Kevin’s NO-COVID-19 Party Tutorial

Stateside, today is Thanksgiving. In normal times, this would be The Day, which kicks off the year ending, party hearty, holiday season.

However, the raging pandemic hardly qualifies as “normal times”.

Our clip (both above and offsite) showcases the Home Alone Kevin McCallister; the go-to guy for defending our homes against unwanted, uninvited, undesirable home invaders; such as the deadly Corona-V.

Without a doubt, America’s pandemic prevention go-to guy, Dr. Anthony Fauci, would wholeheartedly declare the McCallister M.O., the safest party scenario, imaginable.

But, setting aside this lighthearted approach, let’s get dead serious.

I’d be wrong, Wrong, WRONG, DEAD WRONG, to throw a party, inclusive of attendees, who reside outside your normal, social isolating, Home Alone (together) group. To do so, would be akin to throwing a Super Spreader Event. In a very short time, you’d be suffering the heartbreak of witnessing the needless suffering and death of kinfolk and friends; perhaps even wind up on your own death bed, too!

I’m sure we’d all concur, to cause anyone to needlessly kick off would be a helluva lousy way to kick off the holidays.

Stay Publicly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!





BlogCast: Tom’s Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas: Song 13


On this day, my Countdown BlogCast provides more than a great venue for playing holiday music. It also affords us an appropriate forum to pay tribute to a recording artist who “exited Earth” way too soon this year. I’m speaking, of course, of Tom Petty… an American singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and actor, whose rock band resume included the Heartbreakers and Traveling Wilburys. He died of cardiac arrest in Santa Monica, CA on October 2, 2017… just 18 days shy of his 67th birthday.


RIP Tom! Multimillions of your fans will miss you… inclusive of this Tom!


From the “Oh… btw Dept”: At the conclusion of Petty’s above performance of Christmas All Over Again… you’ll catch a brief glimpse of two VIPs in the audience… President William Jefferson Clinton and daughter Chelsea.

Also from the “Oh… btw Dept”: The studio version of Petty’s song was also featured in a 1992 Christmas Classic film… Home Alone 2 Lost in New York. The storyline thickens because character Kevin McCallister (actor Macauley Culkin) is blasting away Christmas All Over Again in his headphones… causing him not to hear the flight attendant’s speech… one where she mentions their NYC destination. Kevin won’t discover until he’s landed that he boarded the wrong plane. In reality, due to a long, complicated, snowballing string of causes and effects (inclusive of his mistakenly believing he had spotted his father) he’s been accidentally separated from his family who has made it to their planned Florida destination.



On a technical note… I do know how important it is to many of us (inclusive of yours truly) to also “follow the tracks” back to a song’s birthplace… to savor the original recording. So… let’s give a listen to Petty’s studio rendition.


I’d like to now take this opportunity to extend Season’s Greetings to all of you!


Or to put that into Petty parlance…


“Well, it’s Christmas all over again… Hope you have a good one!”


I’d also like to express my gratitude to all who are spending their precious time listening to my “Top 20 Countdown “2” Christmas”… a musical mix featuring a blend of spiritual content, social commentary, secular and even some humorous elements. My plan is to get as many of us into the holiday spirit as is possible. Towards that future, I’ll continue presenting my selections… classics all… counting ‘em down one-a-day… from now until we reach #1 on the 25th.


So… be sure to stop back here again… if not daily… schedule your return visits as often as your time permits.

I’d also like to invite you to click back for my regular monthly BlogCast… one that typically features anywhere from 3 to 5 songs that, when segued, transform everything into an appealing theme… this program slated to hit the www “airwaves” on Sunday, December 24, 2017.


FYI, my past musical presentations are archived within my BlogCast and music categories.

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