The Cheerleader-In-Chief


The coronavirus crisis, of science denier Donald J. Trump’s own making, has denied Americans their lives and livelihoods on a massive scale. One would expect the bad karma associated with his mucking up Pandemic Management 101 to be sufficient to deny him reelection. But will it?

Not if his ego and power tripping have any say in this matter. It’s fairly safe to say there’s nothing he would not do to snag a second, totally undeserved term. But, how far would he go?

Suppose he knew of an insufficiently tested, potentially dangerous vaccine, which he deemed “perfect” for huckstering just in the nick of time… i.e., one mere week prior to Election Day.

It’s easy to envision dense Donny donning his brilliant red, red state compatible, Santa Claus costume, hitching up Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (a.k.a. Rudy Giuliani) to his loaded with syringes sleigh and flying off all across America. Together, in all sorts of weather, they’d swoop down and land in municipalities great and small. That’s where “St. Nick” would play doctor and shoot up everybody. But, would he flat-out lie to his “patients”? Not disclose the iffiness of this serum?

Factoring in how fact checkers have caught him telling whoppers, tens of thousands of times, since his being sworn in, what would telling one more lie even mean to a pathological liar?

He doesn’t give a flying F about about public safety, either. After all, he’s the very snake oil salesman who’s been known to push the anti-malarial (contraindicated for COVID-19) drug Hydroxychloroquine… to instruct his “patients” to fry their guts with UV radiation and shoot up / mainline household (FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY) disinfectants.

Safe to say, he’d think nothing of morphing people into lab rats / risking more lives.

Of course, seeing how Christmas in July is only a crass, avarice driven, Madison Avenue concept, let’s strip this blog of its Santa Suit.

What we actually have, here, is Donny, the self-proclaimed Cheerleader-In-Chief. All he need do is cheer the people up long enough to vote for him come Election Day. And, were any of his always barren of science, horrific advice to cause his victims to drop dead the very next day… eh… so what? Easy come / easy go… well… at least from that sociopath’s perspective.

Oh, the unmitigated gall of his feeling entitled to a second term… in spite of his own negligence which, so far, has resulted in the needless deaths of 137,000 Americans. Hmm, doth grave digger Donny feel a compulsion to “up” his numbers to 1 Million? 2 Million? 200 Million? More?

Were he to politically bury his Democratic rival, too, it’d be easy to envision DJT reveling in his ill-gotten victory, giddily giggling his fat Fascist fanny off while uttering, “Anyone stupid enough to believe anything I say, deserves to die! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Be his shoddy wares pharmaceutical or rhetorical, street smart people will just say “NO!” to whatever BS dope dealer Donny is pushing. And savvy voters will never allow Donald J. Trump the last laugh.







Prophylaxis? Panacea? Poppycock!

In spite of the FDA’s best medical minds emphatically contending that, in the fight against COVID-19, Hydroxychloroquine SULFATE is contraindicated, once again, snake oil huckster, dope pusher Donny is contradicting / defying them. That Oval Office quack has been doing an end-run around each and every ethical doctor… worldwide… to illegally prescribe… to misrepresent this anti-Malarial drug as some sort of COVID-19 prophylaxis / panacea.

Even worse, Dopey Donny is now actually boasting that he, himself, has been popping these pills… under the direct supervision of Commander Sean Conley, DO, USN (a.k.a. the White House physician). Perhaps DT is stupidly washing ‘em down with dangerous disinfectant, too? BTW… DO NOT DO THAT! NEVER, EVER DO THAT!!!

Hmm… IF TRUE… it would appear that Dense Donny is not the only quack at the White House. I mean, what reputable physician would ever flip-off his Hippocratic (do no harm) Oath, to permit anyone to so recklessly endanger his own health… maybe even jeopardize his very life?

If the Trumpster really is scarfing down Hydroxychloroquine, he has essentially morphed himself into a lab rat.

Check out the dark side of Hydroxychloroquine SULFATE… the partial list of the very scary, ofttimes deadly side effects (bold font indicates already existing Trump-specific side effects).

Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, headache, heart failure, shortness of breath, swelling ankles/feet, unusual tiredness, unusual/sudden weight gain, mental/mood changes, anxiety, depression, rare thoughts of suicide, hallucinations, ringing in the ears, hearing loss, liver disease, severe stomach/abdominal pain, yellowing eyes/skin, dark urine, muscle weakness, unwanted/uncontrolled movements, tongue/face twitching, hair loss, hair/skin color changes… etc. [Read More Here]

It’s those hallucination and mental/mood change side effects, which, in particular, could account for how and why the Trumpster actually (erroneously) believes he’s been doing a good job in battling the coronavirus / pandemic.

Of course, truth be told, there’s really no reason for anyone to be especially concerned. Seeing how, from Inauguration Day to December 2019, Donald J. Trump has told approximately 15,000 lies, why would his own drug use claim be any different?

Were Prez Pinocchio to ever come clean, might we then discover how heavily he’s invested in pharmaceuticals (inclusive of Hydroxychloroquine)?

Such a suspicion is not all that far-fetched, seeing how (in violation of the Emoluments Clause) Donald J. Trump has always used / abused his “presidency” to illegally profiteer. Were this specific scenario playing itself out, he would stand to make a figurative (maybe even literal) killing. All he’d need do is successfully sucker in and sicken his gullible voter base… i.e., convince them to pester to death their own physicians… high pressure them into prescribing the dangerous and deadly Hydroxychloroquine SULFATE.

Hell, would it shock anyone if ghoul Donny is heavily invested in funeral homes, casket / urn manufactures and (grave digging) backhoes, too?