post’s videos amply prove there are still plenty of us who do envision the possibility for a better day… a better world. And just knowing of their existence does act as my own mood elevator. Hopefully, once you experience the clarity of their minds and passion within their hearts… you’ll feel the same way, too?


Sheryl Crow covers Nick Lowe’s
What’s So Funny ‘Bout Peace, Love & Understanding

Broadway for Orlando covers Burt Bacharach and Hal David’s
What the World Needs Now is Love

(be sure to follow this link, too)

156 countries unite to cover John Lennon and Paul McCartney’s
All You Need is Love


I thank you for your listenership and cordially invite you to click back here for my next monthly BlogCast… slated to hit the www during the first week of February 2019.

FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.




ADDENDUM: Corrections / clarifications to assign proper song accreditation were made on 01/01/19 (approximately 7 hours since the original posting time).