Defy Idiots, Ideologues and Wackos


The global pandemic will rage on, endlessly, until everyone fully accepts the time honored science; totally lives by the indisputable truth that, be one vaxxed or unvaxxed, people can be both Covid-19 infected and asymptomatic.

As such, we humans are fully capable of unknowingly shedding and spreading the bat crap crazy, communicable coronavirus and its ever-evolving variants throughout our mobile, global society.

In other words… vaxxing up, quite simply, will NEVER be enough. If we expect to fully eradicate this godforsaken virus, anytime soon, we will absolutely need to mask up whenever we’re within any public, indoor setting.

That it’s even necessary to point that out, more than two years into this deadly and debilitating public health crisis, amply demonstrates how our empowered national, state and local representatives have been utterly failing to represent our best interests.

Regardless of political stripe, they’ve been caving into political and economic pressures; i.e., to the ceaseless demands of anti-masker idiots, ideologues and wackos, who don’t give a flying F about the health and well-being of anyone.

Stateside, stunningly so, it’s now even doubtful that we can still depend on President Joe Biden to live up to his pledge to set the pandemic safety protocols based upon scientific facts NOT political fiction.

In other words…

  • We, who actualy give a damn about humanity, have been utterly abandoned and, as such, it’s totally up to us to lead the way to a brighter day.
  • Working towards that end… correction… working towards that new beginning, it is now totally up to us, alone, to flat-out defy anyone moronic and/or malicious and/or maniacal enough to FOOLISHLY and PREMATURELY recommend going maskless.

In other words…

Stay Publicly / Properly Masked!
Stay Safe at Home!
Stay Healthy!



Fortune Cookie Blog (Messiah Complex)


Expect the autocrat, who suffers delusions of grandeur / godhood
to lord over his absolute power; trumped-up sense of omnipotence.
As such, that perve will get off whenever his life or death decisions
(or lack thereof) result in the loss of human life on a massive scale.



Stay Safe at Home! Stay Publicly Masked! Stay Healthy!