The Book of Dumb Donald

For optimal effect, prior to playing back the clip, above, read the set up, below…

From 1973 – 82, long before the Real Donald became a (four-letter) household word, we found the clever (clairvoyant?) Match Game writers submitting Dumb Donald scenarios for emcee Gene Rayburn to recite to the panelists, contestants and all who were playing along in the home and studio audiences… situations such as…

Rayburn: Dumb Donald is soooooo dumb…
Audience: How dumb is he?
Rayburn: He tells all his friends that he’s got the world’s
only personally autographed copy of the _________!

While Gene’s contestant, Linda, and the celebs take a few moments (way back on May 31, 1978), to consider how best to fill in that ol’ blank, there’s a bit of old business you and I need to tend to.

FULL DISCLOSURE: Falling in line with the commonplace TV land practice, I’ve opted to schedule a clip that’s a summer rerun. But, considering how my ratings / analytics tell me that only a handful of peeps had viewed it back on my original posting date, 03/08/2020, it’ll likely all be new to you.

However, even for those who did see it back in March, there still is a compelling reason to play it again. It was three months afterwards… on 06/01/2020… when our bygone Match Game writers’ prescience… even contestant Linda’s and the celebs’ clairvoyance all became even more evident.

That’s the day where Real Donald, in flagrant violation of the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights (1st Amendment), had barked out his marching orders to his own private army… deployed his storm troopers to DC’s Lafayette Park to viciously attack / teargas protestors, who had opted to exercise their free speech rights and peaceably assemble to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Which only proves how dumb Real Donald really is. Hey, I know! Let’s run my own scenario, concurrently!

• Real Dumb Donald is soooooo dumb…
• How dumb is he?
• Just to “man up” his flaccid image, he lumbered into
Lafayette Park for a photo op; to stand right in front
of St. John’s Church to pose with a copy of the ______!

By the by, my original Dumb Donald commentary (03/08/2020) can be found (where else?) within my homepage’s Dumb Donald (Match Game) category.

To view the Real Dumb Donald’s photo op click the clip below, HOWEVER, for optimal effect, click the clip, above, first.

Well, that more than covers it. Let’s all play Match Game!


Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!











A Walk in the Park


Granted, it might only be garden variety gremlins, which have resulted in my recent, sporadic connectivity to the www. Or, perhaps, rather than my ISP upgrading their Internet infrastructure, too damned many of their corporate profits have been diverted / direct deposited to the greedy, CEO’s bank account?

Yet, how can anyone, ever again, so easily dismiss tech woes in this manner? After all…

A scant four days ago, we, of the whole web-interconnected world, had become eyewitnesses to the spectacle of what went down after Donald J. Trump illegally ordered American troops to attack Americans via a barbaric barrage of rubber bullets, flash grenades and tear gas, for the express purpose of [1] forcing these peaceable protestors out of Washington DC’s Lafayette Park and [2] just so he could lumber across the street to pose for a picture of him rising a Bible skyward.

The implication being what? That, just because God hadn’t lobbed a lightning bolt at him, it means He’s on his side?

What might we make of this? Such conduct smells of an autocrat who realizes that his one and only best shot at staying in power is to overthrow America. Of course, working towards that end, he’d need to silence, divide and conquer demonstrating Americans.

Inarguably, his severing the lines of rapid communication… rendering the www inaccessible… would certainly make such a task…

A walk in the park.