The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend?


Of late, my homeland’s propaganda ministers, in their never ending quest for untold wealth and interminable power, have been hammering away; “rationalizing” their subversive, self-serving, burn down democracy agenda; contorting it to conform to this simplistic ideological one-liner…

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Gabriel Manigault • 1884

Once we plug their peculiar particulars into that above ideological equation, the following, most problematic state of affairs surfaces.

The Real America and (by extension) President Joe Biden become their “enemy”. As for that “friend”, that, regrettably, involves, none other than the ruthless, inhumane top dogs who make up Afghanistan’s newly reinstalled oppressive regime.

My gawd, these un-American pundits have actually been assaulting the airwaves and polluting the streams to (verbally) ejaculate their undying praise and admiration for the Taliban, and in the same breath, trash talk Biden.

Indeed, we discover propaganda ministers reviling liberty, justice, racial harmony, feminism, gender parity, the LGBTQ community, the aged and infirm, environmentalism, etc., as much as (if not more than) the Taliban does. Whether or not they’d acknowledge each other, these ♥newlyweds♥ / ♥honeymooners♥ have entered into an ideological marriage made in Hell. What a shame America’s traitors don’t emigrate to Afghanistan to (politically speaking) ♥consummate♥ their marriage / set up permanent housekeeping.

After all, be it ideological or physiological, doth not ♥screwing♥, at some point, come into play?

Now, let’s contrast all that drama to what the Real America and Real Americans actually stand for. Deep within our collective consciousness resides an eternal passion to preserve, protect and defend our Founding Fathers best intentions; to nurture and proliferate their vision of America; until ol’ Sol dies; to then, “set sail” across the vast heavens ISO a new home world to start anew.

Alas, at this pivotal moment in American History, the propagandists’ victims appear to be too far gone to ever experience what the Real America is all about. Instead, they’ll think whatever the propaganda minister monsters tell them to think.

Worse yet, the way they’ve been told to think has also radicalized and weaponized too damned many of these patsies; so much so, that, if ever given the opportunity to fly under the TSA agents’ “radar” (at the drop of a red MAGA hat) they’d even pull off a bin Laden to hijack and kamikaze commercial aircraft into iconic architecture.

Seeing how rampaging throngs had almost made Donald J. Trump’s January 6th insurrection / fascist overthrow of democracy a “done deal”, they’ve amply demonstrated the contemptible, treasonous acts they’re capable of.

Statistically speaking, the 2020 census reports that 331,449,281 people now reside within America. Factoring in the 2020 election results, which indicate 74,222,958 voters had sucked up to Donny, that means approximately 22 percent (or 1 out of 5) of all who mosey ’round America are his strange… very strange… bedfellows.

With the propagandists’ “toolbox” fully stocked with Stockholm Syndrome, too, it’d appear that the honeymoon is far from over for a hefty chunk of those brainwashed, enamored, politically horny toadies; not to mention the scads of the non-voter zombies, who also pledge allegiance to him; plant metaphorical anti-American ♥kisses♥ on his fascist fanny.

That makes the enemy of each enemy (propagandist) anyone who, generally, can identify effects’ root causes, specifically, think independently in pro-democracy terms, and, promptly tell disinformation’s spewers to F off.

And seeing how propagandists are ubiquitous, most any reader who dwells outside the U.S., should find much or all of this sad story relatable.

Naturally, if your own homeland’s leaders / lawmakers have been behaving in an evolved, consistent manner, consider yourself damned fortunate. You do have my kudos and congrats for a job well done.

There’s much America could learn from you.



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Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!









One Cannot Fight Fire With Fire


Indubitably, at issue, here, are #45’s draconian policies… those which severely discriminate against and mercilessly attack the young, aged and ailing… the vanishing middle class and impoverished… women and the LGBTQ community… ethnic minorities and non-Christians… and last but not least… respected scientists and other intellectuals.

While Americans freely expressing their outrage against such a tyrant is one of our Constitutionally guaranteed, 1st Amendment, free speech rights, stand-up comedian Kathy Griffin’s protest… to say the very least… was beyond the pale. Her posing with a bloodied, decapitated effigy of #45 succeeded in demonstrating one and only one thing… she had stooped down to his level.

Forever(?) lost in that gruesome imagery is how #45’s extremist policies are destined to figuratively decapitate all amongst those abovementioned demographics.

The only thing good that can be said about this Griffin incident is her acknowledging the madness to her method. Said she…

“I went way too far. It wasn’t funny. I get it.”

Indeed, Griffin’s shocking brand of social and political commentary never was… never is… and never will be acceptable. For her to protest in this manner was to become the very bully which #45 is and always shall be.

Worse yet, Griffin has escalated the feeding frenzy of violence, which #45 incited and ignited during his 2016 campaign and which… to this very day… his narrow victory has only served to enflame and embolden. What she did has only served to intensify the support, sympathy and hero worship felt by his (by and large) deplorable, white supremacist base.

And, while #45 has called out Griffin, undoubtedly deeming her totally blameworthy, would it be wrong to ask him to finger the actual culprit who started it all? To do so, all that narcissist need do is simply step in front of the nearest mirror.

In the end… Kathy Griffin’s fighting fire with fire only further inflames a society… in all likelihood… one already heading towards an all out conflagration.


Read more about the ensuing firestorm here.


Diversity’s Verses… A Holiday / Every Day Message


The dark cold cosmic fabric, bright warm Sol’s embrace,

Tuck in Ol’ Big Blue, as it spins through vast space,

For all we may know, it’s the one, ONLY place,

The fragile home world, of the whole human race.


We look like our Creator, so say many preachers,

It’s DNA’s double helix, so say science teachers,

Be beliefs fact or faith based, humans are the same creatures,

We must never prejudge, based on external features.


Our world’s latitudes vast, within which we spin,

Helped ordain how much melanin, tints all our skin,

The isles, seas and mounts, which once kept us apart,

Caused diverse accents, tongues, cultures, right from the start.


Genetics’ roll of the dice, dictates whom we’ll date,

Be we transgender, bisexual, gay, lez or straight,

Just like left or right-handedness, blue eyes or brown,

We must accept diverse traits, with wide smile, not snide frown.


From conception to birth, sometimes, things go wrong,

Flaws that defy, deny newborns, a mind / body strong,

They must never be mocked; we must give a damn,

Open all doors for disabled, not in their faces slam.


A woman is far more than bride to a groom,

She’s not chattel to man, she’s more than a womb,

She must soar towards the future, not drown in dark ages,

Be all she can be, throughout all life’s stages.


Be beliefs Muslim, Jew, Christian or no one above,

At the heart of the matter is peace, kindness, love,

Keep your minds and hearts open to all that you’ve read,

As this year draws to a close, in each New Year ahead.